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Career Coaching and Life Coaching.

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Career and Life Coaching
Allison Fisher Career and Life Coach Auckland New Zealand

Contact NameAllison Fisher
Address130 Remuera Road
North Island 1000
Phone09 5233783
Mobile027 248 1457
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Welcome to Allison Fisher Career & Life Coaching

Life isn't a dress rehearsal! Turn your dreams into reality

So what's stopping you from finding your niche and living your dreams?

I'm Allison Fisher, a trained, professional career and life coach. I love encouraging people to discover what they really like to do - and helping them create strategies to turn their dreams into reality.

What makes me so passionate about the value of coaching? Witnessing the clients I coach make exciting transformations in their lives. In summary I can support you to move forward in life in whatever area that might be.

- Executive Coaching
- Outplacement
- MBTI workshops

Career Coaching
Discover what inspires and motivates you, identify your strengths and passions, and pinpoint the types of working environments that bring out the best in you. Come away with suitable careers that suit your personality and a plan of action. Along the way discard any negative beliefs blocking your progress. Areas include:

- Career assessment
- Development of career direction and career plans
- Individual sessions and career Wwrkshops
- Teenage career selection and subject choices
- How to write a stand out CV
- How to research the job market
- How to perform well in interviews

Life Coaching
Discover what you really want in every area of your life. Find out what stops you from being who you want to be and doing what you want. Deal to those feelings of not quite being satisfied in life. A variety of areas can be explored such as:

- Building self esteem and confidence
- Become unstuck
- Improve your communciation skills
- Develop healthier relationships
- Set goals and achieve them
- Manage stress

My background is in human resources, recruitment and teaching. My last role prior to starting my own buisness was with the Bank of New Zealand. Prior to that I was with New Zealand Post and Owens Road Transport.
My qualifications include a post graduate degree in Human Resources, Coaching Diplomas and Education degree.

Now ask yourself this: what do you want more of in your life right now?

Allison Fisher Career and Life Coaching can help you:
  • Understand the beliefs currently shaping your life: what drives you; what stalls you.
  • Shift your perspectives about what's possible, set new goals and enact decisions to bring about the life changes you want.
  • Create an individual roadmap for your future, a framework you can live by.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Because we each have more choices open to us than any other generation in history, it's not surprising people wind up in careers and life circumstances that are out of step with their true selves.

How many of these statements reflect the way you're feeling?

Are you:
  • Standing at a crossroads, unsure which road to head down next?
  • Feeling stale or in a rut, doubtful about how to move forward?
  • Needing to make some career decisions?
  • Holding onto an unfulfilled dream that keeps nagging away at you?
  • Waiting to wake up to your true passions in life?
  • Wanting to learn more about yourself, but uncertain how to begin?
  • Juggling the demands of work and home - and feeling worn out?

Call me now for a free, no-obligation chat about how coaching can transform YOUR life.

B.Ed, Post Grad. PMER, Diploma in Coaching

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Life Coaching

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