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Address61 Waiiti Road
South Island
Phone03 684 4996
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For New Zealand Director Ralph Chisnall, taking control of his weight had been a challenge for years. It wasn't until Ralph used the GR2 Control program over a 5 month period that he first experienced success. But unfortunately two years after completing the program, a combination of stress and other lifestyle factors saw 15kg of his initial 30kg weight loss creep back on.

In September 2013 Ralph began integrating the new NeoLifeShake into his lifestyle by replacing two meals per day. As a result Ralph has lost a further 26kg to date, sometimes shedding 4kg a week. "The weight is dropping off me" an excited Ralph exclaims, as he nears his goal of a size 36" pants.

“This is a Claytons Diet – a diet for
those who don’t want to be on a diet.
A true lifestyle change.”

Ralph's amazing weight-loss is thanks to replacing two meals a day with a NeoLifeShake (made on cold water instead of skim milk) and cutting out most carbohydrates from his diet.

Morning tea usually consists of one piece of gluten free bread toasted with egg. For afternoon tea Ralph enjoys 25g brie or camembert cheese and ½ cup of strawberries. To finish off the day, Ralph has a sensible dinner consisting of no more than 120g of lean meat and a salad or a mixture of 5 veggies. Most of these are raw e.g. carrot, broccoli, zucchini, yams (as they are lower GI). Overjoyed at the results so far Ralph can't believe how simple and easy it was saying, "This is a Claytons Diet - a diet for those who don't want to be on a diet. A true lifestyle change!"

The strength of the NeoLifeShake is in its simplicity. No longer is there any need to juggle extra tablets and capsules to achieve real results. The inclusion of fibre in the NeoLifeShake was another feature that Ralph fell in love with. Along with the good food choices. Ralph also stresses the importance of drinking water, saying "Water plays a key part to help with weight loss."

Having almost reached his goal weight, Ralph looks forward to maintaining his new body by making the small changes to his lifestyle that make a big difference.

Call Ralph today to find out more about the Clayton's Diet or NeoLife Shake products

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