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Guidance Services - Stress Knot

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A Passion for Helping
Families & Young People Thrive

Contact NameMichelle Holt
Address1 Tinopai Road
North Island
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As a New Zealand qualified and experienced teacher (I taught all ages from Year 0 – Year 13) I developed a real passion for helping children who were struggling academically, socially and emotionally. I worked as a qualified school counsellor for many years and during this time I underwent further training and completed my Masters degree in educational psychology. Now many years later, I consult privately as a counsellor alongside my work as a lecturer in counselling at WELTEC’s Auckland campus, and as a committee member on AUT’s Research Ethics Committee. I am currently in the process of working towards my PhD exploring the effects of grief on children. I work with children, young people, adults and families.

My main approach is what is known as Client Centered Practice (CCP) which means that I believe with guidance you are able to uncover the answers to the issues you face. I also use CBT, Narrative and Mindfulness therapy. I work collaboratively with you to resolve your concerns using the approach that is most suitable for you. I use effective techniques for respectful relationship resolutions.

I counsel a range of people including individuals, couples. families, adults, children, elderly, proffesionals and beneficiaries.

  • Relationships
  • Medical issues
  • Acute trauma
  • Sexual abuse
  • Work related stress
  • Grief Depression Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Addictions

A CLIENT CENTRED APPROACH The key to overcoming emotional challenges is understanding. Together we work to reach an understanding of where you or your child is at physically and emotionally and identify the cause of your concerns. Sometimes, causes are not always obvious and further exploration is required. For example, it is now known that very young children sense, and may internalise, the traumas experienced by people close to them. This has a developmental effect of the child and the way they relate to the world and others. As every person is unique and responds to their world in a different way, I use a range of treatment modalities – cognitive behavioural therapy, neuro-sequential modelling; drama, art, dream and narrative therapies. Targeted physical activities are also used where indicated. All treatment programmes are individualised and targeted to your specific needs.
FAMILY IS IMPORTANT My work takes me to schools throughout West and Central Auckland as well as my clinic in Titirangi where I see the majority of my clients. My clinic provides a private and homely environment. But no matter the location, my first goal is to establish a comfortable relationship with you and your child based on trust. Depending on age and circumstances, I seek to involve you as much as possible in sessions with your child – engaging with family is a big part of my philosophy.
To discuss how I may help you or your child overcome emotional challenges, please call me on (09 817 2902) for a confidential chat.

Service Categories
Counselling, Psychotherapy

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