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Mely Brown - Bowen Massage & Coaching

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Bowen Massage & Mind-Body Coaching, especially for busy women with tight sore bodies and overthinking minds.

Contact NameMelanie Brown MHealSc
Address Silverstream
Upper Hutt
North Island 5142
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I specialise in helping busy -- and often overloaded -- women who think too much, feel too much, and put way too much pressure on themselves. Conscientious, caring women who always put others' needs first. And whose own needs land at the bottom of their ginormous To-Do list. (If their needs even made it onto the To-Do list in the first place). Perfectionist women whose push themselves hard. Women with 'inner critics' that beat themselves up.... saying harsh -- even cruel -- things to themselves that they'd never dream of thinking about others. Women with sensitive bodies that over-react to certain things -- (it could be noises, smells, light, clothing fabrics, sad or adrenaline-filled TV programs) -- in ways that other people just don't seem to. And when they try to explain, others don't "get it". Women who think too much, feel too much, and put way too much pressure on themselves... all of which shows up in tight sore necks, painful backs, hunched-over shoulders, and so on. Pain that could do with some relief, on the inside and out. Sound familiar? I get it. I've been through it (all the way through chronic pain to burnout, and back again to pain-free health). And I'd love to help you. Bowen Massage I practice Classical Bowen Therapy (Bowtech) and Integrated Bowen Massage. Classical Bowen Therapy is gentle rolling moves on soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, fascia), with pauses to allow the body to respond. The moves are done through light clothing. It is suitable for a wide range of health conditions. Integrated Bowen Massage is gentle rolling moves on soft tissue (muscles, ligaments, fascia), but without the pauses. It is deeply relaxing experience that can be done through light clothing or directly on skin with massage oils and hot towel compresses to warm and soothe the muscles. It is suitable for the same range of health conditions as Classical Bowen Therapy... and is ideal for stress, tight muscles, and postural imbalances — getting deep-tissue results without pain. Integrated Bowen Massage feels awesome to receive. It gets fantastic results, usually quickly and often instantaneously. And it's the favourite form of Bowen amongst my clients, by far. Health Coaching and Mind-Body Mentoring I help overwhelmed, gentle-hearted people spend less time in their head and at the mercy of their feelings or their to-do list... and more time living an energized, healthy, happy life. Coaching and mentoring is also available in conjunction with Bowen Massage, or on its own. How to Book Sessions are by appointment only. Available weekdays (daytime) and some evenings or weekends. Please phone for availability or with any questions you have. I'd love to hear from you, so we can talk about what's going on for you right now and what resources I have to support you. Price range is $70 to $125 (depending on session type and length)

Qualifications Hi, I’m Mely — a natural health practitioner who is certified in advanced-level bodywork (remedial massage and Bowen Therapy), exercise coaching, lifestyle coaching, life coaching, and NLP. As well as my clinical work, I’m also a university Research Fellow in health science. I have a Masters of Health Science degree specialising in health beliefs for muscle and joint pain. I've been a bodywork therapist for nearly 20 years. I complete Continuing Education requirements to stay current with my skills and knowledge. I am also an examiner for remedial massage exams and ex-tutor. The rest of my education comes from The School of Life. First-hand experience of chronic pain, fatigue, and adrenal burnout. And figuring out ways to get my health back, even when the specialists gave up. That's an education that money can't buy.

Service Categories
Bowen Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Life Coaching, Myofascial Release Therapy, NLP, Pregnancy Massage, Remedial Massage, Sports Injury Therapy, Sports Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage, Trigger Point Therapy

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