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Yoga 4 You

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Yoga 4 you has been running for some 10 years most recently by Jacqui Pounder who was brought in as part of the yoga team and to this day has a good following of yoga students. With a background in dance, yoga and nutrition, part of which is Ayurvedic, the journey begins to form. She is also a World Organic skin care consultant which is a Natural skin care range with no parabins, sulphites...good enough to eat!

All the Teachers have a wide knowledge with Yoga Diplomas and UK based knowledge /training makes for a good integrated style of yoga keeping the ancient form and knowledge as a base.This is evident with the constant flow of student a testimonial to the growth of the classes and student knowledge..

We care about the students and aim to accommodate all.

AddressSt Heliers/Eastern Bays
North Island
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Welcome to Yoga 4 You

The classes include yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation. Progress through the term at your own level in a relaxed atmosphere.

Yoga Eastern Bays Thursday 6.30pm With Jacqui 3 classes for $33. Hatha flow and breathe awareness. Begin your year with a conscious flow. 100 St Heliers Bay Road . Also WORLD Organics. Skin Care... how is your skin? Needs support? I can help PM me today!

Yoga Nidra, Friday 18th December 563 Pakuranga Road Pakuranga Howich Leisure Center Last restorative practise for this year Give your self the Gift of yoga You deserve it Bookings advised 0211510424 View the website for more information Click here to view our website for more information

Private individual and small group tuition available

In just ten weeks, feel the difference Learn from a qualified yoga instructor. All Welcome. Tone flex and stretch mind and body. Join the journey for life. Great results in just a few weeks. Contact Jacqui - 0211510424 Nutrition Consultations: Weight Loss/Energy. High Cholesterol/Digestive And More Contact Jacqui Howick/Botany area

  • It's a restorative practise working with been centred; manage your life through yoga using body, mind, awareness, postures, breath and yoga nidra (relaxation)
  • Using skills to take with you through busy times we come across
  • Take the time for you
  • Indulge in a quiet passive practise
  • Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised Registration is preferred to obtain your space Contact Jacqui - 0211510424

Click here to view our current timetable

Calendula Turmeric Chamomile Lavender first ingredient is Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) Organic Supercritical Extract* This herb is one of the most well-known and versatile in herbal medicine and is held in high esteem for its skincare properties. It helps to nourish the skin, softening and soothing irritations and is generally used to treat either sensitive, or dry skin. It can aid in healing wounds, inflamed skin, and most minor skin problems and is antiseptic, antifungal, and antibacterial. Calendula extracts in skincare have been shown to improve resistance against environmental, chemical or mechanical irritations, repair cellular damage by stimulating granulation, reduce inflammation and help create a smooth surface. Recent investigations also clearly demonstrate that Calendula Supercritical Extracts - as used by World Organic - produces a higher-grade extract with increased topical anti-inflammatory activity in comparison with hydro-alcohol extracts of the same raw material. Tumeric and Calendula make a great combo for any skin irritations,rash $42 pm jacqui or email for yours..No Nasties..

Our Classes

Beginner Level Suitable for those with some fitness. The class will help the student become aware of their body bringing about flexibility and one can slowly progress at their own level. Please advice any injuries. General Level Reasonable fitness required as one will quickly progress to a deeper level. For best results we encourage one to practise yoga 2-3x per week.. This class introduces breath awareness and may include relaxation (The best part). Yoga for Pregnancy: (Antenatal) -- ON HOLD AT THE MOMENT Begin these gentle classes from your sixteenth week of pregnancy to full term. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness and experience. We practice Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises), and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). Yoga provides a gentle, safe and supportive health care programme for both mother and baby during pregnancy, delivery and after birth. Feel free to contact Nadine for more information regarding these informative classes to benefit you and your baby. About Yoga 4 You

Yoga 4 You was a vision started by Wendy Kerr who grew up with the concept of yoga, she is still an integral part of Yoga 4 You but is currently unable to take classes. Jacqui Pounder was brought in some three years ago as part of the team and has a background in dance along with many years yoga experience involving the varied styles yoga brings. Jacqui is also currently advising people on all aspects of food and lifestyle in Lifesense Health shop in Botany Town Center and also provides online mentoring and private consultations on any area of ones life and needs to do with nutrition. The classes have grown from there, we now have four active teachers running seven classes a week. A combined knowledge and experience has been brought into the centre as is evident with a constant flow of students, a testimonial to the growth is not only to the centre but to the students as well. Yoga is a journey for life, one we wish to share with our students. We are committed to showing the many benefits that yoga has to offer every one of us. About Jacqui

Practising Yoga for many years and now has 6 years yoga teaching experience. Jacqui has a special interest in nutrition and Ayurveda. "I'm currently an ambassador for World Organic skin care I got into it to promote organic/Natural ingredients. After having a skin cancer myself I was scared to use much at all. All cancers today are partial due to lifestyle what we eat, our environmental surroundings and more. Do you know the body absorbs 5 lb of chemicals in one year Scary stuff... So my idea is do the best you can the rest is up to genetics, circumstances, etc Educate ourselves. Share with others, your mums, sisters, daughters. Read ingredient lists, learn what's good and what's not... how many products have petroleum jelly on them? The Chemical maze hand book is a handy item to start with. This month I'm sharing a Wonderful organic baby range Xmas gift , New mum , start her off Baby sunscreen SPF 30 Shampoo /body wash ,non dying, gentle. Baby /mum balm, for dryness cradle cap,cracked nipples soo ...soothing, Nappy rash cream, with natural anti inflammatory properties. Treat someone one you love with a gift of well being. Start today, who can you share this with This month Invest in the set for $144 and receive a men's organic moisturiser free. Treat the man as well; educate him. Thank you for reading this feel free to chat through email! Pass the word, Namaste, Jacqui" Qualifications

  • Trained in Nutrition at Wellpark Collage
  • Yoga Diploma
  • 2014 training with Donna Farhy
  • Yin yang Workshop


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