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Advanced Counselling Therapies

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Providing Counselling, Psychotherapy, Relationship Counselling, Mindfullness, The Journey, or Art Therapy for children.

Contact NameDeryl Judith Rollinson
Address6 Homestead Road
North Island 0230
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We are deeply passionate about making a difference to the psychological, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects of your life by offering an empathic, ethical and professional service. Our vision is heartfelt to support you to release all that is limiting, empowering you with fresh insight to live in a free light heart. Are you in a struggle?

  • Are you getting caught up in life’s dramas?
  • Do you argue, fight, criticize, complain or feel frustrated?
  • Are you scared, alone, isolated, lost or feel empty?
  • Are you experiencing a frustrating cyclic effect?
  • Do you long for more peace, serenity, happiness, and joy?
  • Do you want to find a way to be at peace in your relationships, with yourself and others?

You are not alone

  • We offer a safe, confidential and neutral space, offering an empathic ear to delve into your confusions, anxieties, fears, hurts, limitations or experiences.
  • Your session offers you the space to be heard and seen for your own individual hopes and needs.
  • Delve deeper into you, empowering yourself in a totally natural and powerfully organic way.
  • Discover healing and hope for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


60 mins - $130

Couple Counselling - $190

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Advanced Counselling Therapies supplies counselling and psychotherapy services to Individuals, Couples, Youth / Teens and Children. Individuals One on one counselling offers you the opportunity to explore your process and personal difficulties in a confidential, neutral and caring space.

  • Perhaps you doubt that your issue is important enough?
  • Have you been managing your troubles all by yourself?
  • Perhaps there is something limiting in your way such as: low self-esteem, depression, phobias, romantic dissatisfaction, anxiety and stress, job dissatisfaction, drug or alcohol temptations, or past/current trauma or abuse.

Whatever obstacle, counselling and psychotherapy can help empower you to take back control of your life. Find out more >> Couple Counselling Relationship or Couple Counselling offers you practical tools and skills based on a simple and safe framework that empowers you to reconnect at a deeper level and rekindle those bonds that originally attracted you to each other. If you don't like the path your relationship is taking, it's time to change the cycle. If your wish is to be open, safe and free in your communications, then this co-creative structured approach will support and facilitate empowering healing change. Find out more >> Youth / Teens Youth who are experiencing social, emotional and/or relationship difficulties benefit from Youth Counselling. Counsellors believe that all children and youth need a connection to family or other positive role models to help them mature. This link is vital in order to provide guidance, direction and nurturing. Supporting youth will in turn lead to healthy relationships and mature adults. Their specific needs and concerns are different and support means including measures to deal with these differences. Would you like to see transformation in your teenager or young person in core areas such as self-confidence, communication skills, focus, vitality and emotional wellbeing? Find out more >> Children (over 5yrs) Advanced Counselling is deeply transformational for children! Simple techniques honour and facilitate access to suppressed feelings reaching your child creatively developing emotional intelligence. Stories, sand and art therapy along with focused counselling practice allow your child to blossom naturally into the fullness of their own heart. Find out more >>

The Journey

The Journey is a new, powerfully transformational technique accessing deep cellular healing addressing the root cause of symptoms. Scientific medical research suggests our thoughts, words and emotions influence our cells, our molecules, even our DNA in the body. World renowned author Brandon Bayes pioneered The Journey based on her own transformational healing of a large tumour. The Journey activates cell release, unlocking cell receptors and facilitating optimum emotional health. The Journey is based on a new paradigm of inner healing. Act now and create a new reality with a deeply transformational change from the inside out. Find out more >>

Anger Management

The human emotion of anger is completely normal and healthy, until it gets out of control and turns destructive. Anger then has the power to make you feel as though you're at the mercy of an unpredictable and powerful force or emotion. To suppress anger means the emotion is turned inwards being compressed into the body. This is a silently dangerous anger as over time, suppressed anger builds up like a pressure cooker waiting for a hair trigger, which releases stored anger spontaneously and without measure. The question really is "How to manage angry feelings - and at the same time get your needs met without hurting others?" When you are not in control of your anger, someone or something is going to get hurt. Anger is a great force. If you control it, it can be transmuted into a power which can move the whole world. Find out more >>

About Deryl Rollinson

Dip HEc TTC SMITAA NZITAA SAMNZAC J® Practitioner I truly love the empowering process of walking alongside “another” in support of realising their own hopes and dreams. What makes me different? I have over 10 years of intensive training which I am passionate and enriched by. Counselling, Psychotherapy and Mindfullness (therapeutic) as the core guides of my practise, as do Imago Principles guide Relationship Counselling and The Journey work tools underpin some of my work which effect long term benefit and change. I use a mixture of different theoretical orientations depending on the client, the situation and the client’s desire for change. I’ve had the opportunity to work with five year olds, youth, couples, right through to the elderly presenting a wide range of issues. I‘ve worked with anxiety disorders, grief and loss, drug and alcohol abuse, adjustment disorders, phobias and with communication conflicts. Read more >>

To pick up the phone is a first step and takes courage. We encourage you right now to invest in yourself, your wellbeing and your future.

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