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I qualified as a counselling psychologist 35 years ago, however my personal development and experience over the years means that my work is now more accurately described  by the title HEART AND MIND COACH.

Contact NameAthena Hemming
Address63 Waiwhetu Road
North Island 5011



Here are a couple of recent testimonials.

"Things have been going great, my routines a still a bit off to say the least but my mentality is way better about things in my life. 
I have been taking breaks when need be but so far I spend most of my week at uni happily being myself ......
I must thank you for helping me understand what it was that was kicking me around.
However if things do get too much once more, I know who to go to :)"

"Hi Athena thank you for the fantastic help you have given to our daughter. It is nice took see our little girl starting to reappear again......and Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. "

By calling my company Heart and Mind I am saying that my goal is to bring more love and more consciousness into living!

I find that no matter where I start the journey with you as a client, if we keep working together, the results are similar. Put very simply, you will discover how to feel happier! I would like to say you will feel happier but you are in charge of that, not me.

One aspect of this is learning more about yourself, understanding what makes you who you are, what bits can be changed and how easy that is. By becoming more aware of your feelings and where they are rooted in your life and past you can manage them better. In understanding the connection between beliefs, attitudes, feelings and behaviour you become freer to be the person you really are, or want to be with more energy to love life. You can ensure your thoughts, feelings, health and life’s purpose are all lined up and working together.  

There are a variety of ways I work to increase awareness and understanding, including presenting new ideas and looking underneath the surface reactions. Every session for me is an act of creativity. Although it’s scary I often don’t have a plan; with a client’s permission I let my intuition guide us ‘off piste’, into uncharted territory and come face to face with the unexpected! Sometimes it can feel profound, sometimes simple. It is intriguing and interesting and, surprisingly enough, often results in a huge sense of relief. Together we become intrepid explorers into the aspects of your wonderful-big-self that are presently unnoticed, locked up, hidden out of view or misunderstood . If you have a “but what about….” (fear), I say “Good”, you are aware of it. Now let’s bring more love and consciousness to everything.

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