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Imagine stepping out of old pains, emotions and habits into a new upbeat, vibrant you. Sessions are tailored specifically to suit you and may combine one or more of these therapies: Neuro-muscular and Massage Therapy (NMT). Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Hypnotherapy. Quantum Touch®. Scenar Therapy. Foot joint mobilisation. Therapeutic or pregnancy massage. Corporate on-site massage.

Contact NameAnn Marie McAndrew
AddressClinic 1,
68 Broderick Road
North Island 6037
Phone04 977 9331
Mobile021 234 0430
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Imagine stepping out of old pains, emotions and habits into a new upbeat, vibrant you. Sessions are tailored specifically to suit you and may combine one or more of these therapies:

Neuro-muscular and Massage Therapy (NMT) – Relax and relieve your pain and balance your body’s flowing movement with advanced massage techniques on muscles and soft tissue allowing joint tension to release.

Simply Healed™ Method - Bridging the gap between the logical and unconscious mind. Do you have emotions or patterns of behavior that keep you stuck? Kinesiology is used to find the root cause of issues and a highly developed integration is used to bring huge positive changes in a simple, speedy and non-evasive way. This can help with things like post traumatic stress disorder, weight loss, feeling like you’re stuck in a rut. Help with pain issues, allergies, want to change your lifestyle or relationships with family and friends. Notice the positive energy change..

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - Learn how to transform thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that hold you back from your positive future.

Hypnotherapy – Hear the stillness created in this relaxed state that allows you to truly reflect on events and feel openness to wisdom, healing and creation of powerful positive changes.

Quantum Touch® - Feel the energy and warmth flow within as this gentle hands-off or lightly hands-on body therapy allows you to deeply relax, enhancing and integrating your mind-body connection. Works for all ages and conditions. Can include re-balancing of chakra's and other energy systems.

Scenar Therapy - This non invasive, safe Russian medical technology electro-stimulates the body to heal itself promptly assisting bones, bruises and nerve pain.

Foot joint mobilisation – Relax with a sequence of manoeuvres to your feet allowing the foot bones to re-align securing a strong postural foundation.

Therapeutic or pregnancy massage - In our busy world we deserve a little space and time out to relax our mind and body. Customised to suit your current needs.

Corporate on-site massage - Supports health awareness, improved attendance and work satisfaction.


Your sessions are tailored specifically to suit you and may combine one or more of the therapies explained in detail below:

Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy (NMT)
Simply Healed™ Method
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Hypnotherapy - FAQ
Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy (NMT)
Quantum Touch™
Therapeutic Massage
Scenar Therapy
Foot joint mobilisation
Corporate on-site massage

Neuro-muscular Massage Therapy (NMT)

What is it?
NMT is an advanced massage technique that brings your body into balance. It will help you move around in a more flexible manner without hearing clicking and clunking of joints. Imagine others seeing you move with smooth, fuller movements while you notice reduced pain and discomfort.

You will be happy to learn that when your tense muscles become relaxed, you actually gain back that ‘get-up-and-go’ to do the things you really want to do. You’ll notice increased strength, energy and more peaceful sleep. By attending to the underlying cause of your aches, pains, stress or physical dysfunction, you’ll improve your posture and flexibility.

Neuro refers to the brain and nervous system and muscular to the muscles and soft tissue. Therefore, neuromuscular is balancing the nervous system with the muscular-skeletal systems.
NMT offers help for conditions like:

General tension Headaches and migraines Tennis and golfer’s elbow
Repetitive strain injury/ (OOS) Stress Frozen shoulder
Chronic pain Poor posture Back or neck pain
Sciatica syndrome Scar tissue Pre/post operation

... and other common health problems...
Common results for NMT:

Feel movement and flexibility increase
Notice relief from aches, pains and stress
Hear others say “your posture has improved" and/or "you’re looking great”
Enhanced sense of well-being (i.e. relax easier, smile with a calm energy)
Sleep easier
Develop your strength
Engage safely in more strenuous activities
Enjoy increased energy levels
Reduced levels of anxiety
Improve your ability to monitor stress signals and respond appropriately
Recover from injuries faster

How does it work?
Muscle movement is initiated in the brain and the signal travels via the nerves to activate all movement. We might begin by treating a troublesome group of muscles by following the nerve pathway all the way back to the brain/spine (or vice versa). We would notice and work on dysfunctional muscular and soft tissue that may be compressing on blood or nerve vessels. Consequently, your more open body is then free to heal itself.

