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Nutritional Microscopy - Live/Dry Blood Analysis

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What's Blood got to do with it - Everything!

Contact NameDiane Mickleson
Address8099 State Highway One
North Island 4793
Phone06 3880867
Mobile021 2887989
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Blood-e good health
Blood-e good health looks at the health of your red blood cells and can determine the condition of the red and white blood cells, by looking for acid waste of bacteria and yeast. If your blood is too acidic, and your diet is poor, you will have acid buildup in your blood which can cause fatigue and a feelings of being unwell.

Experience the incredible vitality and energy that come from balancing your body's pH. A simple understanding of which foods produce the most energy for your body and the impact of the acid/alkaline balance will turn your life around.

We look at your blood via video monitoring through a very high-powered microsocope which magnifies your blood 28,000 times.

The most useful thing about both live and dried blood analysis is that they give you early warning of possible upcoming health issues. These can often be observed long before they manifest as symptoms. If you take action to correct what you see, you can save yourself from ever developing the symptoms or conditions you can see first in the blood. There is no better motivation than getting a good, honest look at what exactly is circulating through your body and no better way to commit to those changes permanently than to see, right before your eyes, what an incredible difference they make.

Prices as at November 2011
(subject to change)
  • Snapshot
    $30 (15 minutes)
    *special conditions apply

  • Live blood only
    $95 (30 minutes)

  • Live blood only
    $130 (45 minutes with customised report)

  • Live and Dried blood
    $185 (1 hour)

  • Live and Dried blood
    $265(2 hours with customised report)

To change our food culture, it must begin with our children...............

The more we learn about nutrition, the more it seems we should eat the way people did a hundred years ago. Recent research appears to be pointing us in the direction of eating mostly "whole foods" - that is, foods that are as close to their natural form as possible.

Many health experts believe that eating more whole foods is our best bet for improving health and preventing disease. Whole foods - like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and legumes -- retain their fiber as well as the whole portfolio of beneficial phytochemicals and nutrients that are often removed in processed foods.

Dry Blood Analysis

Were acid settles in the blood the blood cannot coagulate or clot, so we see these white puddles. The size and shape of these puddles represents the severity of cellular disorganization; is it irritation and inflammation or more significant disorganization?

If there are more puddles than blood or large “great lakes” then it indicates a high level of acidosis and disorganization. The pattern or location of these puddles tells us what organs, systems, or tissues are being affected by the acidity.

We put eight drops on the slide from large to small.

The larger first drops represent things that are more shallow and temporary, more toward the surface of the skin and in the extremities; these are imbalances that have been developing more recently in time.

As we move further down the line to the smaller drops, we are looking deeper into the body at the center of the organs and this represents imbalances that have been developing over a long period of time and could even represent genetic predispositions to weakness.

Just because you see something in the smallest, lowest drop does not mean you used to experience it but are not experiencing it now, but rather it represents a weakened area that has been developing over a lifetime.

Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis is different to traditional blood research which you get from your doctor. They are interested in quantitative information, how much and how many, or the cells, etc. We are more interested in the quality and the condition of what is there. Although the count is important, it doesn’t matter if you have the correct number of cells if they are all fermenting and disorganizing. We take a tiny sample of blood from a finger prick. This is live (via video monitoring) human blood at 28,000 times magnification.

The 1st photo from left to right is what is perceived to be normal health: the shapes are all even in shape size and color; they are separated from each other and residing in their own space; the spaces around them are clean and clear – this is most important because it represents the fluid the cells are bathing in consistently.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th photo's are samples of unhealthy blood. We are able to see bacteria, yeast, mould, enough good fats and oils, mineral deficiencies, premature clotting, acid crystallizations, or any disorganization at the cellular level.

This will give us a picture of how you have been living, eating, and thinking over the past few days, weeks, or months (up to 120 days because that is how long it takes for red blood cells to recycle in the body).

Because the live research has so many variables based on how hydrated you are and what you ate over the past day or so, we also correlate what we see to a second kind of research known as the Mycotoxic Oxidative Stress Test (Dry Blood Analysis). These are just big words to say we are looking for the acid waste of yeast and bacteria and where it is settling in the body.

About Me
Trained at The pH Miracle Centre, in the USA, by Dr Robert O Young Ph.D., D.Sc. Microbiologist, Bio-chemist, Research scientist and Best Selling Author of the pH Miracle.

