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Harmonia - Healing for the Soul

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Are you feeling anxious, depressed, worried or upset? Is your life out of balance? Help is on hand with Tessa Jonassen at Harmonia. The soul inspired healing sessions will support you to feel better, feel more balanced and energised so that you can face the world with more confidence and enthusiasm. I will help you to heal, flourish and grow.

Contact NameTessa Jonassen
North Island 0618
Mobile021 030 8224
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Welcome to Harmonia - Healing for the Soul Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing - Release, Nourish, Grow This is a gentle yet powerful healing for body, mind, spirit and soul. The synergies of Reiki and intuitive energy healing, together with the therapeutic use of flower essences and pure essential oils will leave you feeling refreshed, lighter, peaceful and balanced. Holistic Reflexology - Relax, Restore, Revive Holistic reflexology brings the physical body into balance as well as addressing the emotional and mental imbalances that can be the underlying cause of a physical condition. It is the perfect treatment to deeply relax, feel restored on all levels and revive your energy levels so that you can re-connect to the rhythm of life and be in harmony with your authentic self. Ear Candling and Auricular (Ear)Reflexology - Relaxing, Calming, Aids Clarity This session can be just for Ear Candling or with Auricular Reflexology depending on your needs or preference. Ear candling is a gentle way to remove excess ear wax and regulate ear pressure. Particularly useful following a cold, flu, sinusitis or if you are suffering from blocked ears from flying, swimming or diving as well as frequent use of head phones. Auricular Reflexology assists with balancing the whole body and is deeply relaxing and healing and would be useful when a condition has been present for some time or reoccurs. First Light® Flower Essence Remedies - Medicine for the Soul Flower essences help to change our mindset, transform our beliefs and attitudes and bring us back to as place of harmony and balance. They assist us navigate life and flourish in what can often be challenging situations, raising our spirit and helping us move through change and thrive in all areas of our life. They are useful when we are in crisis as well as when we wish to consciously make significant and lasting changes in our life. Soul Journey Quest - A 6 month programme of self discovery and growth This is a 6-month programme for those of you who wish to commit to making significant and meaningful changes in your life. Each month you will have a one hour Soul Growth Consultation to dip into, or dive into, your soul self. Time to reach the place of your true essence – the place of your soul self. During your Soul Growth Consultation you will have the opportunity for the promptings of your soul to rise up and be looked at and have those ‘light bulb’ moments of insight that are the catalyst for change and growth that take you on to the next stage of your soul’s journey. First Light® Natural Health Emotional Remedies - a range of pure New Zealand emotional remedies for everyday holistic wellbeing. Created by award winning researcher and pioneer in the field of holistic health Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber. “The synergies of energy healing, flower essences and essential oils create a unique healing therapy that is medicine for the soul”Tessa Jonassen - Modern Day Medicine Woman Who Tessa Loves to Help I love to help women and their family including babies, children and teenagers to enhance their general health, spiritual growth and holistic wellbeing. With a kind and gentle approach I will guide and support you on your healing journey. I love helping people transform their lives by bringing them back to a place of peace and harmony. We all need to be nurtured and supported when life gets difficult and it my pleasure to support you. The healing sessions that I individually taylor to each client's needs will help support you during the session as well as support you after your session with a flower essence remedy and/or pure essential oil blend to take home with you. Healing Sessions and Consultations Tessa sees clients in person at her Whenuapai therapy rooms as well as conducting Flower Essence Consultations via Skype. Visit Harmonia's online booking service for full details. “Health depends on being in harmony with our souls” Dr Edward Bach - 1936 - creator of Bach Flower Remedies What Tessa's clients say about their healing sessions and how they have helped them I always feel better after the Reiki sessions, they are magic! Thanks again, always a pleasure to see you. You are a burst of sunshine! I can definitely feel the Reiki and Essences have helped me immensely. The essences got me on the creative path I believe.... well I've always been creative but I lost my way and I feel that the essences reached out to me with their stems, branches, and long grasses and whispered me back on the right path!! I can really physically feel changes happening ......... Using the First Light flower essences I feel happier, stronger emotionally and more light hearted. I am a much more positive person. When using the First Light flower essences I seem to be more motivated, better at looking after myself and others. My goals become clearer and I achieve more. Workshops Tessa's workshop was a dream. I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon being supported and fed chocolate while I allowed the collage to create my vision! This is a beautiful technique for anyone wondering what the next step is. Claire Delaney Artist Thanks so much for hosting the vision board day. It was sooo relaxing and such a treat to have the time and space to just envision lovely things :) I really enjoyed meeting you and all the other women... Elizabeth This Native American Proverb has been my mantra and guide to discovering and living my life purpose 'There are many things in life that will catch your eye, but only a few will catch your heart....pursue those'
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Tessa Jonassen Dip.NZNFE First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® Registered Practitioner Certificate in Healers Studies and Shamanic Studies from the Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber™ Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic Studies. Certified Reiki Practitioner Certified Professional Reflexologist Certified Life Coach

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