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Kathryn uses reiki to activate and energise the body's healing reponse.

Contact NameKathryn Nevell
South Island
Mobile022 455 1500
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How reiki can help you. Reiki is a healing technique where the reiki practitioner lightly places their hands on 12 positions on a person's body, and this is done through clothing. Reiki assists healing on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual, whatever is needed. It can balance and activate energy throughout your whole system, or it can hone in on problem areas. Reiki works in the field of a seamless flow of energy which is easily transferred from one living thing to another. As a third degree reiki practitioner, Kathryn's own energetic system has been attuned to enable the direct application of reiki energy into your body, activating and energising the body's healing response.
What is reiki energy? While we feel like individuals, separate from our surroundings and other people and things, that is not strictly true. Yes, we have our own identities and stories, but on a "building blocks" level, we are made of the same thing - atoms, energy and consciousness. On the most fundamental, essential level of what is, we are the Universe. When Kathryn applies reiki energy, it is merely one part of the Universe connecting to another. It is when we are in this state, that reiki really flows.
About Kathryn Nevell Reiki practitioner (3rd deg), Lotus College, Dunedin Yoga teacher My name is Kathryn Nevell and I am a third degree reiki practitioner. Reiki has served me so well, in my physical, mental and spiritual health and has really accelerated healing, and personal growth. As I meditate and give myself reiki regularly, I am able to maintain the focus required to give others a deep and restorative reiki treatment. I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves on all levels. Infact, the deeper you go to heal emotionally, the better your overall physical wellbeing will be. Our health system is the place to go in an emergency, for surgery, and so on, but for recuperation, ongoing health and wellbeing, it really is up to us to maintain our health. Reiki is a fantastic, non-invasive, technique for health on all levels.
If you are interested in reiki, but have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, or visit my website by clicking on the link in Contact Information at the top of the page.

3rd degree Reiki Yoga teacher Training in Rahanni

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