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At Acupuncture Studio, our ‘east meets west’ philosophy, our fresh approach, modern methods and relaxing studio environment means that new clients who may not have considered acupuncture therapy in the past can feel at home AND get the results they seek.

Contact NameMonique van de Elzen
Address1234 Great North Road
Point Chevalier
North Island 1022
Phone64 9 815 1551
Mobile64 21 335 053
Fax64 9 815 1551
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About Us
Thank you for visiting the Acupuncture Studio website. If you are considering acupuncture therapy for any health concern, then I hope you’ll take the time to learn how we can help you. My Name is Monique van de Elzen. I am a qualified acupuncturist and physiotherapist and I am regarded as a specialist in being able to bridge the gap between ‘East & West’. You can learn about me later, but for now I have an important message I would like to share: My unique approach has lead to a growing community of loyal clients. They trust me with their concerns because I have the ability and experience to help then reach their desired health and life outcomes in the fastest (and safest) possible way. And we can do the same for you. In fact we help people just like you from all around the Auckland area – from a range of different backgrounds, ages and flavours! Here are just some of the health and lifestyle areas where I have experience, expertise and passion PLUS the proven results when it matters:
  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Musculo-skeletal Injuries
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Women’s Health
  • Respiratory
  • Fertility
  • Cancer
And many more… At Acupuncture Studio, our ‘east meets west’ philosophy, our fresh approach, modern methods and relaxing studio environment means that new clients who may not have considered acupuncture therapy in the past can feel at home AND get the results they seek. Can we help you? Go ahead and request more information by phone or email or book an appointment now. I would love to meet you, listen to your concerns and structure a plan to help you. Services
Womans Health The most common conditions I see women for are: Fertility – For many women their inability to conceive cannot be explained by western medicine yet in TCM there is often a reason why and a cure. Acupuncture increases blood flow to the reproductive organs so that eggs and sperm are bathed in nutrient-rich blood while they are maturing. Better quality eggs, endometrial lining and sperm lead to better quality embryos, healthy implantation and pregnancy. IVF – studies have shown that acupuncture during IVF almost doubles the chances of conception. Menopausal Symptoms – hot flushes, nightsweats, mood swings, insomnia are all typical symptoms of menopause and can last from months in some to years in others. From mildly annoying in some to debilitating in others. Acupuncture and herbal therapy help to reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms by helping to balance the hormone levels. It achieves this by balancing the body’s qi or vital energy. Endometriosis - this is the presence of endometrial cells (which make up the inner lining of the uterus) outside of the uterus in the pelvic cavity. These cells then ‘bleed’ into this cavity. The body recognises this blood as foreign and so fights it creating a toxic environment. Endometriosis often presents as abnormally heavy and painful bleeding during menstruation. In TCM terms it is caused by blood stagnation or static blood. A diagnosis is made to find out the root cause and then acupuncture and herbs are used to break down this stasis. By maximising blood flow and reducing this immune response. PMT/PMS – symptoms can range from irritability, sore breasts, depression, bloating, acne and headache. Acupuncture helps to balance the hormone levels thereby reducing these symptoms Musculoskeletal Injuries Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal InjuriesThis is an injury that affects any muscle, ligament, tendon, joint or nerve in the body. These injuries could be work related, an accident, sport related or due to the aging process. Acupuncture is effective in both the acute, or initial stage of injury, and in chronic or long-term stage of injury. Acupuncture has been shown to not only decrease pain but also increase the speed of healing. I combine acupuncture with other modalities such as herbal therapy, mobilisation, manipulation, massage, stretching and strengthening programs when indicated. Cancer Acupuncture for Cancer SufferersAcupuncture is very effective for reducing cancer pain and post-operative and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. Acupuncture can act against carcinogens (factors attributable to cancer development) through its ability to reduce stress and enhance immune function. By balancing it gives the body the best fighting chance. Stress & Anxiety Acupuncture treatment for Stress & AnxietyThis seems to be a bi-product of modern living and can manifest in so many