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U.B.U Self-discovery - Personal Development Coach

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Discover the Authentic YOU! My mission is to assist you in making the changes to become the person you envision yourself being.

Contact NameAngela Bethell
North Island 3373
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      "If things don't change, they stay the same"


Many of us go through life, experiencing ups and downs as if we are riding on an emotional roller-coaster from one day to the next. Then other times, we feel as though we are stuck on a merry-go-round, repeating the same cycle, repeating the same behavioural patterns, that have become a habit over the years.

We let fear and self-doubt control our actions and inactions. We stay safe in our comfort zones, even though we struggle with a strong desire to change into a person we know we have the ability to be.

It is through experiencing depression and frustration with being unhappy with the person that I was - and desperately wanting to make the changes to become a better person - that had me seeking out all I could find on Personal Development.

I have spent over six years, learning and putting into action, the tools that enabled me to look deep within myself, and find the person that had always been there, but over the years had gotten lost beneath outside influences.

It was delving into my own journey of self-discovery, and my interest in understanding - why we are the way we are, and why we do the things we do - that my life purpose - being a Personal Development Coach - became crystal clear to me.

I am passionate about helping others become more self-aware of who they are as their authentic self so that they can live a happy and fulfilled life.


As your self-discovery Personal Development coach, I will reintroduce you to an amazing person, YOU!


  • The confident YOU
  • The strong YOU 
  • The happy YOU
  • The brave YOU
  • The achiever YOU
  • The fearless YOU
  • The calm, serene YOU
  • The excited about life YOU
  • The YOU who experiences inner peace on a daily basis 


My coaching is based on assisting you to develop your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness.

To help you discover your inner strengths and talents.

To give you the tools so you can discover your life purpose.

To help you understand the different ways you may be holding yourself back from achieving your goals. Self-doubt, self-sabotage, fear, procrastination, and limiting self-beliefs, are just a few of the reasons that block us from moving towards our ideal life.


I offer 1:1 sessions and Skype sessions

Each session is 1 hour long

$120 per hour


If you are ready to make the changes required to become the person you envision yourself being, then visit my website: or contact me to discuss in more detail, about how I can help you reach your full potential.


Live from your heart,



Certified Abundance Life Coach, Certified Breakthrough Life Coach, Over 45 years of life experience

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