Myofascial release (MFR - connective tissue release) gently breaks up stuck and congested (dysfunctional) areas of your muscle and soft tissue. Once that is done, your muscles can be individualised and separated in preparation for deeper, more focused work.
Muscle energy techniques (MET) release tension in muscles and relaxes the body-mind.
Trigger points (TPT) are tender bands formed within the muscle which, when pressed, produce a classic referred pain pattern. This releases pain in the referred areas.
Deep tissue massage gets to the deeper muscles after softening up more superficial ones.
Ice and heat applications are used to create stretch and relaxation with the muscle by distracting the nervous system to allow the stretch.

These techniques allow the muscle to return to an ideal length. As a result, joint compression is eased as tendons are no longer pulling on your bones. This means clicks and uneven joint movements are eliminated. In addition, blood, lymph, nerve vessels and organs can now flow freely and function fully.

How do the muscles impact the joints?
The end of a muscle is the tendon. Tendons usually connect to bone. The muscle contracts (shortens) and this action pulls on the bone allowing movement from A to B. When muscles are dysfunctional, they can cause pain in the local and distal areas and in nearby joints. Also, movement is limited. This can cause the joints to be unstable since secondary muscles become activated in order to help the dysfunctional primary muscles. These, too, become overworked.

Now the opposing muscle (which has to lengthen when the working muscle is activated) has to adjust. The whole functional muscle group is affected and the joint can click and cause an unsmooth movement since some tendons are stretched and some loosened. Ligaments are deeper and attach bone to bone. If the muscle belly is dysfunctional (i.e. is tight and has a knot), it puts tension on the tendon, then on the bones, joints and sometimes ligaments causing the bones to move out of alignment. This tension causes pain when the affected area is moved and limited movement follows. NMT works to balance all this out.

What can I expect in a session?
Before the first session, we ask you to fill out a confidential health history form. A brief postural and movement assessment follows. These guide us to target the specific soft tissue that requires treatment and to work safely together.

Generally the first session is for 1 to 1.5 hours. One to five sessions, once a week (or fortnight) is recommended. Always expect positive changes.

You will have an individually tailored treatment to suit your needs no matter what your age, physical condition or abilities. You learn techniques to help yourself.

Simply Healed™ Method

Bridging the gap between the logical and unconscious mind. Do you have emotions or patterns of behavior that keep you stuck? Kinesiology is used to find the root cause of issues and a highly developed integration is used to bring huge positive changes in a simple, speedy and non-evasive way. This can help with things like weight loss, feeling like you’re stuck in a rut. Help with pain issues, allergies, want to change your lifestyle or relationships with family and friends.
Therapeutic Massage

What is it?
An enjoyable environment where you can stretch out comfortably as the gentle to deeper flow of massage manoeuvres wash away your tension. Allow yourself a chance to calm your mind, catch your breath and happily drift into a relaxed state.


Helps relieve stress while increasing your relaxation
Promotes deeper and easier breathing
Improves circulation of blood and movement of lymph fluids
Reduces blood pressure
Promotes a relaxed state of mental alertness
Enhances your capacity for calm thinking and creativity
Creates increased body awareness

What can I expect in a session?
Therapeutic massage is an ancient healing art. It is a safe and effective treatment for those wanting to manage general tension, aches, stress and anxiety or emotional upset.

If you have a busy life and want to take time out, you can benefit substantially from this therapy which uses rhythmical, flowing strokes, and kneading techniques. Pressure varies according to client comfort and requirements. Deep tissue work may be part of your McAndrew Natural Therapy therapeutic massage session if requested.

A pregnancy massage allows you special time to relax, unwind and enjoy your condition. This massage may help to relieve any tension or discomfort.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is it?
Discover a powerful and effective approach to understanding the natural language of your mind. It’s a practical way of understanding, our thinking (neuro), our communication (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviours (programming) and can be used to make rapid and lasting positive changes in your life by identifying your strategies.

We run our lives using strategies in a similar way a computer uses a programme for a specific result.

Choosing various powerful techniques we safely refine, create or remove strategies in order to achieve the goals that you have determined. Then, you take action to achieve them.

These ‘life changing’ techniques enable you to understand and manage your internal thought processes so that you can make relevant changes and are empowered with the tools to be in control of your experience.

This is a solution-focussed, goal-orientated science. It is different from counselling, psychotherapy or “the secret”.

