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All About You Hypnotherapy

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Remove the mental blocks and gain clarity, confidence, motivation and focus to achieve your success.

Registered Certified hypnotherapist. Clinic or online sessions available. Free 1/2 hour consult.

Think about what you want for yourself,

Visualise yourself doing what you want to do,

Choices you can choose to do whatever you want to do and achieve your goals with the help of….Hypnotherapy.

Contact NameJenny Hudgell
AddressHealth 2000, Broadtop Shopping Centre
337 Broadway Avenue
Terrace End
North Island 4414
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All About You Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can assist you with issues such as

  • Fertility and Childbirth - using hypnotherapy alongside IVF can increase your fertility or natural conception success rate. Assisting you with a carefree pregnancy and the relaxing birth of your new baby. Read more...
  • "Virtual" Gastric Band. Achieving easy successful weight loss with this 4 session program. Read more...
  • Behavioural - motivation, stress, weight control, anger management, concentration and procrastination. Take back control again in your life.
  • Health and medical - quicker recovery time after injury or trauma, asthma, pain management, pre-operative and post-operative care.
  • Fears, phobias and habits - public speaking, spiders, smoking, needles, nail biting, memory, self-confidence, exams
  • and many more

Why use Hypnotherapy?

Most people live normal healthy lives, and yet there may be some aspects they may want to change. You might be seeking improvement in self-confidence, reducing stress, or getting rid of a phobia. It could be looking forward to new times in your life like becoming pregnant, having an enjoyable pregnancy and childbirth You might have tried using will-power but changes need to be taken at a sub-conscious level, because that is where your habits and responses are established.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Is a natural state of mind that occurs in everyday living. Every time you go to sleep you go through a "trance", a relaxed, dozey slumber, it is a completely natural safe state of being. It has been liken to meditation, but there is an important difference: with meditation you are usually attempting to clear your mind, with hypnotherapy you can change your own thoughts and ideas that can give you more rewarding future. You can enjoy the benifits for yourself. By using hypnotherapy, I can guide you by giving you appropriate, positive suggestions, tools and knowledge that will assist you to achieve your goals. You are always in control of your own mind and your own body, by making the right choices for yourself, you can always enjoy the benefits you chose. Clinic in; Levin and Palmerston North. Skype sessions available Free 1/2 hour consults Call me today 027 344 9713 to find out more


Hi Jenny – totally – I have lost 5kgs since I have seen you and no cravings at all which I am so amazed about. Thanks for all your help – I am sure I will see you again soon Deb I thought I would drop you a quick email and let you know how I’ve got on since our hypnotherapy session back in January. It’s been brilliant! I’ve had really no anxiety about eating or about food since then, and I’ve been eating really well and that it’s actually difficult to remember what the issue was in the first place! I’ve attached a photo from our Manawatu competition last weekend – I don’t know that the quality is that great, but you can get the general idea. Thanks again very much for your help – I really appreciate the difference it’s made . E Hi Jenny I was standing in the supermarket the other day and I thought to myself something was different….. I wasn’t having a panic attack. I felt calm and confident. Great.Thanks, Deb I thought that my issue of being scared of spiders would get better over the next few days or week, Not right away! Many thanks. A Noises that often get me tensed up have not been an issue, so I’m looking forward to a much calmer life. I’d like you to keep in touch. Regards, B. I’ve been feeling much better after your visit, Kind regards K Life IS! going great and I am keeping up with the affirmations and I am noticing an improvement in overall life and shaking/confidence and I am looking forward to each day as it comes. Thank you again for the hypnotherapy session S Hi Jenny, Seeing you has certainly been a great help,had a little backslide but listened to your CD and everything OK again. Thanks so much M To read more testimonials please click here

Call Jenny to discuss how hypnotherapy can benefit you specifically, or to book in your first session.


Registered Senior member of Hypnosis New Zealand


    Certified Virtual Gastric Band Consultant Certified HypnoFertility Consultant Certifed BirthByHypnosis Consultant Certifed HypnoBirthRite Consultant Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Hypnosis Hypnosis New Zealand Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis Member of The Hypnofertility Foundation Inc Senior Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand

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