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Utopian Yoga

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Experience life-changing Utopian Yoga™ at Dunedin’s Utopia House

Do you want more from your yoga than just poses?
Have you always wanted to try yoga but lacked the confidence?
Is your current yoga practice failing to give you the results you want?

If your answer to these questions is “yes” then Utopian Yoga™ could be what you need.

Contact NameJane Gillespie
Address421 High Street
South Island 9016
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What is Utopian Yoga?

Utopian Yoga™ is a unique form of yoga – a complete physical and mental journey It has been developed by well-known Dunedin yoga teacher, Jane Gillespie, after a lifetime of learning and teaching and researching the connection between the mind and body. It combines aspects of mindfulness, movement, breathing, balance, strengthening, focus and relaxation to facilitate reprogramming and realignment. By practicing Utopian Yoga™ you can expect a higher quality of life through improved mobility balance and strength. You will begin to move with more awareness, feel calmer and have improved motor coordination. If Utopian Yoga™ sounds like something you would like to try, visit our Utopian Yoga™ page to learn more about it. In addition to Utopian Yoga™, Utopia House also hosts a fully equipped Pilates Studio and the Gentle Gym. Time to unlock your health and wellbeing—call Utopia House today on (03) 477 2290.

Utopian Yoga Fundamentals

Inquire about Utopian Yoga Fundamentals today to kick start your Utopian yoga journey.

Jane Gillespie: Yoga Teacher Dunedin

Dunedins Utopia House for Utopian Yoga™ and Pilates is owned and run by yoga teacher Jane Gillespie. Jane has spent a lifetime immersed in yoga training overseas and running her own yoga school for the past two decades. She completed her first yoga teacher training course in the Bahamas in 1980 and has completed numerous trainings subsequent to that. In addition to Yoga and Pilates Jane holds qualifications in physical education teaching, counselling, holistic pulsing massage and reiki. In short her life has been intensively involved in mind/body disciplines. Janes approach is relaxed and empathetic, while being attentive to each persons needs.

Utopia House: Dunedin Yoga Studio

Utopia House is an iconic homestead in central Dunedin that was built by the manager of the Bell Tea Company. The yoga studios sprung floors were built into the house for the managers daughter who was a dancer. Stunning views and easy parking make Utopia House ideal for attending Utopian Yoga sessions.

About Us

“The Yoga of Somatic embodied mindfulness learning involves simultaneous travel on the inner and outer planes. The potential transformational magic that delights us cannot be achieved by tensing and stretching the muscles. The doorway is through consciousness, breath and elongation. The body is literally a portal to new universes – universes that have always been available to us but that we have forgotten or not yet learned to access. Consciousness becomes our ruby slippers. Awareness allows movement, which opens space for more travel of spirit and form. I am filled with gratitude for having learned and practiced this journey”. – Risa Kaparo

Class Timetables

7am       Utopian Yoga    
10am           Utopian Yoga
12pm   Utopian Yoga     Utopian Yoga  
5.30pm Utopian Yoga Utopian Yoga Utopian Yoga Utopian Yoga    

Private sessions, studio Pilates, Feldenkrais ATM and Gentle gym by arrangement.

Utopian Yoga™

Why is Utopian Yoga™ different?

People's understanding of the full power of yoga is often incomplete. In our fast-paced western lifestyles yoga is commonly seen as a physical activity. But it can be so much more. And everyone has their own reason for doing yoga. You may want to become stronger and more flexible while your neighbour may want to focus on relaxation. Utopian Yoga™ is a blend of disciplines and nothing like mainstream yoga.

It begins with Utopian Yoga Fundamentals

Utopian Yoga Fundamentals is a gentle introduction to changing your life through the Utopian Yoga™ program. The 5 session Utopian Yoga Fundamentals course covers essential principles of movement including:

  • Breathing technique
  • Postural alignment and stability
  • Spinal health
  • Integrated movement dynamics
  • Relaxation (and meditation)

It is an ideal introduction for both beginners and long-standing yoga practitioners. The specific techniques of Utopian Yoga™ will help to protect, stabilise and strengthen your joints throughout your lifetime. You will learn to reduce pain and discomfort, to breath more effectively and to manage stress. Your posture will improve and your movement will become increasingly connected and integrated. This can enhance your life significantly. Utopian Yoga™ is based on traditional yoga asanas. It includes sequences of movement that quickly enhance strength, stability and balance while encouraging an inner relaxedness. This practice helps you to quickly develop your yoga. You may choose Utopian Yoga™ classes that include Pilates based movements as well or classes that don’t. To take part in these classes you need to have completed Utopian Yoga™ Fundamentals or similar training. If you would like more information or to join one of our Utopian Yoga™ classes, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Studio Pilates

Pilates Classes for People Who Hate Gyms

If you’ve always wanted to try Pilates but can’t bear the idea of big classes and all those mirrors, Studio Pilates at Utopia House is the answer for you. Class sizes are small – a maximum of four – and instead of mirrors, you’ll enjoy stunning views out over Dunedin and the harbour. Studio Pilates offers a supportive way to enhance your movement experience, increasing strength, whilst toning and balancing your body. You will learn to integrate your breathing, core and movement in a relaxed and supportive environment. Try Studio Pilates if you want to gently but effectively recover from injuries, or develop strength, flexibility and mobility. All classes are fully supervised and use high quality equipment. Please note that to take part in Studio Pilates you need to have first completed the Utopiuan Yoga Fundamentals course. This will significantly increase the effectiveness of your programme. To learn more about our Studio Pilates courses, please contact us.


Enhance Your Life With Feldenkrais®

Describing Feldenkrais® is difficult because it crosses into so many different spheres of the mind and the body. Fortunately, it is easier to describe what it will do for you. Physically, Feldenkrais® will increase your range of movement, and improve your posture and breathing. It will generate a lightness, ease and spontaneity of movement. Emotionally, Feldenkrais® will enhance your self-image and experience in life. While it suits everyone, it is also popular with dancers, artists, actors and professional sportspeople. For those recovering from injuries, Feldenkrais® helps in refining, rebalancing and improving movement.

Feldenkrais® Group Classes

You will be led through a sequence of exploratory movements while sitting or lying down. These will help you become aware of your movement habits so you discover more helpful patterns. Comfort, ease and quality of movement are the main criteria for developing greater awareness and choice around what you do and how you do it. With awareness your mind and your movement are your ally. To find out more about our Feldenkrais® classes, please contact us.


  • Cert. Yoga
  • Cert. Polestar Pilates (Studio & Mat)
  • Dip.Tching
  • B.Ed
  • Dip. Holistic Pulsing
  • Cert. Counseling (Massey)
  • Dip. Massage
  • Reiki Master
  • Feldenkrais certified.
  • Integra Yoga Teacher

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