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Naturopathic Consultation, & Body Work Therapy
Leeann Hill – ND

Contact NameLeeann Hill
South Island
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Welcome to Hillistic

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

About Leeann Hill

Back in the 1980’s I did a correspondence course in herbal medicine and loved learning the use of all the plants we have at our back door, fast forward to 1995 and Aoraki Polytecnic in Timaru were offering the first degree course in naturopathy in NZ so I applied and got in, things changed along the way and we ended up with a diploma but it was a fantastic 3 years of comprehensive learning with some amazing tutors from well known Naturopathic colleges throughout the world.

It brought me back to the west coast to practice and finally to the work space of my dreams.

I was mentored for many years after by my dear friend and colleauge Earl Conroy whom I am proud to say taught me everything I know!

Years have passed and many other interests have been added to my tool box which I think creates my own style of practice, the goal is always the same. To help to educate and improve the general well being of others to better health on all levels.


Massage is very therapeutic to the body; enhancing blood flow to the skin surface, gathering up toxins and moving them out through a stimulated lymphatic system. Aches and pains in muscles are eased and general relaxation occurs.

Here at Hillistic you get to choose from a variety of delicous smelling and therapeutic body waxes to enhance a feeling of general well being.

I offer a variety of massage to suit the needs of you; the individual.

Treatment Pricing
Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Pregnancy, Reflexology
40 Minutes $50
60 Minutes $80
90 Minutes $110
Aroma Touch
Essential Oil Massage
50 Minutes $80


A Naturopathic consultation educates the client in the art of healthy living, supporting the bodies own healing abilities with the use of natural and non toxic therapies.

Initial consultation can take anywhere from 60-90 minutes, gathering information and checking in with the body before coming up with a supportive plan.

Naturopathy means nature therapy and when studying this subject we are taught many modalities that can be supportive to the body, each and everyone of us will have different requirements and it is fantastic to have a variety of tools in the tool box for this reason. Some of these tools are herbs, supplements, nutrition and body work.

Consultation Pricing
Initial Consult
Time: 60 – 90 Minutes Cost: $110
Follow Up
Cost: $70

Access Bars

Access Bars is like hitting the delete button on your computer’s cluttered hard drive – only this time, you’re creating space in your brain. Things like negative thought patterns, or that endless mental chatter keeping you awake at night, can be released and space is created for the calm you’ve been seeking.

All it requires of you is to relax on the table and be open to change, so many of our thoughts, feelings and emotions do not belong to us, they are what we have picked up along the way, access helps to clear those that we do not require any more and create more space for ourselves.

Treatment Pricing
Access Bars
60 minutes $80
90 minutes $110


“Put your well being into my hands”

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