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Family Osteopathic Clinic

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Registered osteopaths with medical degree

Address39 HOBSONVILLE Road
West Harbour
North Island 0618
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Welcome to Family Osteopathic Clinic Where qualification and experience counts Sore muscle? Locked back or neck? Tight jaw? Sciatica or numb hand? Stiff joint after a fracture or a surgery? We've got a wealth of expertise to help you. Services
  • Classic osteopathy (back pain, neck pain, jaw pain, joint and muscle injuries, headaches)
  • Cranial osteopathy (babies and children, adults)
  • Osteopathic pregnancy care
  • Osteopathic management of medical and "psycho-somatic" conditions
  • Apitherapy (bee products and bee stinging)

What we Treat Most patients come to us for their spine related discomfort such as locked back or stiff neck. Indeed, osteopathy is very effective for mechanical dysfunctions (related to locking, spraining, nerve pinching etc.) Those types of injuries respond very well and 80-90% of our patients recover within 3-4 sessions. We also have plenty of experience treating more serious conditions such as sciatica related to disc bulging or back pain due to arthritic and degenerative changes. These problems do not disappear like a miracle and require longer treatment with maintanance program. Ilya has a special interest in chronic and complex conditions. His medical diplomas in neurology and musculo-skeletal medicine on top of osteopathic background cover wide area of conditions. There are many patients who suffer for months and years not getting better. It is very satisfying to see them improving and feeling better. Nataliya has a special interest in treating babies and children. With her background in paediatrics she is well equiped to deal with a range of kids ailments and offer gentle osteopathic treatment as well as medical advice if needed. Another area of her work is looking after women when they are pregnant and after the delivery. A mother of three Nataliya understands the strain the pregnancy puts on the female body and can relieve a lot of discomfort for you. Osteopathy is also very effective (but less known) treatment for a variety of condtions not commonly associated with muscles or joints. Chest pains not related to heart conditions, stomach reflux, tight chest due to asthma, sinus conjestion are amongst them. If you have got a condition that your are not recovering from give us a try we might be able to help. We also have special programs designed to address specific patients' needs. These programs are only available at our clinic. Spinal
  • low back pain and stiffness
  • neck pain and stiffness
  • sciatica
  • back muscle sprain
  • 'nerve pinching'
  • degenerative conditions
Periferal joints
  • shoulder pain
  • frozen shoulder
  • rotator cuff injuries
  • tennis elbow
  • hip pain
  • knee injuries
  • ankle sprain
  • any joint in the body
Jaw and face problems
  • jaw pain
  • bite problems
  • neuralgic pain
Children problem
  • crying baby
  • colicky baby
  • sleep disruption
  • developmental issues
Other conditions
  • headaches
  • 'migraines'
  • dizziness
  • RSI and OOS
  • pregnancy pains and aches
  • postnatal pains
  • sports injuries
  • stomach reflux

How We Treat Our treatment is based on osteopathic philosophy and hands-on techniques with a selection of adjunctive therapies, such as acupuncture, apitherapy, soft orthotics fitting, exercise prescription, ergonomic recommendation. Osteopathic treatment can be broadly divided into structural, visceral and cranial techniques.
Structural techniques involve soft tissue release (like massage, but more specific and effective), joint mobilization by moving the joint in specific directions and, if needed, joint manipulation. This treatment is very effective for sprained muscles, ligaments, locked joints, sports injuries and many other so called mechanical problems (where body parts are not moving properly). How does it feel? After examination you will be asked to lie on the couch relaxed and the practitioner will start working with the soft tissues - you will feel stretching, some pressure, occasionally tenderness. Then joints of you body will be moved in a special manner while you stay relaxed. Now and then the joint will be pushed or moved with a quick twisting motion and you may hear a 'click' or 'pop' - that's how joint manipulation is done. Note that all these techniques (including joint manipulations) are usually painless and very safe, we will use as little force as we can to make the locked joint move. If you are totally against using joint manipulation (some people are) - let us know and we will avoid them. Visceral techniques involve feeling and moving the internal organs, such as, liver, intestines, uterus or kidneys. They are great for adhesions, scarring after surgical operation and abdominal discomfort. A lot of spinal conditions may be related to disorders of the internal organs and unless internal organs are addressed back or neck pain may persist despite treating spinal joint only. How does it feel? It feels like someone is pulling, probing and stretching your tummy. No sudden movements or twists. Occasionally a bit tender, but mostly comfortable. Cranial osteopathy is a gentle adjustment of the pulsation of the head/spinal fluid (cranial rhythm). This is perfect for newborn babies and children who often end up with cranial misalignment as a result of birth process. Some conditions in adults can also be treated using cranial techniques. How does it feel? Nothing like structural or visceral. The practitioner applies VERY light pressure on the head and makes light adjustments to the cranial rhythm. Sometimes a hand is put under pelvis (under sacrum) and similar adjustments are made to the movement of the sacrum. You hardly feel any pressure from the hands, but changes in the body as it recovers may be quite profound. It is not uncommon for patients to experience short lasting ache, tingling in different body parts or even emotional stir up.

Opening Hours
  • Monday to Friday: 9am - 7 pm
  • Saturday: 9am - 1pm
  • $70 private, $40 with ACC

CALL US ON (09) 416 0097


Dr. Ilya Chemeris Diploma in Osteopathy (UK) Medical Degree Diploma in Neurology (Kazakhstan) Dr. Natalia Chemeris Master Osteopathy (NZ), Medical Degree Diploma in Paediatrics (Kazakhstan)

Service Categories
Acupuncture, Children’s Health, Osteopathy, Sports Injury Therapy

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