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Professional Kinesiology, NLP, Woman's & Children's Health, EFT, Biofeedback - Get in touch with your body's inner wisdom through these amazing modalities & discover personalised health answers that are focused on healing the cause

Contact NameVerena Stevenson
North Island 0612
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Welcome to Origin Health Ltd At my Kinesiology practice in I see people of all ages. I love to empower clients to unlock their own healing potential through the use of professional kinesiology and other modalities. Over the years I have developed a special interest in applying my knowledge to chronic conditions. My work does not diagnose diseases but taps into a person’s innate knowing and often releases subconsciously held stress patterns. This makes it possible to work with a wide range of issues, no matter if dealing with a weakened immune system, digestive health, food-sensitivities, back pain, learning disorders or stress and its far reaching effects on the body. My work uses this gentle, yet proven complementary modality by using muscle testing to obtain feedback in order to identify exactly where help is needed. The goal is that by balancing the body's energies (and by addressing the deeper cause of a given problem) to maximize a person's healing ability. Receive a FREE 20 minute consultation to see how I work. Have you got any questions? Call 09 8366 210 today or simply fill out the Consultation Form and I will be in contact with you. About the Practitioner My interest in alternative health care started more than two decades ago when I was desperately looking for a way to heal my chronic skin condition where NOTHING I had tried had worked; eventually this lead me to the amazing, empowering tools I am working with today. I am trained in PKP Kinesiology (a comprehensive training taught internationally) and graduated in 2004 as a NZ Registered Kinesiologist. Through life's challenges I discovered a lot, and gained experience that no one can teach you but that naturally lead to an understanding for people's struggles! I am excited about using these powerful modalities for complementary healthcare and personal development in an open-hearted and compassionate way. "Verena is an excellent Kinesiologist whose remedies I have always found POTENT. Initially, my naiveness towards Kinesiology caused me to be skeptical about it. However, after all the mainstream tests failed to explain why I recently developed Epilepsy (with no family history), I tried kinesiology and I was extremely pleased with the result. Verena is efficient, effective, very caring and showed great professionalism - I highly recommend her services.” Jennifer Trinick. "I have been a client with Verena since May 2013. She came into my life when I was at the end of my wits and didn't know how to go on any more. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2009 and kept getting viral infections, which also increased the pain and fatigue and with that the anxiety. My life energy was very low and I had lost almost all hope. Verena helped me on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Due to her help I found hope and enjoyment of life again. My energy levels and the quality of my life and sleep have improved a lot and my pain levels have gone down. The biggest lesson in all this for me was that most disease comes from stress; be it emotional, spiritual or physical and to heal it you have to get to the root of the problem and not just suppress the symptoms. It is not an easy or quick journey for me, but I am now glad I was given this path. Without it and without Verena I wouldn't have learned and continue to learn so much - Thank you Verena!" Anne Mohrdieck, Whanganui, NZ Click Here for more Kinesiology client testimonials. Qualifications Reg NHC (NZ) Reg. Kinesiologist, International Dip. Kinesiology Master Practitioner of NLP Member of Kinesiology Association of NZ Member of Natural Health Council For more information or to book an Appointment call 09 8366 210 or 021 039 1800 or simply use the Enquiry links above.

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