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Phoenix Hypnotherapy

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Helping people to realise their full potential and improve their quality of life using Hypnotherapy. Great for anxiety or PTSD sufferers. Virtual Gastric Band, Fertility and many more issues that may be holding you back. Facilitate energy clearing, enabling life to become easier and more joyful by running the Access Bars®

Contact NameCarolyn Heffernan
AddressTe Awamutu
North Island 3800
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Location: 1533 Kihikihi Road, Te Awamutu 3800 Facilities: Off road parking Hours: Monday, Thursday & Sundays I provide both Hypnotherapy and Access Conscousness Bars® modalities. What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is, very simply, appropriate therapy or suggestions given to you while you are experiencing the state of hypnosis. Positive suggestions in themselves can have a very therapeutic effect on the mind and body, for self-improvement and/or the release of problems. What does Hypnosis feel like? Since Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, clients are often surprised to learn that they hear what is said to them. It may feel like you are having a little daydream or simply relaxing in a favourite chair. Usually the overall effect is one of great relaxation. Why Hypnotherapy? Some people have tried willpower or have tried other therapies but have not achieved what they wanted. The subconscious is where habits and the way you deal with things originates so this is where the changes need to occur. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool/therapy that impacts on the subconscious so it really comes into its own. It has been acknowledged by the British and American Medical Associations as a valid therapy. How many sessions would I need? We will discuss your goal and then I'll be able to make a judgement dependent on what you want to achieve. People respond differently and that will be factored in once apparent in the first session. The first session is usually longer than an hour as a lot of fact finding needs to be done so that I fully understand your goal. Other sessions are usually an hour. What is Hypnotherapy good for? Hypnotherapy can help with: Insomnia Enhanced motivation Increased confidence Stop smoking Weight management Management of stress Relaxation Overcoming addiction Sexual dysfunction Anger management Health and Medical: Asthma Stress and stress disorders Childbirth and fertility Pain management Dentistry Cancer Chemotherapy Phantom limb pain Healing IBS Injury/surgery recovery Sport: Improve skills and concentration Performance fear or blocks Fears and Phobias: Public speaking Spiders, insects, snakes Flying, heights, elevators Agoraphobia, claustrophobia Habits: Nail biting Bed wetting Hair pulling Thumb sucking This list is not exhaustive much more can be achieved using hypnotherapy. What is Access Consciousness® Bars? A body process which involves touching 32 points on the head. This clears all the limitations you have about certain areas of your life. At worst it will feel like you have had a great massage and in the best case scenario, your whole life will change. I found that everything started to come to me more easily and life became effortless. I no longer had to try so hard to achieve my goals and I felt more open to the limitless possibilities available to me now that I was able to be receptive and to receive. For anyone that is feeling that their life is a rut or in need of a change in the way their life is heading. Helps with healing the body and mind. Leads to dynamic change. What does having your Bars run feel like? You lie fully clothed on your back on a massage table, there are points on the head and feet that are activated by holding or touching them gently, some for a few minutes and others longer. You feel warm and relaxed and the process usually takes 90 minutes.

BBM Diploma: Clinical Hypnotherapy Access Consciousness(R) Bars Practitioner

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