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Quality Counselling, Professional Supervision, Innovative Health and Safety Seminar Presentation……….NEIL PEDLEY & Associates Assisting you with SKILLS, TOOLS & STRATEGIES to Meet Challenges and Manage Change

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Contact NameNeil Pedley
AddressLower Level
41 Plunket Street
North Island 4500
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Welcome to Neil Pedley & Associates: Whanganui Counselling & Much More...............Providing VIDEO LINK - TELEPHONE & FACE to FACE COUNSELLING and PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISON.

Passion and Quality: Delivering quality solutions including confidential counselling, CBT therapy, tools and strategies. Presenting workplace Health and Safety seminars and interventions. Empowering you with SKILLS, TOOLS and STRATEGIES to meet challenges and manage change. Promoting CLARITY, HONESTY and INTEGRITY through self-understanding and awareness………Something to be proud of.

Location: Based in WHANGANUI at Sodor House on Durie Hill. Neil presents seminars nationally while providing Counselling Services, Assessments and Professional Supervision in WANGANUI with regular clinics in PALMERSTON NORTH and HAWERA. [Including the Taihape and Ohakune regions.]

Your Professional Counselling Service: Anger Management, Relationships, Anxiety, CBT Teen Support, Grief & Loss, Separation, Rehabilitation, Crisis, Couples and Marriage Guidance, Stress, Depression, Managing Change, Ageing, Self Esteem, Bullying, Sexuality, Abuse & Violence, Selfcare, Disability & Injury, Critical Incident De-briefing, Workplace Issues and conflict resolution, EAP, Health & Safety Seminars and Professional Supervision. You will receive: Respect, Quality time, Effective strategies and Follow up support. To discuss your first step, ask questions or to make an appointment.

Ph 06 3482201 or 0220 102858.

Email: [email protected] or use the "Make an Appointment" link above.

Seminar Topics Include: WORK LIFE BALANCE……..Staying healthy, being effective BULLYING AWARENESS……..A solution to workplace bullying TEAM AWARENESS……..Skills for working together CONFLICT RESOLUTION……..Skills and strategies BASIC COUNSELLING SKILLS……..How to provide safe support COPING IN TIMES OF CHANGE……..A positive way forward TAKING ADVANTAGE OF STRESS……..Less stress more enjoyment MANAGING CHALLENGING BEHAVIOR……..How to be firm, fair and helpful DRUGS AND ALCOHOL IN THE WORK PLACE……..Managing risk, keeping your job A PROACTIVE AND AFFORDABLE WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SOLUTION: Neil & The Associates have developed and co-present Workplace interactive seminars nationally. Acclaimed as "INTERACTIVE, STIMULATING & ENJOYABLE." These seminars are awakening new awareness. Presented in fast moving one hour "LUNCH & LEARN" or in-depth “ENQUIRY" formats these seminars are a cost effective risk management solution for employers.

Counselling Offers You: Opportunity to talk confidentially, be heard with respect and feel safe without judgement. You are encouraged to tell the counsellor what you want to achieve. If you are not sure that’s OK too. Each Counselling session usually lasts fifty minutes to an hour. You will be supported to talk about what is important to you. The counsellor may suggest “tools” to assist you gain new clarity and self-understanding. You decide how often you meet with the counsellor. You decide how long between appointments.

Counselling Qualifications Include:

  • Post Grad Degree, Special Needs/Counselling, Massey 1992
  • Post Grad studies Theology, Philosophy and Ethics, Auckland University, Consortium 1999-2001
  • Adv Dip Tch
  • Professional Supervision Post Grad STN
  • Higher Dip Tch
  • Dip Tch
  • B’Ed eqv

Professional Affiliations: Registered Counsellor, New Zealand Association of Counsellors [MNZAC 0773] Registered Special Needs Advisor, New Zealand Education Council.

The Associates: The Associates are a collaboration of highly skilled NZAC and NZASW registered Lead Practitioners from four Lower North Island cities. To maintain the highest quality service to you Neil Pedley and the Associates pool resources for peer supervision, seminar design and presentation, professional development and strategy innovation. NEW PLYMOUTH ASSOCIATE: Mary Harker's practice is based in New Plymouth and includes Counselling, Professional Supervision and Spiritual Direction. Mary has extensive professional experience including Regional Counsellor for the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, School Guidance Counsellor and many years in private practice. Mary has post graduate qualifications in Counselling and Spiritual Direction and is a registered member of the New Zealand Association of Counselllors. Mary has a thriving private practice receiving referrals from community agencies, medical practices and directly from the public, Phone 06 7579763 or 0220789756.

