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Raewins Place Animal Homeopathy

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Homeopathic treatment for our animal friends

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South Island 8062
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Welcome to Raewin's Place: Animal Homeopathy Any and all animals can benefit from the use of Homeopathy. Just as we humans express our illness in our own way, so do our animal friends. The beauty of Homeopathy is the recognition of individuality, taking into account the whole personality of your pet. This includes their mental, emotional and physical well being, be it for minor ailments through to working alongside conventional medicine in more chronic situations. What to expect with Homeopathic Treatment Your pet’s comfort is foremost. Initial consultation There are always a lot of things we need to know which help us build a picture of your pet... their likes, dislikes, fears, temperament, medical history and especially anything quirky that is unique to them. However strange you think these may be, these snippets are gems for Homeopaths. Remedies The remedy is supplied either in liquid or pillule form. They are easy to take either in the mouth or in their favourite food. Care, however, must be taken to minimise the risk of ‘antidoting’, where the effect may be neutralised. It is best to handle the remedies as little as possible and keep them away from strong smells, heat and direct sunlight. Follow-up After the remedy has been taken it is helpful to us if you watch for any changes that take place. In a follow up situation this information helps to ensure the remedy is still having a positive effect or whether a change is needed. Occasionally your pet may experience what we call an intensification where initially they worsen for a short period of time. This is part of the healing process and normally short lived. If you are concerned at all it is always good to keep in touch. What is Homeopathy? Homeopathy is an energy medicine derived from the plant, mineral or animal world which gently stimulates body responses to move toward full health. In the late 1700s Samuel Hahneman, a German physician, was intrigued by the effects of quinine in the treatment of malaria and discovered the ‘Law of Similars’ that is the foundation of homeopathy. He himself took quinine and realised that the substance caused symptoms of malaria. When he stopped taking quinine the symptoms went away. He continued to experiment with other natural substances with his close family and friends and recorded all the symptoms that these substances caused. These recordings are known as 'provings' as they are the proof of his theory 'The Law of Similars' or 'Like Cures Like'. In other words, what symptoms a substance can cause in a healthy individual can also, in the sick, stimulate a positive response. By diluting these substances and using what we know as the minimum dose, Hahneman discovered that Homeopathy is a safe and effective way to stimulate the body's own responses to move toward full health with little or no side effects.
Testimonies Arthritis and Torn Ligament My labrador, Kahlua, had been diagnosed with arthritis and a torn cruciate ligament. After three weeks on a painkiller/anti-inflammatory prescribed by the vet, things were looking pretty grim. Kahlua was moving as little as possible and he seemed sad. At this point he started receiving Raewin’s homeopathic remedy in addition to the conventional medicine. He’d already been following her recommended diet and supplements. Within a day or two there was a huge improvement. He became keen to go for walks again, was obviously more mobile and seemed happier. This improvement has stabilised. Raewin’s remedy has turned his quality of life around which means that his life has been extended. Long may it last! Wendy Piesse, Dec 2009
My Journey with Homeopathy My journey with Homeopathy started with my family over 15 years ago. Looking for a more natural way to care for my children, I was constantly in awe of the results that Homeopathy gave in all sorts of situations. This naturally evolved to include our animal family as well, which at the time was cats, dogs, cows, goats, sheep and a donkey. I decided to build upon the knowledge I had and joined up with the Bay of Plenty College of Homeopathy. I am now well through the study for my Diploma in Homeopathic Animal Care. My passion for animal care runs deep within me and I aim to continue growing and learning so I can pass on the best care possible to our animal friends.
Want to know more? Call me to discuss whether I can assist you in caring for your animal friend. Extra information can be found on the internet if you are interested in Homeopathy in general. I would also like to recommend some resource books available through libraries or bookshops:
  • Christopher Day, The Homeopathic Treatment of Small Animals
  • Richard Pitcairn, Natural Health for Cats and Dogs
  • George McCleod, Homeopathy for Pets
Rates First Appointment $70 (allow 1.5 hours) Follow up Appointment $40 (allow 1 hour) Remedies from $10. Travel $10 within Christchurch. Negotiable elsewhere. Contact me to arrange a consultation...

Dip.Hom (Animal Health)

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