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Jason Charles Jackson
AHarmony in hand Clinic
9 Cotswold Lane
Mt Wellington
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Registered BCST .Anxiety management , Trauma resolution. Remember your original potential for Health! Physically, Emotionally . A Great start for Babies, and support for Mums and Family's. 20 years in the field of gentle safe healing.. .

Lets talk about the Vagus Nerve 
and the healing of with gentle safe touch with Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy.

Many Therapies over the years have concentrated on treating the Central nervous system.
Unfortunately the Central nervous system [Sympathetic nervous system]. Does not explain many symptoms and their cause and how our bodys and minds remember an event or trauma Emotionaly.

Over the last few years there has been an increase in the understanding of our nervous systems and with a greater agknewledgement of how it works and why it remembers. 
One of the biggest advances in the understanding around many of our illnesses and symptoms, is our understanding of the VAGUS NERVE. Within each of us.

VAGUS comes from the Latin “Vague” also from “Vagrant” .Meaning, Goes everywhere and it does go every where in your 
chest , throat and gut and pelvic areas.There is also thinking that it may go beyond not only physically but energetically as well. 

The VAGUS NERVEs [being two of them] does not come out of your spine! but out of the base of your scull.Go down in front of your spine.

The VAGUS NERVE is our Parasympathetic nervous system.
It goes to our Heart ,Lungs,Digestive system,Our reproductive system. Very important systems for our over all health.

Think of sayings like"Heart felt", or "trust your gut". Just breath!
An embodiment and gentle balancing of our Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems brings about more health. This is a natural process the body and mind wants to do.

The VAGUS NERVEs is a big part of how we make sense of the world around us. Our social engagement. Our feeling of safety. 
Our VAGUS NERVEs can be affected at any stage of our lives.

Social Anxiety
Stiff neck and shoulders
Gut and digestive problems discomfort
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Head aches
Panic attacks
Heart discomfort
Reduced immune System
Chronic pain
Unresolved Grief
In ability to Bond
Sleep problems
Lack of empathy
Feelings of being unsafe
Even some lower back discomfort.
These are just a few.


Being Bullied , At home or work and school
Physical and sexual abuse. Personal are witnessed
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Physical and emotional trauma, Concussions 
Divorce , separations,Loss, Grieving

Birthing Process
Social trauma
Child neglect. 
Biodynamic Craniosacral is gentle, empathetic and none judgmental about how and why.
Being Gentle and empathetic is how we reconnect with our Vagus nerves and heal. Enjoy a more enriched life. For all ages.
It is everyones right to feel safe in our life.
Be safe 

Are you looking for a natural therapy that your body can remember its potential and its original life force? . To heal yourself Gently. How you heal is how you grow yourselves! ' As a boy I had growing pains. A car accident . Growing 30cms in one year. Developing scoliosis of the spine.Learning difficulty's. . I can remember being pushed, pulled and manipulated. Felt good for a few days.No processing of the trauma.I did not feel safe.. Being in a car accident just before I grow. My body was unable to grow to Its full potential. The consequence of this trauma.The forces held within my body.These patterns can start from birth patterning. Laughing now as I am still gently growing. A happier state of balance.. More comfortable in my self. I have found this therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral to have made an amassing profound positive change to life. Helping me to release these traumas gently. To be more self regulating, sleep better. Be more in the present with my children and family and friends and the world around me. I have been hearing simpler story's from my clients and students for almost 20 years. Hopefully for many more years to come because,the profound changes for my Clients still amasses me! This is my story.

I would like to here your story!

Listening and creating safety are the greatest skills a Biodynamic craniosaral therapist has . Listening to your health.Your potential. With no agenda or judgment .When there is a feeling of being safe and you feel heard . Healing happens..Safety means happier life, less pain !. Being blessed with being a tutor with Body Intelligence training and Teaching this therapy around the world . I have seen Biodynamic Craniosacral grow with the changing world . Strengthening how we cope emotionally, physically and spiritually with life's challengers . Using the memory's of our past as a resource not as a curse. Old memory's of trauma are not always the best guild as our reactions to every day life maybe extreme. This is called. Flight ,Fight or Freeze. Our need to service! As reactions can change for the better.. Biodynamic craniosacral is gentle,It allow for more self healing self awareness and the ability to be more relaxed.

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Please call or email, You and your family can benefit. Babies $60, over 16s living at home. $70 and over 18s $80 Greenhill health center, 253 Pakuranga rd, Pakuranga Ph 09 578 2230, 021 526 277 Email,

Advanced Diploma BSCT, Diploma BSCT, Diploma CT, Diploma in Therapeutic and sports massage NZQA.

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