Member: International Microscopy Association-New Biology

My mission is to share Dr Young's "New Biology" to create a greater understanding of the necessity for correct acid-alkaline balance in the body, based on healthy lifestyle, diet and nutritional supplementation.

My office is situated 3 kilometers south of Taihape on State Highway 1. I travel weekly between Taihape, Palmerston North, Wanganui, New Plymouth, Hawkes Bay and Taupo.

Appointments can be made either in Taihape or when next visiting an area near you.

Success Stories
Ben's story
Mon, Mar 19, 2012

"I first caught on to Diane and blood microscopy when I was looking for alternative options on a blood condition I had, and after seeing what can be done I have no hesitation in recommending Diane to anyone looking to start a better way of life.

The first appointment was well explained and easily understood and initially I thought that I was eating well and exercising regularly. After having my Blood Analysis and reading the report, I was surprised at the results and the extent of waste materials in my blood.

Following Diane's recommendations I have cleaned up my diet - after the first week I started enjoying the taste of whole foods with my taste buds "waking up " again, I also found I did in fact have more energy to exercise and that my body was recovering a lot quicker. After 2 weeks I was needing about 2hours less sleep each night thanks to restored energy and had lost almost 4 kg of body weight.

Within 1 month, changes were happening, my skin is clearing up dramatically and I have more energy and am sleeping better. Physically I have leaned up a lot in the torso which is great and the weight loss really doesn’t worry me in light of all the other positive changes. The best part is, despite the occasional craving, I actually don’t miss meat, dairy or sugars.

8 weeks on and I haven't had any processed foods, sugars, dairy at all and eat very little meat. Again I am needing less sleep and benefit from quicker recovery and have had no illness or muscle/ joint pains that were previously common. I have gained back 2 kgs of the weight lost but this time with no fat gain at all. It is a tough mental adjustment to start with but the harder something is this greater the rewards."

Teri's story
Wed, Oct 26, 2011

By 3pm most days I felt brain dead, and I never looked forward to getting home after work to reinvent myself and show interest in what seemed to be so much trivia, whilst rustling up dinner for the family. It actually never occurred to me that I was mentally exhausted and more than a little overweight. I made an appointment with Diane for a Microscopy Blood Analysis which was amazing and very accurately reflected my health concerns at the time. I started on the pH Miracle Greens, PuripHy and Chlorophyll, drinking up to 3 litres daily while working on limiting my intake of yeast, red meat, dairy and sugar from my daily diet. I also started a healthy exercise regime.

Within weeks I noticed a difference in my energy levels and mental clarity and 6 months down the track I had lost considerable weight, had more energy than I had experienced in years, but still felt I could do more. I discussed this with Diane and she had noticed I was still struggling with sugar cravings. I agreed to cut out sugar altogether for 3 weeks, using pH Miracle pHlavor to help with the sugar cravings, and wow, I lost a further 5 kgs.

Now, 12 months later I am some 20kgs lighter (Yay!), and maintaining clarity of mind is no longer an issue. I am far more positive having had the incentive once you get a little fit, it inspires you to do more, and what do you know, you can actually do it! The pH Miracle Greens, along with a healthy diet provides the best lifestyle and a solid platform from which to launch my crazy ideas...............I have recently traversed the Ruahine Ranges from Kawhatau to Waipawa and now am more than a little keen to get into cycling and perhaps triathalons in the future? Life is healthy and good and I have learned how to maintain it.
Do I recommend it?...You Bet!!

Danny's story
Wed, Oct 26, 2011

Danny Mickleson, Diane’s husband, had his blood tested before Diane became a Nutritional Microscopist,and was shocked at what he saw. Danny is a farmer, and described himself as “curious but skeptical” about blood microscopy. He said he doubted they could tell him anything he didn’t already know. For insurance purposes he had had numerous health checks and was classed as fit and healthy. However, what his blood showed him was acid in his colon. The threat of colon cancer was the motivation needed to make changes to his diet, starting with a cleanse of vegetable soups, super hydration with the pH Miracle Greens, shedding 9kgs in 7 days. Five months later another blood anaylsis showed no sign of the previous buildup of acid. He now drinks two to four litres of the pH Miracle Greens per day. He said seeing his blood on the screen was “very visual” and the kick he needed to change his diet, which used to be heavy on fat and carbohydrates. After changing his diet his energy levels soared, his weight stablilised, his golf handicap lowered and his tennis improved!

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