NLP offers help for conditions such as:
Painful conditions including:
Panic attacks or anxiety Trauma from car crash or an unpleasant experience that doesn’t go away Rheumatoid arthritis
Unhealthy eating Stuck in life – can’t seem to move forward Fear of spiders, dogs, dying ...
Allergic reactions Epilepsy Stress
Unhelpful behaviour Unclear values Sleep difficulties
Addictions: food, smoking Failing to reach your goals Difficult relationships
Anger Sadness Guilt
No job satisfaction Uncertainty Unhappy in life

Common results from NLP:
NLP at McAndrew Natural Therapy teaches you to enhance your life so that you can:

Improve experiences around situations and people
Handle stress in life more easily
Reduce pain
Influence the reactions you are getting
Boost self esteem and gain confidence
Dissolve and eliminate fears and phobia
Gain emotional freedom and inner peace
Overcome old behaviours and beliefs
Discover the thinking that releases your unique excellence
Find balance in life
Increase the positive choices in your life
Enjoy smiling and noticing more of the good things
Understand yourself and others better
Be respected
Be authentic
Enhance performance (health/personal/business/sports)
Create the future you want

How does it work?
NLP is like having a manual for your brain. Have you ever had a new phone with all the mod cons on it and then realise that you don’t know how it actually functions?

The process of using NLP enables you to take responsibility for all areas of your life thereby giving YOU the power to change and gain clarity on what you want and help you move towards a more compelling future.

You are not required to discuss in any detail the situations or circumstances of past events. We’re more interested in what you can positively learn and let go of (e.g. emotions) so that you can move on to where you would like to be.

The great news for most of us is that the strategies hardwired into our neural networks can be adjusted! This means we can remove traumatic effects and replace them with positive learning. We can learn more easily and overcome our challenges.

Our mind affects our body. For example, you go to the movies and cry at a sad movie, you know consciously it’s not real but your body responds as if it is. What we imagine by hearing, seeing, feeling, and saying to ourselves is what our body reacts to – whether it’s real or not.

For that reason, in order to construct a goal, it’s best to imagine what it is that you prefer to have rather than envisioning what you no longer want or are trying to get away from (i.e. old familiar stuck behaviour).

What can I expect in a session?
First, we invite:

YOU to identify challenges that you have, then
YOU choose a goal or outcome

Timeframes and actions are agreed upon. Also, a check is carried-out to ensure that you know it’s achievable and safe for you. Consequently, it will increase your positive choice in life.

You will then find other ways to get what you used to get from doing that old behaviour. For example, in the past you may have got ‘comfort’ from eating certain foods. You would find another way to get the comfort you deserve while eating more healthily. Another example might be that telling others your pain is gone may cause worry that you won’t receive as much caring attention. In what way can you have caring relationships while being well?

Then, you are invited to identify the first step you can take towards your change within the next 24 hours. Lastly, list the resources you have externally and internally to achieve your change (i.e. your skills, knowledge, experience and that of others that you know).

Next we move into the change processes. You are likely to notice the learning and life changes you begin to receive in a friendly enjoyable manner.

Here are some types of change techniques that you might be guided through:

Identify your strategies - what is your brain doing that produces results you no longer want?
What is your brain is doing when you get the results you do want?
Time-line processes - take leanings from events and let go of emotions or changing old beliefs that no longer serve you.
Anchoring – learn how to change from an unhelpful state into a positive state instantly (i.e. from a nervous, hurried state into a confident, enjoyable one).
Sub modality change – Brighten and tune up the big image of the things you want while shrinking and fading the ones that aren’t helpful.
Parts Integration – you want to change but feel as though part of you is opposed (i.e. physical change in health – weight, allergy, smoking, confidence or being in control). Realise they want the same thing.
Value and meta-programs – enlightening when you reach different stages in life and your values require reprioritising (i.e. starting work, a relationship, having children, separated, children leaving home, retiring...)
Hypnotherapy (see the next heading).


What is it?
NLP and Hypnotherapy are not the same thing but both address the unconscious mind and work hand in hand. NLP teaches you how your brain works and teaches you conscious techniques to control it. Hypnotherapy is less about the conscious mind and more about your unconscious power.

Most of our automatic responses and behaviours take place at the unconscious level outside our conscious awareness. Hypnotherapy allows the conscious mind to relax while the unconscious mind finds the answers, and makes the powerful changes we desire.

Hypnosis/Trance is simply concentrated focus on an idea. Everyone can go into trance. You are in trance when daydreaming, lost in your thought or observing some children as they are watching TV. You can also go into trance by focusing, concentrating and using your imagination. It is a common misconception that hypnosis is for the weak minded. There is nothing I can do or say to make you do something you don’t already want to achieve.

