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Start the journey to rebalancing yourself - mind, body, living

Contact NameVanessa Greenwood
Address200 West Coast Road
Glen Eden
North Island 6014
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About us

Our passion, our focus

Life Balance

Whatever is going on in your life our classes are designed to give you tools that you can use to provide you with energy, strength, mental, physical and emotional support. Life is full of obstacles and challenges, our main purpose is to help you balance and enjoy your life with better health. Yoga practice is a great health barometer and encourages you to have a balanced lifestyle and is a positive way forward to achieving this.

Women’s Health

Woman are most often busy and have many facets to their life. At Iyoga we really care about the health and emotional state of our female students. A healthy endocrine system plays a vital role to endure these phases, from menstruation to pregnancy and menopause. We cater for women through all her cycles and teach how asana’s can support the endocrine system. Due to hormones and other factors, women are particularly susceptible to osteoarthritis and coronary disease. At Iyoga we understand women’s health issues and have the knowledge to teach you how to prevent these conditions. Just taking time out to breathe as part of a supportive yoga practice is vitally important for women.


Our teachers are trained in remedial yoga where postural alignment plays a huge role. At Iyoga we use props and equipment to successfully rehabilitate and prevent injury while slowing down the ageing process. Through yoga asana (yoga postures) an infinite range of movement is explored to strengthen weak areas, extend tight muscles and increase blood circulation reducing inflammation and pain. This system will speed recovery from injury and provide you with the tools to perform at peak condition. Reducing stress levels by learning how to regulate breath, will have a direct effect on all systems of the body. It is proven that our breathing has an effect on our chemical balances and gut health which in turn effects mental health. Creating a more supple body through regular practice and instruction by our qualified teachers will alleviate many of these persistent and common issues.

Our classes

IYOGA Classes

Come and feel the positive effects of yoga. Strength, flexibility, focus for mind and body to create change.

Yoga is a process.

Every student is encouraged to do the best they can while being aware of how they feel mentally and physically.

The aim at Iyoga is to teach you the Iyengar style of yoga, bringing more awareness to body alignment, a better sense of balance and strength, and a focused, calmer mind. When we are present for ourselves, and others, life becomes more meaningful, holistic and integrated.

Iyoga studio classes are a maximum of 20 students.

Iyengar Yoga

What is Iyengar Yoga?

Iyengar yoga is a method based on hatha yoga emphasising precision and alignment with the assistance of props to achieve perfection in all the asanas (poses).

Founded by Yogacharya B.K.S Iyengar (1918 – 2014), the Iyengar teaching method brings awareness to the detail in each asana to create correct alignment throughout the body. This method not only deepens your practice but gives you more direction. Through the use of a few simple props such as blocks, straps, benches and bolsters; students with different capabilities can gradually build strength, confidence and flexibility without the threat of strain or injury.

More information can be found at

Introduction to Yoga

Yoga (Sanskrit for union) originated in India thousands of years ago as a system of personal development uniting body, mind and spirit. Ancient Yogis developed a method of balancing the three forces of action, emotion and intelligence that they understood as man’s true identity, or soul, which work together with the mind and physical body. This unique method combines all the movements needed for physical health, breathing and meditation that ensure peace of mind.

Yoga in your life

Yoga is a powerful tool to create flexibility, strength and balance in the body. Yoga is also known to give a natural high and boost your zest for life, increase your ability to overcome mental obstacles, help you release physical or mental discomforts by lessening their attachment over you, transform lower energy modes into higher ones, create balance and inner peace in your life.

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga will improve your body awareness so you can address areas that have been neglected over time. Understanding your physical imbalances will help you restore stressed, over and underworked muscles. Postural alignment takes focus and commitment, yet everyone always benefits from it. Iyengar yoga teaches you to move your body in an intelligent manner, using awareness and simple props. Regain your energy to heal both mentally and physically.

Other notable benefits from regular yoga practice are:

  • weight loss
  • improved body tone
  • skin glow
  • healthy digestion
  • stronger immunity
  • better sleep
  • longevity

Retreats and Workshops

Take a step out of your everyday to focus on better living with us - mind, body and soul.

If you ever feel like getting away from the day-to-day routine of your life, we can help you with that. Not only do we offer retreat and workshop classes that will centre you in stillness while strengthening your body, but we also offer retreats and workshops that will take you even deeper into yourself, relax and recognise your needs. It’s the perfect opportunity to focus inwards and forget about everyday decisions. 
Iyoga’s Founder, Vanessa Greenwood has over 20 years of experience as an Iyengar Practitioner and shares her passion and skills to make you feel like a better you.

1 Day Workshop - Piha

This workshop will focus on how to release muscular holding patterns, working from the foundation up. Great for tight hips, shoulders and neck.

Date: September 7th 2019

Location: Barnet Hall, 2 N Piha Rd, Piha

Package: Includes nourishing plant-based lunch by Paheko Living Foods to support the transformational work taking place. 

Bali Retreat 2019

IYOGA retreat time for pure relaxation. Beautiful Bali, yoga bliss, amazing food, culture and time out for you!Join our small group to experience a  true health package that will reboot the system back into health and happiness. IYOGA Bali Retreat is just around the corner, 5 weeks away!

Dates: July 7th – 12th 2019

Location: Hotel Komune Resort and Beach Club, BaliSet in a natural luxury hotel on the lush and unspoilt East Coast of Bali, it is blessed with a hypnotising view of the world famous pristine volcanic Keramas surf break and beach. 

Package: Includes 5 nights accommodation, 2 x yoga classes a day with additional meditation and breathing techniques in the morning. Yummy breakfast, lunch and dinners, 2 x massages, time out by the pool.

Some yoga experience needed.

Option to share a room to make it more affordable. 

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