Specialist Modalities and Key Service delivery:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, CBT. Refer to explanations below,” What is CBT.”
  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, REBT
  • Mindfulness, MiCBT. Refer to explanations below, “What is MiCBT”
  • Reality Therapy
  • Co Counselling strategies
  • Individual one on one counselling including; Crisis, Grief, Abuse, Anger, Depression
  • Rehabilitation, personal injury and age related life style coaching
  • Individual Education Plans [IEP] & Individual Development Plans [IDP]
  • Mediation and Conciliation
  • Family and couples Reconciliation Counselling
  • EAP Employee Assistance

Professional Supervision: Often referred to as Professional Debriefing or Professional Collaboration. Neil provides Both Pastoral and Clinical Supervision. The emphasis is on sustained wellness and personal-professional Tools and Strategies using a collaborative approach to assist professionals in challenging roles. Described as "insightful and aware" Neil’s depth of leadership and professional experience provides a solid platform from which to assist Therapists, CEO's, Medical Professionals, Managers, Education Professionals and others.  An increasingly wide range of high achievers are using professional Supervision to maintain professional best practice and work-life balance. Neil's career includes MoE Behaviour Team Leader, School Principal, SES Advisor, Executive Manager [NZNMM], Senior Counselling Practitioner [RNZFB], blue water sailor and VSA volunteer. Neil has been a Professional Supervisor and MNZAC registered Counsellor since 1991. You can expect the highest standard of astute Professional Supervision........ "I was referred to Neil by a colleague. I continue to choose Neil for my professional supervisor because he has a unique blend of one to one people skills matched with vast practical work experience. Neil patiently listens and just in the right way draws from his change management experience to nudge me when I need it. I keep coming back. Thanks." CEO

Neil is a skilled Counsellor with experience in New Zealand and overseas including:

  • Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind Regional Lead Counsellor & Social Worker
  • Advisor & Behavior InterventionTeam Leader with the Ministry of Education Specialist Education Services
  • Fonterra Capital Projects contracted onsite psychological service provider and critical incident intervention
  • Volunteer Service Aboard [VSA] Educator in the Solomon Islands
  • ACC contracted counsellor
  • Child Protection Intervention Team Rural Services
  • Falkland Island Government rural educator
  • Refugee Counsellor House of Bethany Auckland
  • Profound disability counselling service provider at Laura Fergusson Trust Upper Hutt
  • Manager Ministry of Education attached unit for Intellectual and Physical Disabilities
  • Christchurch earth quake Initial Response counselling team member
  • Executive Education Manager LEOTC extension programs Auckland
  • WINZ Family Break Down assessor
  • School Counsellor

Payment & Fees: A range of payment options are available with the aim of making counselling available to everyone. Options are discussed as part of the initial consultation. WINZ funding may be available for some clients. Please ask for the “Assistance [ALL0014]” brochure. Fees: Individual Counselling $128 including GST, Couples Counselling $138 including GST, Professional Supervision $140 + GST,  Sessions are 50 to 60 minutes. Other Specialist Clinical Services including: Employer EAP Support, Critical Incident, Onsite Industry Support, Case Review, Trauma Intervention and Reports are charged as per carded rates or by negotiation. We are employer funded EAP providers and vendors for many referrers, some government departments and crown enterprises. You are welcome to self referral.  Please feel welcome to telephone or email if you have any questions regarding our rates, self referrals or employer funded EAP counselling referrals. Telephone numbers and email enquiry links are above at the top of this page.

* Administration and other fees may apply for urgent agency referrals and referrals requiring peer review, professional supervision, case specific research and development or referrals that require specific health and safety provisions, also agency or third party referrals with unique reporting, recording or follow-up requirements.

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: One of several modalities used by NEIL PEDLEY & Associates to assist clients. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapeutic approach: CBT aims to solve problems concerning dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and cognitions through a goal-oriented, systematic procedure in the present. The title is used in diverse ways to designate behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, and to refer to therapy based upon a combination of basic behavioral and cognitive research.

