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Acuharmony; Nutrition and Acupuncture

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Kathryn Loh
NZ Registered Dietitian, BSc Human Nutrition, Post Dip Diet, Post Dip Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Reiki

Contact NameKathryn Loh
Address465 New North Road
North Island 1021
Phone09 3773796
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weight issues, digestive issues, fertility, hormone imbalance, energy levels, fatigue, stress, insomnia, pain, woman's health, headache, injury

Traditional Chinese acupuncture combines beautifully with nutrition therapy as a safe, drug free avenue for relief from life disturbing ailments and symptoms such as pain, digestive, reproductive, musculo-skeletal and hormonal imbalances. Traditional Chinese medicine is a holistic model which treats the entire person, not just the disease. In this way it deals to the root (ben) of the problem and not just the symptoms (biao). Let Kathryn help you find your path back to health and wellbeing.

about kathryn

Kathryn is a registered dietitian and traditional Chinese acupuncturist, who is available for traditional Chinese acupuncture, dietetic consultation or both. Her goal and passion is to help people achieve good health and wellbeing as naturally and drug free as possible.

After graduating from Otago University to become a Registered Dietitian, Kathryn worked as the Community Dietitian for Hawkes Bay DHB in the areas of malnutrition, oncology, gastroenterology, enteral feeding and child and adult obesity.

She later moved to Auckland to specialise in the treatment of eating disorders in a non-for profit private eating disorders clinic. During this time she trained in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture under Dr Joan Campbell, an accomplished Acupuncturist and Medical Doctor.

The combination of nutrition therapy and acupuncture has many indications, particularly in the area of gastroenterology, with conditions such as IBS, constipation, bloating, diarrhoea, as well as reproductive health such as menstrual pain or infertility, hormonal balance and weight issues. Through nutrition and/or acupuncture Kathryn's holistic approach aims to treat the cause of illness not just the symptoms. Kathryn is committed to working with you to get to the bottom of your health concern in a thorough, safe, respectful and professional environment.

about acupuncture

Acupuncture is a branch of Chinese medicine that has been used and tested for thousands of years, and continues to be validated today. Acupuncture is based on a channel system analogous to rivers on a landscape or blood vessels in our body, which act to nourish and maintain health through the movement of Qi (energy or life force).

Hair thin needles or pressure is used on acupuncture points along these channels to nourish and/or expel Xie Qi (pathogenic Qi), which rebalances your body and reduces negative health symptoms. Although these concepts are very foreign to western society, acupuncture has been found to be affective in the treatment of a huge variety of illnesses, and can be safely used as a drug free option (great in pregnancy), or alongside conventional medicine.

about needling

Kathryn uses single use needles only, and follows evidence based hygiene practices. Needling does not hurt as you might imagine. Some people feel a prick as the needle touches the skin, and others do not feel anything. Once the needle is through the skin and into an acupuncture point the sensation can vary from a calming sensation, a feeling of pressure down a channel, an ache or tingling, or nothing at all. Most people find needling a pleasant and calming experience.

about side effects

Unlike medications, acupuncture does not produce any long-term side effects. Often you will feel relaxed and sleepy, especially if you are not used to acupuncture. What is often considered an adverse reaction is in Chinese medicine a good sign that blockages have been freed up. For example you may have an exaggerated condition for a few days, or feel slightly nauseous or dizzy at the time of needling. These symptoms will not last long and indicate that the treatment is having a positive effect. To reduce the likelihood of feeling unwell during needling it is recommended to eat a good meal half an hour before arriving.

about the clinic

Kathryn will be available to see from the 13 Feb 2012 at the Herbal Health Centre herbal dispensary in Kingsland. This clinic is shared by a multi disciplinary team of GP, naturopaths, physiotherapists, dietitians, acupuncturists and homeopaths. Please contact Kathryn directly for more information about appointment times. - The Herbal Health Centre 465 New North Road Kingsland

about price

Prices are for Traditional Chinese acupuncture OR Dietetic consultation.
Initial assessment and treatment (up to 2 hours) - $130
Following treatments (up to 45 minutes) - $60

(please note prices are subject to change)

like to know more?

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NZRD, BSc Human Nutrition, Post Dip Diet, Post Dip Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Reiki

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