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Firefly Energy Healing - Kathryn Nevell

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Energy healing releases blocks and activates the body's healing reponse.

Contact NameKathryn Nevell
South Island 9013
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How energy healing can help you. Energy work assists healing on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual, whatever is needed. Whether you are suffering from a physical illness or injury, pain, stress or exhaustion, energy healing can uncover the root causes of dis-ease as well as alleivate symptoms.

Blocks to wellness are removed so that the healing process may begin.

Blocks in the energy body (chakras) can occur in a number of ways - messages and labels about ourselves that we receive from others, trauma, just getting through life can be tough and will affect your energy body.

If blocks are severe or left too long, they will cause physical illness or mental distress.

Energy healing is gentle and non-invasive, yet can have powerful and lasting effects on your wellbeing.

As it is applied through clothing, and with barely any physical touch, it is also ideal for those who need bodywork but dislike strong physical contact.


What techniques are used? I am attuned to both Reiki and Rahanni. Rahanni is a newer modality to the energy healing system, and will be used unless Reiki is specifically indicated.

Both techniques work on all aspects of the human being, and involve only very light, or no, physical touching.

Both use energy from the Universe via a channel (the therapist) into another living thing.

While that might sound a bit cosmic, it actually requires the therapist to be completely grounded, in order to be a clear and effective channel.

Before you come to me for a session, I will have created sacred space for the healing to proceed.

Your higher self has already guided you to come for a session, and it will continue to support you throughout the healing.

If I receive intuitive information about the way forward for you, I will communicate that at the end of the session.

Often, I will also know of very simple and practical techniques that you can weave into your life, to continue on the wellness path.




My experience teaching yoga turned my interest to the body's energetic system, and how the health of a chakra can affect the health of the body-mind. This lead to me being attuned to Reiki in 2014.

I have been working in the energy healing field for about four years and recently completed a 9-month immersion with Dunedin teacher, Loveday Why. This resulted in my attunement to the Rahanni energy.

As I meditate, and give myself healings regularly, I am able to maintain the focus required to give others a deep and restorative treatment.





If you are interested in energy healing, but have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, or visit my website by clicking on the link in Contact Information at the top of the page.

Rahanni (level one) Reiki (third deg) Yoga and meditation teacher

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