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Janet is a registered Kinesiologist specialising in developmental and learning issues, and personal growth.

Each session is an individual journey between my client and myself (whatever age) as we navigate and explore the factors creating the key issues and then apply the best therapeutic techniques for that situation.

Contact NameJanet de Witt
AddressNorth Shore
North Island 0630
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About Janet Janet de Witt - Educational and Developmental Kinesiologist. My passion is to help both children and adults become "unstuck". As a Kinesiologist working with the brain and body , I include in my practice:
  • Primitive reflex integration ( children)
  • Brain Gym and kinesiology for developmental and learning issues
  • Release of sabotaging belief systems
  • Work with clients to set appropriate goals.
  • Gently work with emotional stress release
  • Facilitate processes to bring about positive changes.
As a Faculty member of Educational Kinesiology Foundation ( U.S.A ) I am licensed to teach all the core courses of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation PLUS other workshops and presentations. My passion is to support "quirky kids" to achieve their potential. My work with children and their parents/caregivers is complemented by many years working in Special Education as a Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour. ( RTLB )
What is Kinesiology? A remarkable system which enables a practitioner to deal with a wide range of issues both physical and emotional. It has its origins in manual muscle assessment and chiropractic techniques from the 1940s, and 1960s, which were then combined with other energy systems such as Chinese acupuncture. Kinesiologists use the art of muscle checking as a biofeedback technique to determine and correct “imbalances” in the body. (Krebs, O’Neill McGowan, 2014) . Educational Kinesiology is a model designed by Dr Paul Dennison, ( US) which honours the learner and supports that individual to become more receptive to learning new skills. It is goal based, movement based, and uses many protocols including the well known Brain Gym® Movements. Developmental Kinesiology works to integrate retained primitive reflexes which can interfere with many aspects of learning and to ensure that postural reflexes are established. Janet also draws upon a range of other treatment modalities as required, such as Touch for Health Kinesiology, , stress release/ emotional diffusion/sabotage clearing and Rhythmic Movement Training.
What is Brain Plasticity? Dr Paul Dennison ( founder of Educational Kinesiology ) says that ‘We learn to move and move to learn'. Every time we move we change the brain. Research has now shown that the brain never stops changing. ‘Neuroplasticity’ is the term used to describe the capacity of the brain to change with learning.
  • At the beginning of life: when the immature brain organises itself.
  • In case of brain injury: to compensate for lost functions or maximize remaining functions.
  • Throughout life: whenever something new is learned and memorized.
  • In order for new neural connections to be made, the brain’s pathways are stimulated through activity.
Services Janet can offer for children around the following issues.
  • Developmental issues ( clumsiness, handwriting, primitive reflex integration)
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • ASD
  • 2x E ( Twice exceptional + gifted children who are underperforming
  • Sensory Processing issues ( over reactive to sound etc )
  • Anxiety and Attachment issues.
  • Bed wetting

What is the format? An Assessment session then series of One to one sessions with these sorts of expected outcomes.
  • Learning can become easier and faster ( eg. Reading, writing, physical coordination) as the underlying physiology around learning becomes more efficient.
  • Challenges around Learning and development may reduce.
  • Retained childhood reflexive movements are integrated i.e No longer observable and interfering with learning and behavior.
  • Sensory overload Reduces Few meltdowns.
  • Improvement in balance and the ability to “be still” and focus.
  • Positive changes to fine motor and handwriting skills.
  • Increased ability to focus and attend to and complete tasks.
  • Improved performance in sports/whole body movement e.g. soccer, swimming, dancing, martial arts, the arts and drama.
  • Decrease in 'explosive' behaviour
  • Overall increase in risk-taking behaviour, confidence and calmness.
Services Janet can offer for adults: One to one consultations - to support you to become UNSTUCK. This can cover making life changes , clearing limiting self beliefs and emotional blocks overcoming birth trauma, to move forward in your life. This is a gentle and empowering process. Email me for my 3 session specials for adult clients. Services Janet can offer parents/ caregivers. Janet can support you to create a pathway of success for your child by helping you to navigate/ prioritise services to help your child flourish at different stages of their education. Janet weaves her special education knowledge of learning difficulties, developmental delays, learning and behaviour problems (ADD, dyslexia, dyspraxia and Autistic Spectrum Disorder) and underperformance by gifted students) into her Kinesiology work. Services Janet can offer as an Educator Janet is an experienced presenter and workshop facilitator. Workshops can be arranged on request .
  • Brain Gym® Movements - workshops for everyday use. ( for parents ,Teachers Health Professionals, counsellors .
  • Brain Dominance Profiling - for teachers/ counsellors etc. Based on the work of Dr Carla Hannaford. PhD .
  • Bi Lateral Drawing to enhance whole brain potential. ( Double Doodle Play ) - Gail Dennison’s Work . Open to all .
  • Movement Based Learning / The role of primitive reflexes in our development for Interest groups e.g. Early Childhood. /parent groups.
  • For Parents, - self help strategies, for home
Services Janet can offer in Kinesiology Training Janet is one of 3 Faculty members in New Zealand for Brain Gym International (based in Ventura , USA .) She teaches most of the core courses which enable individuals to become a registered Educational Kinesiologist and/or Brain Gym Instructor in New Zealand. Janet has taught in NZ and presented internationally . See . For international courses see

Registered Educational Kinesiologist/Brain Gym® Instructor, NZ Faculty for Educational Kinesiology Foundation ( U . S.) Educator . BTchL., P. Grad Dip. Ed., Dip. T.E.S.S.O.L , Dip. E.H.C, SPELD Trained, Reg. Primary Teacher. Current RTLB part time.

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