CBT: CBT is based on the scientifically supported assumption that most emotional and behavioural reactions are learned. Therefore, the goal of therapy is to help clients unlearn their unwanted reactions and to learn a new way of reacting. Therefore, CBT has nothing to do with "just talking". People can "just talk" with anyone. The educational emphasis of CBT has an additional benefit -- it leads to long term results. When people understand how and why they are doing well, they know what to do to continue doing well.

What is Mindfulness Therapy, MiCBT: A complimentary Modality: Mindfulness is a learned state of active, open attention on the present. When you're mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and awakening to experience Mindfulness.

Your Professional Counsellor: You will receive Respect, Quality time, Effective strategies and Follow up support. Call now for an initial discussion or to make an appointment. Phone 06 348 2201 or 0220 102858.

Critical Incident Rapid Response Our Fully self-contained Mobile Clinic enables rapid Critical Incident response to your location in a manner that adds capacity to your worksite or incident location during times of Critical Incidents and crisis. The Mobile Clinic is fully resourced including self-contained water, lighting, central heating, UHF and VHF radio communication and chemical toilet. The clinic has its own independent power supply. At short notice the mobile clinic with counsellor can rapidly be onsite and fully functioning adding to your onsite resources. The Mobile Clinic can be staffed on a rotating twenty four hour basis with initial response qualified counsellors. The Mobile Clinic is towed by a diesel four wheel drive and can access most sites where reasonable four wheel drive access is available.

Teen Activity-Therapy Counselling We provide specialised counselling programs especially designed for individual teenage youth. The concept is simple. The counsellor and teenaged participate in shared physical activities while the counsellor engages the teenager in counselling dialogue. While simple in concept it takes considerable skill to introduce the therapy in the correct manner and at the appropriate time. Planned outcomes for the teenagers include:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Learning cognitive tools and strategies for better self-management of personal issues
  • Introduction to confidence building activities including, canoeing, mountain biking, boating and fishing, the café scene and hiking.

This is an individualised program and is time consuming and expensive to provide however the outcomes have proven to be worth the investment. We encourage parents to seek funding assistance from community agencies. The initial program is for twenty hours which includes:

  • Administration and Planning
  • Outdoor activities
  • Therapy
  • Reporting

This program includes five three hour Activity-Therapy sessions. The fee is $1,990 plus GST. Mountain bike, canoe, back pack, boat and road transport are provided and included in this price. Payment of the full fee is required prior to the first Activity-Therapy session. An initial selection-assessment with the counsellor is the first step. This is an opportunity for the teenager to meet the counsellor. This session is approximately one hour. The counsellor assesses the teenager’s suitability, identifies appropriate activities and seeks a commitment from the Teenager that they are willing to engage with the Activity-Therapy program. The fee for the Initial Selection-Assessment is $140 plus GST. During the Selection-Assessment the teenager will be asked if they feel able to commit to participate in the whole Therapy-Activity program and the counsellor will advise if they recommend the Activity-Therapy for the Teenager.

Neil Pedley & Associates: Effecting Change


Organisational Change Management: Change management at its effective best. Bringing people and structure together. Complimenting Neil's skill as a counsellor is his change management experience. Neil is an accomplished industrial change management consultant. Neil develops Organisational Pathways that link the capacity of staff with the aims and objectives of management.

Skill Set: Neil Pedley & Associates bring national and international experience, academic knowledge, interpersonal competence and expert practitioner skills including: Enquiry Program Analysis, Network and collaborative design facilitation, Analytical Work Flow and Sequencing Analysis, psychological interpersonal change management strategies, crisis intervention, project scoping, proposal development, design innovation best practice referencing, project supervision, implementation coaching and mentoring. Neil enables. He has proven ability to work with Governance alongside managers and staff.

Appreciative Enquiry: Neil works with you to confirm what is working well. Neil uses an Appreciative Enquiry modality to identify and build existing strengths and capacity into pathways for constructive and innovative change. Appreciative enquiry ensures that the change process retains valued staff, systems and processes as the foundation for innovation.

Documents: Pathway documents created by Neil Pedley & Associates promote simplicity; provide organisations with clarity and insight. Pathway documents allow you to remain focused long after initial implementaton. Pathway documents are a structured framework providing focus for existing staff and clear structure for the induction of new staff.