ways. From tight muscles in the shoulders, to headaches, to insomnia, to severe PMT, to constipation etc. Acupuncture looks at the whole body; it weaves all of a person’s symptoms together to come up with a diagnosis and treatment principle unique to that person. It is all about balance. Not only do we balance the body’s energy but we also look at lifestyle and diet and consider their implications to the ‘whole’. Childhood Disorders Acupuncture for Childhood DisordersIncreased environmental pollutants, poor diet, overuse of food additives and preservatives, excessive stress, parents waiting later in life to have children, overuse of antibiotics….all of these factors can contribute to a weakening of the genetic pool. Have you noticed how now-a-days so many children have eczema, asthma, colic, recurrent ear infections, food allergies or intolerances, ADHD and bed-wetting? The acupuncture needles are very fine and insertion is near-painless. Needles have a relatively stronger effect than on adults and are not retained (left in). Most babies and small children cope and respond surprisingly well to the treatment. Respiratory Problems Common Cold and Flu – so many don’t know about the effectiveness of acupuncture and herbs to treat the signs and symptoms of a common cold. Not only can it help to reduce the symptoms but it can speed up the recovery process and strengthen the immune system to prevent reoccurance. Asthma – conventional medicines, such as bronchiodilators do a good job at relieving the symptoms of asthma but they do not cure the disease. Acupuncture treats not only the symptoms but also the internal cause of this disease. Sinusitis/hayfever – acupuncture, acupressure, herbs and cervical manipulation are all very effective in reducing the symptoms as well as boosting the immune system to reduce recurrence. Skin Problems Eczema - The root cause of eczema is that the skin is not being properly nourished. It is said in Chinese Medicine that the blood nourishes the skin, thus for eczema to occur there must be something preventing good circulation of blood to the skin. Acne - In Chinese medicine terms acne primarily involves heat and dampness. These represent the redness, soreness and pustular nature of acne. Again the cause is due to an internal imbalance. Dietary advice, acupuncture and herbs are effective forms of treatment. Athletic Performance Enhancement Acupuncture for Athletic PerformanceThere is huge potential in this area of acupuncture. When performing at an elite level small internal imbalances may be preventing you from reaching your full potential. I believe acupunctures balancing function can fine tune the body so it is performing at 100%. Testimonials
I was recommended by a friend to go see Monique after unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for a number of years through Fertility Associates. It was the best thing I ever did. What I appreciated most was that someone ‘had a plan’ and all I had to do was go to acupuncture and make some simple adjustments to my lifestyle. I not only achieved a healthy balance, I also gained huge insight into my body. Monique is incredibly sensitive and knowledgeable, and was able to help me manage what was both a trying and extremely stressful situation. I believe acupuncture contributed to my getting pregnant and to my piece of mind during that process. When you see Monique you know that you are being treated by someone you can trust. Mary P Monique is an amazing practitioner. When I got diagnosed with breast cancer Monique set to work. She started a regime of needles and herbs that made me feel like everything possible was being done to ensure I would get through treatment alive and ok. Acupuncture reduced my side effects and ensured I could cope with everything that chemo, radio and herceptin threw my way. I know that without Monique it would have been a far worse experience. I met people who had severe nausea throughout chemo, I think with acupuncture this was greatly reduced. Monique’s expertise and understanding of what was actually happening inside my body was extremely reassuring for me and for those around me. I wish that everyone who gets cancer could have acupuncture. Without it, I would not have coped as well as I did or have continued to heal as I am now. Monique Redmond Monique was recommended to me when I injured my knee last year. Monique’s ability to combine both her acupuncture and physiotherapy skills was amazing. It meant that I was not so reliant on medications that have unpleasant and potentially hazardous side effects if taken for too long or too often. I was really impressed with her professionalism and her ability accurately diagnose and treat the problem and provide me with information to further prevent injury. I would highly recommend her to any of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Margaret Colligan


Diploma in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma in Physiotherapy Post-Graduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy

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