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Swanson Wellbeing Centre

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Well being is every person's birthright.
Professional Counselling and Coaching for Individuals and Couples, Interactive Drawing Therapy,
Breath Integration, Stress Management and Addiction and Recovery

Contact NameJane Hoffmann Davies
North Island 0614
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Welcome To The Swanson Well being Centre


I have been working with others and my own healing journey for the last 26 years.and I can honestly say to you that anything is possible! I have seen in my own life and with my clients, dreams coming true and many challenges overcome. We as human beings have an incredible strength, creativity and potential that is just longing to be tapped into and expressed in our daily living.


  • identify, understand and clarify what you want;
  • discover, strengthen and build your inner resources;
  • live consciously and creatively with your emotions, thoughts and behavior;
  • gain perspective and insight and learn to make choices that enrich your life;
  • explore your life lessons and challenges;
  • relax, let go and enjoy your life so much more.


There is a direct relationship between the way we breathe and our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Breath Integration is a powerful yet gentle and safe technique that allows you to connect with and release stresses from your past and present that may be causing stress related physical symptoms, anxiety, or blocks in your life. Breath Integration Technique (B.I.T.) enables you to let go of old limiting belief patterns, and understand how your thinking and beliefs impact on your health, attitudes and way of life. B.I.T. can offer you new perspectives and insights that will help you to feel energized, motivated, more confident and excited about living.


I.D.T. is a recently-developed psychotherapy which uses drawing and writing to complement talk therapy. The aim of this therapy is to aid the integration of left and right brain functioning, allowing access to new parts of the unconscious and to facilitate personal development and healing of mental and emotional imbalances. I.D.T. is a creative and enjoyable way to access and explore deeper levels of your psyche and to then apply those deeper insights and wisdom in your every day life. Fascinating and powerful!


Imago Relationship Therapy is the most practical and effective couples therapy I have experienced -- both personally and in my work with couples! The principles and tools have wide-ranging application with families, children and for all relationships in your personal and professional life. Imago Therapy offers you practical skills and new understanding to improve your relationships on all levels. You can learn to communicate better, have more fun and passion, and discover how to understand and resolve conflict. You will learn more about yourself, how you feel and why and what to do about it. The reward will be more loving and enjoyable relationships with your partner, your children and anyone you choose in your life.  


"I refer to Jane as my gentle, wise spiritual guide. Jane has provide an environment of safety, caring and trust which has enabled me to face and start freeing up the deep pain held within. To slowly transform from a life of deep helplessness and sorrow to one of light, hope and joy and the knowledge that I can actually have the life I have only dreamed of, Wow that is a gift. I cant speak highly enough of Jane's counselling ability and integrity and would recommend her to anyone wanting to heal and open up there lives to the wonderful possibilities life has to offer." S.S. Auckland

"The Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh says, "When you touch deep understanding and love, you are healed," and this sums up my experience of Jane. Because she is dedicated to her own continued emotional and spiritual growth, she is able to provide an amazingly open, ego-free, safe space where she can welcome a person in for their own processes of healing and empowerment. Her stance of total acceptance and non-judgement, along with her reflective wisdom and gentle wondering create a place of deep trust for courageous risk-taking and living life to the full. For this I am truly grateful." Adrienne Dunlop, Auckland

"I was referred to Jane many years ago when I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. She immediately became part of my healing regime. It was like she gave me a complete set of tools to manage what I was going through. Jane applied pragmatism and strategies to help me cope in her enormously sensitive and inspiring way. She is extremely approachable and empathetic." J.W. Auckland 2010.

"Words can only go part of the way to say a 'Special' thank you for giving me the tools and courage to make a change for my life. You have helped me to dig deep within ( something I was afraid to do ) and now I can see my reflection and appreciate what I see. What a difference it makes being able to finally say what I want to say and know that what you have taught me is always there to help." S.D. Auckland 2010.

Change, Healing and Transformation is always possible!

Time is precious and often it feels difficult to give ourselves the time we need. I have found over the years that having quality, unhurried time in a healing session makes a huge and profound difference.

One and a half hours allows this time. Consultations are available on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays. Sessions in Swanson on 45 acres of peaceful native bush, only 20 minutes from Ponsonby! (outside of rush hour) 1.5 hours on a sliding scale:



Jane Hoffmann Davies has been running her healing practice since 1986.She has trained in a wide range of Modalities, with both traditional and alternative approaches to health well being and the integration of mind, body and spirit. Jane views the healing process as a journey of re-education and re-connection to yourself, assisting you to resource your own inner knowledge as well as develop new skills needed to achieve your dreams and goals Jane offers a warm, safe and personal approach to her work. She holds a deep respect for the strength, courage and capacity for every one of us to change, transform and enjoy a happy, loving and fulfilling life. Jane lives on a farm in Swanson with her partner, also a counselor, coach and Speaking Circle facilitator, where they have set up the Swanson Wellbeing Centre to offer their services in the beautiful bush setting in the foothills of the Waitakeres. Jane has worked as a teacher, counselor and consultant in the private and professional sectors and has facilitated training programs and seminars throughout New Zealand.
  • Diploma and Advanced Teachers Certificate Breath Integration Therapy.
  • Certified Practitioner of Imago Relationship Therapy
  • Interactive Drawing Therapy practitioner
  • Reiki Practitioner levels 1 and 2
  • Certification, Diploma and Masters in Quantum Dynamics
  • Practitioner level 1 and 2 in Matrix Energetics
  • Meditation 30 years training and practice
  • Honors Certificate in Counselling
  • Member New Zealand Association of Counsellors
  • Member of New Zealand Association of Breathworkers
  • Member of Imago Relationships International

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Art Therapists, Breathwork, Counselling, Energy Healing, Life Coaching, Meditation

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