Projects Include:

  • Development and implementation of the Exclusive Brethren Taranaki Campus Learning Support Pathway.
  • Redesign of the Whakapakari Youth Justice Residential Program: Chaired by the Rev Terry Dibble and funded by the Ministry of Social Development.
  • Redevelopment of the New Zealand National Maritime Museum’s LEOTC program and financial reporting requirements for Ministry of Education funding.
  • Staff conflict resolution and needs analysis Ministry of Innovation and Employment.
  • Development and national presentation of interactive Workplace seminars for organizations including the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind, Baker Hughes, Victim Support.
  • Design & delivery of Behaviour Management Modules Palmerston North College of Education.

Effecting Change: Neil has empowered many organisations and businesses with expertly designed and researched pathways for constructive change achieving innovation and productivity.

Associates: Neil collaborates with skilled independent professionals to ensure you achieve and sustain high quality best practice outcomes.

Publications: Pedley, N & Crook, C (1992) Managing & Effecting Change. New Zealand: Kanuka Grove Ltd. Pedley, N (2001) Stress and Environment Management. New Zealand. Kanuka Grove Ltd PNTC.

Corporate / Business Testimonials: "Neil developed a Pathway document that was brilliantly functional and exciting to implement. Neil is perceptive, logical and very professional. We were doing great work with lots of our clients but struggling to identify and meet the needs of others. Neil spent time getting to know our staff and our business. Neil asked the hard questions and listened to the answers. Neil has the skills to be astute, direct and honest while collaborating and gaining the trust and respect of our management team and staff. The pathway framework document that Neil produced is impressive in its clarity and simplicity. Our funders have congratulated us on this initiative." Trust Board Chairman.

"In the joint work that we have been engaged upon, I have been impressed with the way Neil operates on a very practical level, dealing with what is achievable, proceeding from thorough data gathering and observation to setting realistic goals………………… is always good to know that there is someone of Neil’s calibre active in an area which I also work in." Senior Psychologist

"Thanks Neil, for a great job done, for being such a great professional, team player and support person. Neil has done a huge job in getting the Challenging Behaviour Module together and I have enjoyed presenting this with him on several occasions now. There is no doubt in my mind that Neil is very capable……….." RNZFB Team Leader

"The Whakaparkari Trust had been operating successfully for twenty six years when Child Youth and Family gave notice funding was being withdrawn. At this point I took over as Chairman of the Trust. Neil was contracted to explore options and develop a new program proposal. Eighteen months later Child Youth and Family offered the Trust a new multi million dollar funding contract based on Neil’s proposal document. Neil took our tried and proven program, added principles of today’s best practice along with astute innovation. Neil presented a seamless woe to go document that was stunning in its simplicity and clarity. Neil is a pleasure to work with his professionalism outstanding." Rev. T. Dibble. Trust Board Chairman

Personal Client Testimonials: "Today I take my hat off to you and I mean that, I was in a hell of a place at one point there and I used to pretend that all was good and somehow it was all going to miraculously change, you helped teach me to get a life and get a hair cut and get a real job and I have!!! There was a bit of ugliness to work through I must say and we have got through it and grown the stronger for it……" P.T Private Client

"Neil is definitely the most gifted man in the CFSW/COU team. His skills and knowledge exceed everyone else’s and he is often called on for support, information…..or just his wisdom. This is a man we want to keep for all his qualities…….which do include his consistent work with children, families and adults registered with the RNZFB." G.V. National Counselling Team Practice Advisor

"This will make you laugh, I remember one day we were chatting in the meeting room at LFT and I was sitting in the Lazyboy and my body was so wrecked with pain and I remember you saying to me, bodies are meant to be moved and it was like a light went on in my brain and I said to myself, how could I have not realized that, and I haven’t stopped since, every opportunity I get, I am out of my chair and moving. It is my dream and I have taken charge of it, thanks to you." Private Client

Professional Supervision: "I really appreciate you helping me support Anna with the challenges of such a complex case." RNZFB National Manager

Professional Supervision: "I was referred to Neil by a colleague. I continue to choose Neil for my professional supervisor because he has a unique blend of one to one people skills matched with vast practical work experience. Neil patiently listens and just in the right way draws from his change management experience to nudge me when I need it. I keep coming back. Thanks." CEO

Guarantee: Neil Pedley and Associates are registered professionals practicing to strict Codes of Ethics including NZAC, NZTRB and NZASW.

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Children’s Health, Counselling, Life Coaching, Mens Health, NLP, Psychotherapy, Thought Field Therapy, Time Line Therapy, Weight Loss, Womens Health

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