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Kinesiology for Life

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By using muscle testing your body chooses the techniques that will be most beneficial for you,
to assist in achieving your desired success, whether it be with your health or in your personal or professional life.

Contact NameLeanne Harrison
AddressThe Arnica Clinic
29 Silverdale Street
North Island 0932
Mobile0276 694 300
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Kinesiology is an amazing process which is directed by each individuals choices, goals, and beliefs, that can bring about positive changes in their daily lives.

For me the study of Kinesiology was a journey that has changed my life and outlook, the support and help I received from my teachers and fellow students made the experience and the changes easier to follow through with.

I am now really excited about using that knowledge to help facilitate and support my clients through their sessions to bring about their desired outcomes.

I do not treat, diagnose or prescribe but I do have a broad range of Health professionals I can refer you to when needed.

Areas that Kinesiology can help with:
  • Stress - release and manangement
  • Injuries
  • Chronic Pain
  • Diet or Weight problems
  • Children / Teens with learning or behavioural issues
  • Unresolved personal / internal issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Fertility problems
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Lack of motivation / energy

Stress Release Made Easy Workshop

Stress is one of the biggest problems facing people today and learning to manage it could be the first step to taking back control of your health and in helping you to live life to the fullest

This is a great workshop for learning about stress, how your body responds to stress, the warning signs of stress as well as how you can manage the stress in your life. We all have stress in our life, but how we deal with it can make the difference between finding happiness or feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

You will learn easy techniques that you and your family can use to manage stress effectively. There are many different approaches to stress management and ways to find what works best for you and those you care for.

This Workshop covers:
  • Information on stress
  • How the body responds to stress
  • The use of Emotional Stress Release on both yourself and others
  • Muscle Testing
  • Using Affirmations to clear stress
  • Other general stress management techniques
  • Long term stress management
The Aim of this workshop is for you to empower yourself so you can help yourself, family and friends
Be Proactive and manage the stress in your life so the stress no longer manages you!

The Next Workshop
Monday, 25th November
9 am – 2:30pm

The osteopathic Care Centre
350 Hibiscus Coast Highway

Numbers Limited - Book Today!
If you have a group of people interested we can organise a time and place that is suitable for your group.

Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue is getting more and more common as our diet and lifestyle becomes more taxing on our body, depriving us of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals our body needs to support itself. Adrenal Fatigue is not isolated to CEOs or top sports people, shift workers, parents, students, people involved in accidents or a trauma that hasn't been dealt with can also cause Adrenal Fatigue.

Signs and symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue:
  • Difficulty getting up in the morning
  • Fatigue that is continual and not relieved by sleep
  • Cravings for salty foods or salt
  • Lack of energy
  • Increased effort to do everyday tasks
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Decreased ability to handle stress
  • Increased time to recover from illness, injury or trauma
  • Light-headed when standing up quickly
  • Mild Depression
  • Less enjoyment or loss of interest in life in general
  • Increased PMS
  • Symptoms increase if meals are skipped or inadequate.
  • Thoughts are less focused or more fuzzy
  • Memory less accurate
  • Decreased tolerance, find yourself getting irritated easily
  • Decreased productivity
  • Don’t feel awake till 10 am
  • Afternoon low between 3 and 4 pm
  • Feeling better after evening meal

Polarity Healing

This technique is very relaxing, you get to lie back and unwind while the practitioner carries out the treatment. It can take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.

Polarity Healing is a non-invasive technique based on balancing the biochemical electrical currents within and surrounding our body.

The essential energy of living beings is biochemical electrical currents that sustain a vital force required for its continual functioning and growth. It is an imbalance of this vital force and its currents that impedes the rhythm and harmony necessary for physical flow, energy, health and well being.

We have five basic physical senses (sight, taste, smell, touch, hearing) through which we experience life, but it is the underlying currents of energy that give us our vitality.

It is through our thoughts that feelings and actions arise which can affect, either positively or negatively, how we deal with the energies of our inner and outer worlds.

Chakra and Aura Balancing

Chakras are our energy centers, they are like our own built in power stations. Each one interlinks with the others as well as with our meridian energy system and our organs. If one of these energy centers is not functioning correctly the energy imbalance can affect the other chakras as well as our ability to deal with every day life.

We have 7 major Chakras.

The Root Chakra this represents our physical energy and our stability, if this center is blocked you could become withdrawn, avoid physical activity or lack the will power to complete projects.

The Sacral Chakra this relates to the quality of love and facitlitates the giving and receiving of sexual and physical pleasure. if this center is blocked, you may have trouble forming good interpersonal relationships and may not enjoy physical contact with others.

The Solar Plexus This center is associated with being grounded, being connected within yourself, your enviroment and those around you. If this center is blocked you may have trouble controlling your emotions, have a disconnected feeling from those around you and yourself, you feel lonely.

The Heart Chakra This center is often referred to as the love center, it is this center that brings us the love of life and a feeling of connectedness with all life. It relates to compassion and the love of all, unconditional love. If this center is blocked you may see the world as an unfriendly place, you may have difficulty expressing your love or giving out to others without expecting anything in return.

The Throat Chakra This chakra is to do with self-expression and taking responsibility for our own needs and actions. It also relates to our sense of self within society. If this center is blocked you may feel uncomfortable in social or business areas of life and lose self-confidence.

Third Eye Chakra This center relates to creative ideas and vision for the future, as well as how a person views the world. If this Chakra is blocked your creativity may not flow or you may be unable to bring your ideas into reality.

The Crown Chakra This center is related to our ability to integrate all aspects of our being, it is related to our connection with our spiritual part of our being. If this chakra is blocked, we could find ourselves overfocused on the development of spirituality and we could lose our connection with the realities of daily life, or you could lose the interest in spiritual awareness or experience.

Using, colour, symbols, touch, sound, gem stones or aroma oils, we can bring these energy centers back into balance so you are better able to express yourself and interact with others appropriately in both business and personal dealings during the course of your day.

Are you ready to find out more?
If you want to make a change for the better, give me a call or email me to find out more.

    Diploma in Kinesiology
    Post Graduate Certificate Kinesiopractic

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