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Contact NameCedric Sunier
Address42 York Street , Solway
North Island 5810
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Welcome to Wairarapa Holistic Looking for a shift in your life? You are in the right place! Wairarapa Holistic is a place to experience holistic and healing massages / bodywork and other methods in a supporting environment. Providing an alchemical combination of modalities allowing you to let go more than just physical tensions. On the path of wellbeing you will find a wide range of holistic modalities to help you restore and balance your health. My healing toolbox is made of: • Holistic massage, emotional release and healing massages. • Deep tissue massage. • Romiromi. • Reflexology: feet, face and inside the nose (endonasal reflexology). • MIL-Therapy: Magnetic Infrared Laser Therapy. • Aromatherapy: use of essential oils at chemical (French school of aromatherapy) and energy (osmotherapy and work on the aura) levels. • Flower essences: Bach remedies and First Light Flower Essences of NZ. • Energy work and crystal healing/lithotherapy. • Sound therapy: tuning forks. • Meditation. Pricing Monthly special offer: 45 minutes - $40 Every month I am offering a specific and different offer to allow you to discover a modality or a combination with a particular purpose. Short session: 30 minutes - $50 You are in a hurry but still want a massage? That is the perfect option for you as well if you want me to focus on a particular area of your body, such as neck, back, head, belly, legs or feet. Standard massage: 1hr -$90 This session will address a specific physical issue that you have or simply be for maintenance or relaxation. Holistic, emotional release massage and healing sessions: 1hr30 - $130 (or longer on demand only, price to be discussed). During your session, I will ask you the reason/s for your visit, have a quick chat then choose with you the most appropriate combination of modalities to use. Finally, I will give you a feedback. Flower essences consultation: 45 minutes - $75 (bottle treatment included) During this consultation, we will have a talk to find the adequate flower essences to address your situation. Then I will prepare the blend and you will be able to start your treatment the same day. Laser treatment: 30 minutes - from $20 to $40 A session can last between 20 to 40 minutes. It could be a single treatment or a series of sessions (between 5 to 12). The price for the treatment/s will be discussed before we start. Gift vouchers: 1hr - $90 Looking for a special gift to treat someone? Choose the standard massage gift voucher for a special occasion like a birthday, St Valentine's day, mother's day, father's day and Christmas. My way to work Supporting the needs of your holistic body (at a physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual level) at the present time of your consultation is my first priority. Using the osmotherapy (giving a body answer by smelling specific essential oils and not an answer from your mind or ego) to quickly assess where you are balanced (where your body can receive immediate support), where you are imbalanced (waiting that your body is stronger and ready to receive support) and where you are balanced. Then I will synthesise these results with the information you verbally gave me and offer you different options, combinations of efficient modalities that would suit you. Eventually, you will choose what seems the most appropriate for you. The second step is learning to be more aware, consciously of yourself and to attune with your body. The key is to enter in a slow motion or inner silent state allowing you to listen deeper where you are imbalanced. Then you can move forward, shift and start with new and fresh points of view or reference systems. In other words you are redefining yourself with the potential to express who you are in a positive manner. Listening to you carefully is also a very important part during my sessions as words have an amazing healing power and allow me to connect with you deeply. My approach is a living approach, it is a celebration of life evolving with me, with my own research and with their applications in my private life. In Buddhism, life is an impermanent state, it is the same for me, I cannot imagine that my practice is fixed or stuck in a system, which will mean "death" or cul-de-sac! I like to start from the physical aspect, my hands being usually the first element to create a bond of trust with you (using different kind of massage and bodywork like reflexology, nurturing and healing touch or romiromi), then moving to the psycho-emotional and spiritual levels adding for instance flower essences, essential oils and crystals for instance. Through a holistic approach I try to find the roots of any kind of issues and to offer the possibility to go ahead, to balance or to maintain a satisfying state of wellbeing! The great plus of holistic medicine is to seek