You are not asleep but rather in a special state where your unconscious mind becomes open to new ideas. Some people experience hypnosis as a wonderfully relaxed state. Others experience stillness, heaviness and tranquillity. It may feel as if you’re neither here nor there, but everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I wonder what you will experience?

Observe how working with your unconscious mind brings powerful positive changes that you couldn’t do consciously. The unconscious mind assists in finding solutions, changing thinking or perceptions and finally, behaviour.
Common results of hypnotherapy:

Pain relief
Improved sleep strategies
Weight loss
Stop smoking, stop drinking
Confidence and self esteem

Common Questions about NLP and Hypnotherapy (FAQ):

How many sessions will I need? Sessions are generally once or twice a week. Much can be accomplished in 4-6 sessions. You may want to book five sessions to receive the premium benefits.

How will I know things have changed? The answer is sensory and specific.
For example, I might say:

I will see and feel my lips turned upward in a smiling manner.
I will be saying positive words to myself about my situation and see myself moving in a relaxed, confident manner.
I’ll be eating in a healthy, nurturing way.
I notice others responding favourably to me.

Who is in charge?
You are in charge of the outcome we work towards. As your neuro-linguistic practitioner, I will guide you through tested, powerful and usually quick processes to reach your outcomes. You are in charge of your own experience at all times (i.e. nothing is “done” to you). You do the work. In NLP, we say: “NLP does not work, you work. NLP simply has a way of explaining HOW you work.”

Will I have to tell you deep emotional things?
No. The great thing about NLP is that we are interested in the cause and where we can go. You learn positively from past events and let go of the burden of emotions that may be associated so that you can move ahead easily.

Do I need to go to my Doctor?
NLP does not take place of conventional medicine. Always consult a GP for an acute or infectious condition and for problems of urgent concern.

What’s the History of NLP?
NLP was discovered in the 1970’s by Richard Bandler, a mathematician, and John Grinder, a professor of linguistics. They studied and modelled the work of people who achieved extraordinary success in the area of human potential, such as Dr Milton Erickson, a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, and Virginia Satir, the “grandmother” of family therapy.

Quantum Touch™

This is a very gentle and deeply relaxing therapy in which clients often drift off to sleep and wake to notice how much more peaceful and re-energised they are.

Quantum Touch™ techniques create a high frequency of life-force energy (known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit). Life-force energy is an effective tool for healing and moving stuck energy.

When we place this field of high energy around an area of pain, stress, inflammation, or disease, the area attunes to the higher frequency and amplifies the body's ability to heal itself.

What is it?
Quantum Touch™ offers help for:
Infants to elderly Re-aligning the structural body Balancing the chakras
Pain relief Headaches Post broken bone discomfort
Increasing circulation Overuse syndrome Sinus problems

How does it work?
Ann Marie is trained to create a high frequency of life-force energy. She will place her hands gently on or slightly off your body, where your pain, stress, inflammation, or dis-ease is located. This encourages you to attune to the higher frequency so your body will heal itself. A variety of breathing techniques might also be used at this point to improve the energy flow.

What can I expect in a session?
You may need to briefly stand and or sit before lying down. This therapy can be carried out over clothing. Expect to become relaxed and peaceful. It is normal to notice different temperatures in the areas worked before it balances out. Also, you may notice discomfort move around your body. In this case, the treatment is likely to also follow the same pathway.

Scenar Therapy (sounds like “skena”)

What is it and how does it work?
The Scenar is a hand-held medical device used to activate the body’s self-regulatory healing process that is typically unbalanced by accident or dis-ease.

This drug-free therapy first measures skin resistance then appropriately stimulates the body’s internal chemicals via the nervous system to allow healing to commence.


Bone, muscular and nerve pain conditions can be effectively treated with this medical device
Reduces scar tissue
Relieves discomfort
Improves both range of movement and visual appearance

Scenar therapy can have a profound pain relieving effect on old or new conditions that are unresponsive to other forms of treatment. The sensitive Scenar is used to locate referred and primary treatment points that have not been discovered by other means.

What can I expect in a session?
Expect to relax and feel a light comfortable, tingling sensation around the area where the Scenar is in contact with your skin.

This medical device was invented by Russian scientists in the mid 1980’s for use in space so their cosmonauts would have a means of treating themselves in orbit. They needed a drug-free solution because the spacecraft recycled all water (including urine) which presented a risk of contamination for the entire crew. Scenar was established in Australia in 2002 and opened its first branch in 2007.

