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Janet de Witt is a highly experienced Kinesiologist with Brain Body in Synch

Contact NameJanet de Witt
AddressNorth Shore
North Island 0630
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Janet specialises in:

  • Educational Kinesiology - Reg . Kinesiologist.
  • Rhythmic Movement Training - RMTI Consultant, Reflex Integration – children and adults.
  • Educator: workshops/presentations around movement and learning, Intro to Kinesiology, Reflex integration with children.
  • Brain Gym Movements - Instructor
  • Faculty for Educational Kinesiology Foundation - core training
  • Working with both children and adults.
  • Learning, behavioural, anxiety, coordination, sleep, and neurodevelopmental issues with children 4yrs to 18yrs.

In clinic or online sessions for children and adults.

Services offered:

  • Janet offers an integrated approach to children and adults, working with kinesiology, to cover developmental and learning issues, reflex integration, personal growth, self sabotage clearing, life issues and energetic body balancing.
  • Each session is an individual journey between my client and myself (whatever age) as we navigate and explore the issues of concern. Janet then facilitates the best kinesiology processes for that situation for the best outcomes for the client.

My passion is to empower both adults and children to live better lives. This can mean adults can become "unstuck" allowing them to move forward in their lives with ease.

I love working with “Quirky Kids”, working out and then supporting them to achieve their potential. I weave my knowledge and experience of many years working in Special Education in NZ, with the last twentyears as a Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour ( RTLB ) full and part time.

What is Kinesiology?

A remarkable system which enables a practitioner to deal with a wide range of issues both physical and emotional. It has its origins in manual muscle assessment from the 1940s and 60s

Kinesiologists use the art of muscle checking as a biofeedback technique to determine and correct “imbalances” in the body. (Krebs, O’Neill McGowan, 2014

What can Janet offer children and their parents?

A movement based, cooperative approach with parents/caregivers. Janet would typically work with families for 6 + months. At least 10 different reflexes, plus midline, eye hand coordination, balance and coordination skills could be covered.

  • Developmental issues - clumsiness, handwriting, primitive reflex integration.
  • Anxiety
  • Attachment Issues
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • ASD
  • 2x E ( Twice exceptional + gifted children who are underperforming
  • Sensory Processing issues ( over reactive to sound, etc. )
  • Bed wetting

What outcomes could be anticipated?

  • Learning can become easier and faster ( e.g. Reading, writing, physical coordination) as the underlying physiology becomes more efficient.
  • Challenges around learning and coordination reduce. E.g. riding a bike, running faster, less clumsy, physical confidence.
  • Children can become calmer and able to self regulate as they lose the reactivity of an active Moro reflex. Fewer melt downs, increase in risk taking behaviour
  • Retained childhood Reflexive movements are integrated i.e. No longer observable, interfering with conscious control of the body.
  • Sensory overload reduction. e.g. noise, scratchy clothes, tastes
  • Improvement in balance and the ability to “be still”.
  • Improvements in fine motor and handwriting skills.
  • Increased focus and attention to complete tasks.
  • Improved performance in sports/whole body movement e.g. soccer, swimming, dancing, martial arts, the arts and drama are typical areas.

This process does take some time and typically, around 6 months of regular sessions. This is not a quick fix model but has great results.

Janet can also support parents to navigate a pathway of success for their children.


It has been almost 6 months since we started on this journey and we’re so glad we stuck with it as it has made a huge difference to Rebecca( 6 yrs) and to our family life in general. “ . Nina, St Heliers

Your interventions certainly turned Matthew’s (12 yrs) academic success this year, Charlene, Torbay

What can Janet offer adults with Kinesiology? - online /clinic

This is a gentle and empowering process to support you to:

  • Make life changes
  • Clear limiting beliefs embedded in your conscious, subconscious and unconscious brain.
  • E.g. Life’s tough, I feel guilty about ….., I’d love to but ….., I don’t fit in , It runs in the family etc.
  • Overcome birth trauma – 2 session special price for mothers.
  • Enhance your life again after stroke or brain injury.
  • Release of Pain
  • Improve communication
  • Balance body energies


The session has changed the way I operate. Kate, 35 yrs Auckland

It was a game changer. Di 37 years.

I felt so Much better at the gym the next day, Jude, 67 yrs.

What can Janet offer as an Educator?

As a Faculty member of Educational Kinesiology Foundation ( U.S.A ) I am licensed to teach all the core courses of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation PLUS other workshops and presentations. Janet travels to courses and conferences internationally and is very active in promoting Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym© in New Zealand.


What Services Janet can offer in Kinesiology Training?

  • Janet is licensed, as Faculty to teach the core Educational Kinesiology Programme
  • Brain Gym® Movements - workshops for everyday use. ( for parents ,teachers, health Professionals, counsellors
  • The Consciousness of Stress. A 3 hour course to discover how stress affects you and some simple ideas to get through life with reduced stress levels.
  • Brain Dominance Profiling - for teachers/ counsellors etc. Based on the work of Dr Carla Hannaford. PhD .
  • Bi Lateral Drawing to enhance whole brain potential. ( Double Doodle Play ) - Gail Dennison’s Work . Open to all and a way to open creativity.
  • Movement Based Learning / The role of primitive reflexes in our development for Interest groups e.g. Early Childhood. /parent groups
  • Rhythmic Movement Training - First level courses

What is Educational Kinesiology?

A model of learning designed by Dr Paul Dennison, ( US) which honours the learner and supports that individual to become more receptive to learning new skills. It is goal based, movement based, and uses many protocols including the well known Brain Gym® Movements.

Developmental Kinesiology works to integrate retained primitive reflexes which can interfere with many aspects of learning and to ensure that postural reflexes are established

What is Brain Plasticity?

Dr Paul Dennison ( founder of Educational Kinesiology ) says that: We learn to move and move to learn'. Every time we move we change the brain.

Research has now shown that the brain never stops changing. ‘Neuroplasticity’ is the term used to describe the capacity of the brain to change at:

  • The beginning of life: when the immature brain organises itself
  • In case of brain injury: to compensate for lost functions or maximize remaining functions.
  • Throughout life: whenever something new is learned and memorized.

In order for new neural connections to be made, the brain’s pathways need to be stimulated through movement.

What is the format of a session?

  • This differs for children and adults. I like to do a phone interview first, collect relevant data as case preparation for children.
  • First session is 1. 5 hours for children and adults.
  • First session for children mostly includes a formalised developmental and reflex assessment.
  • Parents are welcome and in fact necessary to observe the activities to follow up at home.
  • Comfortable clothes should be worn.


Registered Educational Kinesiologist/Brain Gym® Instructor
Faculty for Educational Kinesiology Foundation ( U . S.) RMTI Consultant. B.TchL.
P. Grad. Dip. Ed.,Dip. T.E.S.S.O.L
Dip. E.H.C, SPELD Trained
NZ Primary Teacher

Service Categories
Brain Gym, Children’s Health, Educational Kinesiology, Energy Healing, Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Womens Health

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