for a whole understanding of a person, at his/her physical, psycho-emotional and spiritual levels and in his/her environment. It also involves to work at the physical level (body) as well energy level (aura, chakras, meridien, nadis, etc.). This duality is also true for the modalities I am using. E.g. I can use plants at their chemical level as well at their energy level for instance. About Me Hello, Kia Ora, my name is Cédric, a Holistic Practitioner passionate about life and all of its aspects. Originally from Switzerland, I have been working since 1993 in the health industry. I am looking to offer a better quality of life to all the people who come to my consultations. I am a never ending seeker that loves to improve myself for the most efficient practice and beneficial relationship with people I meet on my path. Nature is my teacher, an incredible resource of creativity and a source of a balanced lifestyle. It's where I find my medicine and solutions, whilst remaining open to technology that is used in a wise way. I enjoy working in harmony with nature, in a traditional approach, as well as, utilizing the progress of Western science. When I was living in Europe I have been very thankful to learn with Daniel Bobin (France), a man with an incredible expertise and learnt the following: • the MIL-Therapy (Magnetic Infrared Laser Therapy) • the naturopathy and reflexology of feet, face and inside the nose (endonasal sympathicotherapy) Then I met Christian Holenweg (Switzerland) who runs his own laboratory of flower essences and energy remedies. He taught me in a pragmatic and shamanic way the Bach Flower essences. To continue, my good Star put on my path Martin Henglein (Germany) a true human encyclopedia who taught me the essential oils from aromatherapy to osmotherapy. Living in Aotearoa, New Zealand, thanks to Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber I have been able to: • continue my research about shamanism and alchemy • be introduced to the world of Maori shamanism • Integrate the First Light NZ Native Flower essences, an amazing treasure offered by the NZ flora into my Holistic Practice • and to bring more balance within myself Then I learned with Peggy Dawson (Auckland) the Nurturing Touch, a light touch which is a beautiful modality for comforting the Elderly, people in end of life, people living challenging transitions and sometimes with children too. Between 2014 and 2017, I have completed a certain number of workshops in Rotorua area with Wikitoria Oman about the Ancient Maori Healing called Romiromi which is based on deep tissue and bones pressures with a spiritual appraoch. It has been amazing to discover that my Holistic manner is very similar in its essence to the old Traditional Maori Healing ways. After that, I was still feeling I was missing something, it was sounds. In 2016 I started to learn and work with the tuning forks system elaborated by American David Hulse. A very amazing way that allows me to be more comprehensive during my treatment. In 2019 I have started to add suffumigation to create specific energies in my room and that works well with subtle energy work. It can complement meditation and crystal healing for instance. Testimonials (from my FB page Wairarapa Holistic) “Cedric's expertise with the tuning forks, essential oils, body work and native plant essences has been life changing for me. He intuitively knows what is needed, is extremely knowledgeable and very accepting. I have experienced profound and life changing balancing of my body, emotions and energy. I think we all need his expertise whether we are going through difficult times, have health or emotional issues, wish to move forward with life or anything in between. Highly recommend.” “Cedric, thank you for an amazing experience! I learnt a lot about myself in just one session and I have never felt so relaxed. Your huge knowledge is obvious in the way you practice. The massage was the best I’ve had and I’m already looking forward to my next appointment and my journey with you. Thank you!” “Synchronicity lead me to book in with Cedric for my first healing session with him. It surpassed my expectations, I came home with such enthusiasm it lead my partner to book in with him the following day. Following this Cedric offered a follow up consultation where he generously shared more insights and at home practices for us to explore, together and individually. I have so much gratitude for the jewels of light, from so many directions Cedric has to share. For me it’s like a magical experience and I feel I am rekindling a relationship with something beautiful. I highly recommend Cedric to anyone open to the world of wonder, seeking healing, enlightenment and wanting to feel safe the company of a caring kind soul, who gently reminds you at each visit the healing power of laughter 😊~ Thank you Cedric”

Heilpraktiker - Alternative Health Practitioner (Diploma, Germany)

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