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Energy Transfer

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Address23 Derby Street
North Island
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I have been doing healing/massage work in Gisborne for 10 years magnetic/auric healing ..... pain stress, disease are some of the reasons people seek a holistic healer. energy healing is very safe non invasive treatment. the effects can be felt up to 3 days after a session, and after a series of sessions the body can be restored and the auric field back to where it should be. some feel more energized others will experience a healing crisis for a few hours which is only temporary, as there show there has been energy shifts. first light flower essences: are a unique divinely inspired range of native flower essences. made exclusively from the ancient flora of New Zealand,. there are 84 essences and they are a holistic way to health and well being. Healing your body naturally with...
  • Massage I acupressure
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Reflex points in feet
  • psychic readings
  • Auric/magnetic healing
  • NZ Native Flower Essences
  • Auric/Magnetic healing for animals
energy readings
readings that are empowering to your personal journey giving guidance and direction that can bring objective clarity first light flower essences to release emotional blocks, great remedy to take that is individually made to specific requirements

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