Foot joint mobilisation

How does it work and what are the benefits?
These gentle manoeuvres assist the bones in the feet into the correct position. This allows the body weight to be more evenly spread and provides a strong platform for everything above to balance on.

What can I expect in a session?
The feet are warmed up with general foot massage and the bones are gently manoeuvred. This is very relaxing and helpful for troubled feet, knees and hips.
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Corporate on-site massage

Maximise your team's productive time by bringing neuromuscular and massage therapy to your workplace. Help your team cope with stress and demanding periods of high workload. It relieves muscle tension and aches and pains. The effect is that it reduces absenteeism, down time and encourages health and posture awareness.

How does it work?
The business provides a private workplace and allow employees time for their treatment. The most popular treatment is half an hour. However, other options are available.

Payment options:
1. Company pays the full cost
2. Company subsidises the cost or
3. Employee pays the full cost


Who We Are - Ann Marie McAndrew

Ann Marie McAndrew at Clinic 1:

NLP Master Practitioner
Diploma in Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy
Diploma in Hypnotherapy
Diploma in Therapeutic Massage
Registered Practitioner of Quantum Touch®
Qualified – Advanced Foot Joint Mobilization
Diploma in Business

Ann Marie is a member of and works to the New Zealand Association of NLP (NZANLP) code of ethics.

Ann Marie's Story

I’ve had my fair share of aches, pains and stresses in the past as I always participate in sports and, while studying business and working in that environment, my arms and wrists kept me awake at night with pain. I sought treatment that lead to a diagnosis of repetitive strain injury (RSI/OOS). However, I was disappointed in the remedies suggested by the medical system.

I took six months off to travel to London, Sweden to Jordan, Dublin, Madrid, Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia.

In 2002 I studied Thai massage in Thailand and was hoping this would help me understand my own physical problems. To my surprise, I got relief and became so interested in body therapy that I discovered a whole new path for healing myself and others.

By the time I returned to NZ, it was clear I wanted an understanding of anatomy and physiology.

I studied at New Zealand College of Massage in Wellington learning techniques like Swedish and western sports massage. I began practice in clinics and on-site workplace massage. I realized I was helping people with their symptoms but, if problems recurred, my focus changed to the cause of their problems.

Wanting to deepen my understanding, I decided to study Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT), an advanced technique that takes into account the whole body including posture and movement. This work follows the path from the muscle to the brain via the nerves. This path can be compressed by soft tissue. Furthermore, muscles may indicate referred pain patterns that call for trigger point therapy.

It was an acknowledgement of the part that the brain plays in healing the body.

Back in my practice, I noticed not only the mind but also emotional and behavioral patterns were affecting my clients’ physical wellbeing and muscular tension.

I began to research Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to see if it would be an effective way to address this problem. After becoming an NLP Master Practitioner and putting this method into practice, I saw that it was a powerful tool to help. The patterns developed in life play a part in our physical experience and NLP addresses this.

These patterns generally sit at a deeper level and are unconscious to our logical brain. I kept thinking of the hypnotherapy aspect of NLP and realized that the unconscious mind needs to be tapped into too in order to help the whole person. For most of us, this is when larger scale positive life-changes occur. I got my diploma in hypnotherapy.

I’m also a practitioner of Quantum Touch®. I’ve found that the life-force energy (known as “qi” in Chinese and “Prana” in Sanskrit) further enhances and combines the flow of mind-body therapy for everyone, including babies.

Based on the theory that mind and body are ‘one’, the most effective therapies I have found useful in moving towards a healthier and happier perspective are Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) , Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy (NMT), Scenar Therapy, Quantum Touch with life-force energy flow and foot joint mobilisation.

Callanetics with Mira Trifunovich is a healthy movement practice that gives me the physical strength and fitness that I want in order to stay toned and fit. This provides me with body/movement awareness and a firm structure so that I can go out and enjoy any activity I wish and share these techniques and details with my clients.

It is likely all of this training is a work in progress and clinical experience will invite the next steps. Watch this space.

NEW Location

Clinic 1, 68 Broderick Road
Johnsonville, Wellington
email: [email protected]

Easy parking directly across Broderick Rd on Bannister Ave.

Pricing & Packages

See McAndrew Natural Therapy's Facebook logo and link to FB pageFacebook page for the latest packages, specials and updates.

McAndrew Natural Therapy’s fees:

1 ½ hour $110
1 ¼ hour $90
1 hour $80 (recommended)
45 minutes $65

Payment must be made in full at the time of your appointment. Cash, cheque or internet transfer are accepted.

