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Gain Momentum Limited

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Gain Momentum offers group fitness classes and 1:1 Personal Training.

AddressFreemasons Building
Holloway Street
North Island
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Personal Training with Linda Whether you are training for an event, have weight to lose, are recovering from injury or surgery, or simply want to find a better level of fitness that suits your lifestyle, you need a personalised plan! Using a range of techniques, including the Total Gym Gravity™ system, we can achieve better health, sounder sleep, robust immune systems and a lean toned body, no matter what your age or stage. Brain Injury If you or someone in your family has suffered from a brain injury, Linda can help. That injury may be a stroke (or series of strokes), a tumour, or the injury may be the result of an accident. If you have lost memory, co-ordination, some motor skill control, or simply your sense of independence, help has arrived! Contact Gain Momentum and Linda will come and assess your situation and discuss your options. Remedies for kids’ development Dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADD can be overcome by using simple movement therapy. We create a custom-built programme to reorganize thinking, balance the brain (and therefore body) and unlock your child’s full potential. Using perceptual motor skills, patterning, Pilates and a range of other techniques, your child can find learning easier. Suddenly the playground, classroom and sports field are lots more fun, and most importantly, your child will build confidence.

Group Fitness Classes BASICS CLASS – Ideal for those new to group fitness, or not sure how to safely incorporate an existing injury into a workout or exercise plan. A beginners level workout, this 45 minutes class will gently work all major muscle groups, and teach you the fundamental principles of how to achieve an A Grade result with a C Grade effort! Basic relaxation techniques feature in the last 5 minutes of class. PURE PILATES – This 45 minute class is aimed at those with a little experience. An intermediate level intensity, this Pilates only class (as the name suggests) will fast track your health and fitness goals, raise your metabolism, correct your posture, balance your body and promote a fantastic night’s sleep. Relaxation takes care of the last 5 minutes of this 45 minute class. BODY SCULPTING – Pre-choreographed to music, this is a blend of Pilates, yoga, callanetics and Tai Chi with some good old fashioned grunt thrown in. This class will create sweat, an elevated heart rate, and carve out a lean and toned body. Body Sculpting is an advanced level class, with some experience of the Basics or Pure Pilates class highly recommended. MEN ONLY – This class is no chat; just work. Ideal for newbies or experienced fitness freaks, this class focusses on harnessing that upper body strength, creating rock hard core muscles (safely), and easing the soreness that comes with lower back pain, and lack of flexibility everywhere, especially hamstrings and butts. 45 minute class. ANTENATAL CLASS – It doesn’t matter how pregnant or experienced with yoga or Pilates you are, this is a safe and educational class for all expectant Mums. Our instructor Laura is an independent mid-wife and highly experienced group fitness instructor. The body is gently stretched, strengthened and there is great focus on the lower back and abdominals (especially the pelvic floor), but the whole body feel like it’s had a massage by the time the relaxation is complete at the end of the 50 minutes. PILATES WITH BABIES – This class is for parents of any baby (pre-crawlers only please) Using the baby as a counterweight, you and your little one will spend this 30 minute class repairing the abdominal wall (especially the pelvic floor), strengthening the upper and lower back, and getting symmetry back into the body. There is 5 minutes brain development work for the baby, and 5 minutes relaxation and soothing techniques for you both at the end. This class IS RELEVANT for new Dad’s too: you will both love it. Bring a towel for your baby to lie on. PILATES FOR KIDS – If your child would like help with balance, co-ordination and self-soothing (relaxation) skills, then Pilates is for them. Of course Pilates will also stretch and strengthen their body and give more power to all their other sports and hobbies. Years 3-8 is best. Classes start during week 2 of any school term and run for 7 weeks. PUSHCHAIR PILATES – This 50 minute session with Lynsey Parkes begins in Memorial Square (outside the studio), and ends in the same place. Your walk will include stretches, some brisk pace for those who want it, slower pace for those who need it, some instructor led exercises in Carrington Park, loads of laughs, time to chat as you go, fun for the children (of any age) and unwanted calories scattered everywhere!! Any level of fitness is catered for. AGING GRACEFULLY – Designed for those in retirement, rehabilitation, or who have been away from exercise for a long period, this 45 minute class specialises in mobility, balance, great posture and a pain-free active life. Our movements have no impact and focus on maintaining full body function, and an independent life. YOGA – One class for beginners, and others more intense, this flowing type of yoga focuses on length, strength, balance and opening joints and will take you through a full range of motion.The session includes instruction on Sun Salutations, gentle forward and back bending, standing poses, balancing and twisting. You will learn how to use your breath to balance and support your effort while remaining calm and quiet. The session ends with a few minutes of quiet relaxation.

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