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Deep relaxation is the key to helping the body restore and rejuvenate.

By making relaxation a part of your everyday life you are taking a positive step towards preventative healthcare.

Contact NameCathy Whitmore
Address30 Beachvale Drive
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About Cath


My name is Cathy Hamilton and I have always had an interest in natural medicine for my own health and that of my family. I stumbled upon Reflexology while attending short interest courses at The College of Natural Medicine in Christchurch and was amazed by how relaxed yet energised I felt after a treatment. After doing some research into the principle behind reflexology (that it has been used by most cultures for many thousands of years), I decided to study a two-year diploma, qualifying in 2010. I love learning and over the last few years have completed many post-graduate courses. My qualifications include:

  • Diploma of Reflexology and Relaxation Massage – Canterbury College of Natural Medicine
  • Facial Reflexology I and II – Lone Sorensen
  • Japanese Cosmo Facelifting – Lone Sorensen
  • Hormonal Dysfunction workshop – Lone Sorensen
  • Chi Reflexology workshop – Moss Arnold
  • Pregnancy loss and Infertility workshop – Lyndall Mollart
  • CranioSacral Therapy I & II – Upledger Institute
  • Reflexology for the treatment of pain – Mauricio Kruchik
  • Analysing personality patterns through the feet – Mauricio Kruchik

My Intention

with every session is to facilitate a person’s own physical and emotional healing through various hands on relaxation treatments: Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Indian Head massage or Craniosacral therapy. I know that all of these treatments provide deep relaxation and when I have helped each client select their most suitable treatment, they are often surprised just how relaxing the treatment is, even falling asleep during the session. The result is the body has been given the best chance to self heal and awaken with a renewed sense of energy and well being.

Gift Vouchers for Reflexology $70

Order a Gift Voucher by phone and receive by email or pick up available for any Reflexology option.

Foot & Hand Reflexology

Reflexology: Treat your feet, face or hands and your body will love you for it! Reflexology is based on the principal that points on the feet, hands and ears correspond to specific organs and areas of the body. By stimulating these reflexes, the body’s natural healing processes allow the person to achieve physical and emotional wellbeing through deep relaxation. Reflexology helps the body to release tension, eliminate toxins and is a natural, relaxing and pleasant way to wellbeing that can benefit anyone, of any age. Reflexology treatments assist the body to restore vitality to your entire being. The more you relax, the more this can happen. Reflexology does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure a disorder. Treat yourself to a relaxing foot massage to enjoy a sense of calm, peace and balance.

Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology works on points on the face which relate to areas and systems of the body to release tension and energy to allow the body to return to its natural balance and to promote healing. It differs from foot reflexology by covering several different body maps, rooted in different cultures as diverse as South American tribes and Vietnamese medicine. Facial reflexology was developed over a number of years by Lone Sorensen, a Danish reflexologist and acupuncturist. It is particularly effective as the points on the face are directly related to the central nervous system so positive results come quickly. A typical treatment lasts for 30 to 40 minutes with the client lying on a massage table fully clothed, while the face and scalp are worked on. It is a very relaxing and gentle treatment with clients often falling asleep then awakening with renewed energy.

CranioSacral Therapy

This very gentle, hands-on therapy evaluates and enhances the functioning of a body system called the craniosacral system. Using a very soft touch, restrictions in the craniosacral system are released to improve the functioning of the central nervous system and complements the body's natural healing processes. CranioSacral Therapy is increasingly being used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance, and can be effective for a wide range of pain and dysfunction issues.

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