To avoid a the full cancellation fee, 24 hours' notice of a change of appointment time is required.


CM, Lecturer, said:

“I love coming to see Ann Marie! It feels like a luxury coming and having something so nice done, but it has the added benefit of also being good for me. She creates a lovely atmosphere and I always wish I didn’t have to leave. I find Ann Marie’s massage incredibly helpful at keeping tight muscles flexible and managing pain. Also I often get useful stretches which I like as it means I can work on things myself between appointments. Ann Marie’s knowledge of the body is impressive and I have learned a lot about myself and how certain actions impact my body.”

Accountant looks forward to a great experience of all over relaxation

“I suffered from back pain so I went for massage sessions which relaxed my back muscles. I’ve learnt various stretches (to ease back pain) and a lot about my body mechanics and what I can do to reduce pain and injuries to all parts of my body. It’s a great experience and I look forward to every massage session. Ann Marie is a lovely person and really knows how to get you all relaxed. I always feel great after every session.”


Golfer’s elbow is relieved

“The massage assisted a great deal in my recovery of golfer's elbow and back pain. It was a wonderful experience; it was also therapeutic and relaxing. Ann Marie is very professional in her work“

Librarian relaxes and becomes stronger

“Made my body stronger and I felt more relaxed. Lovely to be able to relax - and often go to sleep - and know that, at the same time, someone is fixing me Really like the way that Ann Marie works on my body – better than just an ordinary massage.”

Jane Shallcrass

Here’s what other satisfied customers had to say:

Worry and panic transformed with NLP sessions

“I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks to the extent that it was disrupting my relationships at home and my career at work, not to mention socially. Now I feel confident in these situations. I’ve learnt how I caused this and most of all how I can change the results. The sessions were relaxing, informative and life-changing.”

Anxiety to strength with NLP

“I didn’t realise that I was actually talking to myself, not only that, but how I was using a negative, harsh tone. I’ve learnt (among other things) that I can simply be aware of it, and then use a special breathing technique and go from there. This way I get a much better feeling about myself. I’m brighter and lighter now”

Arthritis “Pain Vanishes one week later” after NLP session

“I am 47. I was suffering chronic pains caused by a slow deterioration of cartilages mainly in my lower back. My challenge was to be able to realign my body and heal it.

Ann Marie McAndrew’s approach was completely different of my previous experiences. She used holistic methods. I could even say that she didn’t heal the pain, but the whole mind/body system by flowing huge amounts of energy everywhere in each cell, helping reverse the decay process. One week later, the pain had vanished.”

Damien Raczy

Golfer receives Neuromuscular Therapy

“As a keen golfer I became increasingly concerned when I started to develop pain in my right shoulder as I was swinging the golf club. Over the next couple of months, as my shoulder and my golf scores gradually got worse, I knew I needed to get professional help. A friend referred me to Ann Marie from McAndrew Natural Therapy. Ann Marie successfully worked with me on a program of massage with exercises that I could do at home. The impact of Ann Marie’s massage treatment was immediate as she identified the cause of the pain and began relieving the muscle tension. She then worked patiently with me over a number of visits to correct the problem muscles and get me back on the golf course. Ann Marie is great to work with. She is friendly, professional and keen to share her in-depth knowledge of how the muscle system works.”

Pete Tansey

Cricket player with broken bone needs more than physiotherapy

“I came to Ann Marie a few years after breaking my thumb playing indoor cricket in what the doctors called a Skiers-break. As a result of this break, I suffered stiffness/soreness of the thumb and was unable to use the thumb properly for gripping purposes, even after doing hand therapy through ACC.

I saw Ann Marie for five sessions. However, just after the second visit, I noticed a difference as I had greater flexibility in the thumb. The sessions with her and the exercises she has shown me have been invaluable and I am now able to grip the cricket bat properly again. As a result of Ann Marie’s work, my confidence in batting has also been regained. I highly recommend her, for any recurring aches and pains!”

Accountant, Wellington

NLP Master Practitioner
Diploma in Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy
Diploma in Hypnotherapy
Diploma in Therapeutic Massage
Registered Practitioner of Quantum Touch®
Qualified – Advanced Foot Joint Mobilization
Diploma in Business

Service Categories
Acupressure, Connective Tissue Massage, Corporate Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapist, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release Therapy, NLP, Pregnancy Massage, Remedial Massage, Remedial Therapies, Sports Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Trigger Point Therapy

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