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Conscious Living enables you to change your reality so that you are more fulfilled, happier, and more prosperous.

Take charge now and choose to manifest the reality that you want.

Contact NameDebbie Rowberry
Address610 Monument Road
North Island 2110
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About Us

Debbie Rowberry is a Therapist and Conscious Living Consultant based in Auckland, New Zealand. She has a vast knowledge within the Personal Development and Inner Knowledge fields, having practiced mindfulness and Meditation for over 30 years. With a background in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotion Regulation Therapy, and as an Intuitive Energy Worker, Debbie combines Eastern and Western philosophies in her delivery of life changing programmes. As a Conscious Living Consultant, Debbie is artfully able to channel and teach Clients the principles of Co Creation through Conscious Living.


In every moment of every day you have the choice of being buffeted around in life like a person in a sail boat with no control... or take charge of your boat and sail into calmer waters. Learn how to take charge of your life.

When you are Consciously Living you...

    💜Expand your Heart Space to bring peace and contentment into your life. 💜 Apply the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation to manifest the life you deserve. 💜 Resolve conflict and generate harmonious relationships. 💜Uncover your Life Purpose and actively engage in steps towards realising your Life Purpose. 💜 Let go of old patterns that have limited you from becoming your fullest potential.

Conscious Living Workshops

Learn the Art of Conscious Living in a small group, facilitated programme. There are two programmes available. The first is an introduction to Conscious Living. Held weekly, these 2 hour classes provide a platform of knowledge to help you on your way to freedom from non productive Emotions and Limiting Beliefs. From a platform of new found neutralness you will learn how to manifest the life that YOU desire. The second programme is aimed at realising a project. The two hourly weekly classes focus on activating Universal Laws and releasing any blocks that may be restricting you from bringing your project to fruition. The small group setting is powerful for collective intent and builds strong and lasting friendships of like minded people.

Conscious Living Consultancy

This Client specific programme is designed around the needs of the Client. Whether a specific project is being worked on, or simply you would like to explore your fullest potential..this programme will provide life changing insights and expand your ability to manifest your desired life. The Conscious Living Coaching Programme provides clients with in-depth training on how to engage in the Co Creation of Life, in order to find fulfilment and prosperity. This programme is also available by Skype.

Intuitive Led Emotion Rebalance Sessions

Being an Intuitive Energy Worker who works with Angels, Debbie facilitates a unique healing modality which neutralises a clients Emotion Imbalance. The origination point of the Emotion Imbalance may have arisen from this life time, however can also pancake layer through Genetic, Past Life or other Dimension influences. Clearing the Emotion Energy from the Cells, Memory and Aura provides a healing platform where the psyche can regain a neutral and harmonious State of Being.

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