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Margaret Underwood

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Working one-on-one or through teaching workshops, I help adults and children move quickly and easily through learning difficulties and relationship and performance challenges. So if you are wanting to transform your life and access more of your full potential come and play with me.

AddressNew Plymouth
North Island 4310
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TURN OVER A NEW LEAF If you could shift something today, what would you like to transform?
  • Learning?
  • Relationships?
  • Performance? Is rapid change truly possible? No matter what your age, experience or situation, doing things the way you've always done them has created your patterns of visualization, thought and movement. These patterns—your habits and issues—may seem to be "cast in stone," but, the brain is very malleable... You can set and achieve a specific goal to change how your mind-body system works. With Margaret Underwood as your guide, you can even attain benefits beyond the goal you choose. Many clients say that just one Balance changed their lives. One "Balance" session can give you real & permanent change
  • Re-integrate your brain-body system to fit your chosen goal
  • Create new pathways for thoughts, actions and communication. Change how you think—and feel—in specific circumstances. Align how you act—and react—into new habits and new ways of being.
  • Solidify these new patterns, making the change you want become strong and permanent. Margaret Underwood and the "Balance" process
  • Your Balance is the synthesis of Margaret's diverse training
  • Educator, curriculum developer and teacher, Margaret has earned New Zealand's highest credential for secondary school educators, the Post-graduate Diploma in Teaching.
  • Transactional disciplines including Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Circles Facilitation
  • Registered Educational Kinesiologist (NZ)
  • Learning Styles Specialist, trained at Dunn & Dunn Institute of St John's University, New York, USA, and Integrated Whole-Brain Learning Specialist, trained under Noah Gordon, Ph.D.
  • Licensed Brain Gym® Instructor
  • Jin Shin Jyutsu, a Japanese hands-on healing technique, a discipline that focuses intention according to the wisdom of many centuries.
  • Tai Chi Chuan, an ancient Chinese "soft" martial art. Slow gentle movements that transform the body and mind. Chinese call it "Moving meditation," because it centers the mind through physical balance.
  • Reiki. Margaret is a master teacher of this hands-on healing technique, schooled in a form descendant from Dr. Usui, the Japanese who rediscovered Reiki.
  • Margaret leads your Balance based on the pattern developed by Brain Gym pioneer Paul Dennison, Ph.D. The structure is simple. Humans have evolved a natural learning process over thousands of generations. The Balance clarifies and focuses the natural learning process, and concentrates it on your specific goal, all in five carefully designed steps. 1. "Get ready for learning." Using specific movements, Margaret helps you open your brain-body system to the changes to come. 2. "Set your goal?" Margaret guides you to focus on the goal you want most, bringing her years of experience to help you define the destination, which often is a step of discovery for you as well as for her. 3. "Identify your baseline." Using techniques such as role-playing, Margaret clarifies with you where you are now with respect to your goal, with an emphasis on how you feel, so you can accurately notice the change as you go through your Balance. 4. "Achieve new learning." Movement is the doorway to learning, the quickest way to re-pattern the mind-body system. Margaret takes you through a bespoke session of visualization, self-observation and movement to achieve your desired transformation. 5. "Close the loop." To complete your Balance, you revisit the pre-activities, to see how you've changed, and feel how you relate to the issue around which you set your goal. At this point, you see change--which over time you discover to be lasting transformation. Margaret recommends some simple reinforcement steps, based on your individual session, to keep you conscious of your Balance as it works in your life.
    Balances are for children and students as well as for adults Margaret originally focused her practice on challenged and gifted students from kindergarten through secondary school. Much of her training—such as Brain Gym—focuses on helping these young people and on teaching their teachers. Soon, parents and teachers wanted Balances too. Now, about half of Margaret's clients are adults, and she frequently works in the corporate setting as well as with individuals. Here is what some happy clients have said after just one session with Margaret....... "It was an absolutely pleasurable experience for me! Thank you so much for the care and attention you paid. I think what you do is amazing. it's interesting for me to note that although I felt that work organisation was my worry, a clear picture emerged of the underlying behaviour pattern in my life and having come away from our session feeling enlightened, stronger and in control, I see also that I have to let go of a relationship that has presented me with constant boundary breaking issues for the last eight years. Amazing that I identified and resolved, in one session, a clear pattern of behaviour that underlies my life and not just lack of organisation at work. Thank you again." Sonia Greaves, FHT ND MIHHT United Kingdom "Thank you for the marvelous work you did for me! Your work was extraordinary-- gentle, yet direct; subtle, yet most powerful. I really felt the time spent with you was a very precious gift. Woody Gruber, Civil Engineer, USA "I brought my 12 year old son to you because he had been unable to learn to read. I still find it hard to believe that after only one session with you he is able to read easily and with delight. I can't thank you enough. You have changed our lives." Mother, Texas, USA
    Call - 06 758 1294
    Margaret Underwood is available to teach a one day Introduction to Brain Gym in your area. Please feel free to contact Margaret on if you are interested in the class or you would like to know more. The day provides teachers (of any age level or stage of development), parents, teacher aids and other auxiliary school staff, with easy to use tools that can be employed immediately to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of those around them, in just a few minutes a day. The course content is useful for every child and especially for those experiencing learning and/or behavioural challenges. Brain Gym is a movement based programme, supported by all the recent research into brain development and studies of how we learn and develop. It includes 26 easy and targeted activities that integrate body and mind to bring about rapid and often dramatic improvements in concentration, memory, reading, writing, organizing, listening, physical co-ordination, behaviour, attitude towards challenges in life and more. Through movement we activate all our senses and our brain. Through play, exploration and experimentation we develop the brain, body and our skills for life. It is never too late to learn and the brain is proving to be far more malleable that we have ever imagined. During the day participants will learn:
  • The 26 basic Brain Gym movements, what they do, and why and when to use them.
  • About the Dynamic Brain and the dimensions to learning used in the Brain Gym system.
  • Why movement is so important to learning and how Brain Gym speeds the learning process.
  • How to overcome life’s stresses with greater presence, skill and creativity. Participants will also have lots of fun and leave feeling better than when they arrived. Margaret is a very experienced Brain Gym Instructor with many other skills. She brings years of professional experience combined with the latest skills and techniques for releasing human potential to her teaching and personal one-on-one sessions. Margaret is a specialist in whole-brain integrated learning, learning styles, stress management and reduction, and enhancing personal performance for all ages. She provides group trainings and personal one-on-one sessions for children with learning and behavioural issues, individuals keen to overcome life’s challenges and educational and business communities. Brain Gym is truly a gift in one’s life and it is a gift that keeps on giving. If you would like to gift someone with beneficial tools they can use for the rest of their life, this class would be a great way to do that.

    NZ Charter of Health Practitioners, BA, Post Grad. Dip. Accounting, Post Grad. Dip. Secondary Teaching, Registered Educational Kinesiologist, Brain Gym Instructor

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