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Looking for a path to sustainable health?

YOU Unlimited is all about YOU!

Helping you discover things you can do to improve your health and happiness.

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Welcome to You Unlimited

Rose Riley is a registered Clinical Nurtitionist and Integrative Health Practitioner based in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty.
Individualised approach to nutrition for your optimal cell function, digestion and absorption of nutrients, elimination of toxins, genetic variations, your microbiome, the link between your gut and brain, and how all these things interact to affect your everyday wellbeing.
Don’t just treat symptoms, get to the cause of your discomfort and avoid the never-ending merry-go-round of new or repeated symptoms.

About YOU Unlimited

At YOU Unlimited I have a flexible and interactive consultation relationship. We can meet in person or by video in the comfort of your own place. With my practice better App. we can keep connected with easy communication and facility to share information.

Being healthy is about many things; your genes and your microbiome and how they’re influenced by your diet, exercise and lifestyle patterns. It is also about our connection with ourselves, each other, our world, and how these influence our choices towards wellbeing. Personally I’ve needed to look at all these things to regain health after suffering with fibromyalgia and the numerous symptoms that go with it. I couldn’t walk far; I couldn’t grate a carrot, strum a guitar or carry the groceries, my voice was even affected. Thankfully this didn’t last long as the steps I took restored my health so I can live a fulfilled life and enjoy each day.

Professionally I am a qualified Registered Clinical Nutritionist plus I have a science degree in psychology.  I’ve done numerous further studies, including Advanced Translational Nutrigenomics (which means I can help you understand your genes, and how to support yourself towards optimal health).

At YOU Unlimited, I can offer holistic health assessment, tailored nutritional and lifestyle advice, plus a therapeutic supplementary plan where appropriate. If more information is needed, functional testing is very helpful so you can learn more about what’s going on for you.

I can help you with…
Optimising general Health
Personalised Nutrition
Increasing Energy
Microbiome Health
Digestive Health
Restorative Sleep
Mood support; depression, anxiety, anger
Working with your genes for greater health
Harmonised Hormones
Healthy Immunity
Effective Detoxification
Stress Management

Most of all I offer a personal approach to support you.

If this sounds good to you, I’d like to help you on the next part of your health journey.

He waka eke noa – We’re all in this together


Book for an initial consultation and health plan

I offer a comprehensive holistic health assessment, reviewing your symptoms, body systems, and your health history. Seemingly unrelated signs can be keys to addressing the underlying causes of your health challenges.  Your diet and lifestyle, and your environment (past and present), all impact whether you thrive or just survive each day!

Your personalised health plan will provide you with achievable steps towards your health goals. We’ll discuss options and I’ll provide a nutrition and lifestyle plan that will work towards the outcomes you’re looking for.

As a client you can enjoy the benefits of the YOU Unlimited App. Access your health plan anywhere, anytime with your personal client login to You Unlimited’s online service. Enjoy the benefits of direct messaging; readily available information and your personal health plan at your fingertips.
You will also have the option of an accountability journal, and provision to share relevant health records.

Consultations online or in person at Mount Maunganui, Tauranga.
Any Functional Health Testing, Treatments and Supplementation incur separate costs.


Knowing your gene profile can give you keys for optimal health. The focus isn’t on diseases you may have a potential to develop, rather I focus on supporting your natural healthy body systems and your innate defence processes.

Genetic testing for health focuses on foundational cellular processes that ensure your wellbeing including; Detoxification, Inflammation, Fat Metabolism, Vitamin D absorption, Methylation, Cell Defence, CardioVascular Health. This field of science is very progressive and we’re learning more all the time. Ensuring optimal function of these processes will help you enjoy sustainable health.

Every individual has a number of genetic variations called SNPs that influence their health and wellbeing. Your combination of DNA and it’s SNPs provide the production list of proteins made for your body to function. The fascinating thing is that it’s the choices you make and the things your cells are surrounded by that direct the balance of how your SNPs work (or don’t) towards your health. Learning your individual combination of variations can help inform you for better choices towards sustainable health.


Modern functional health testing can tell you so much about what’s going on in your body. The variety of tests we can choose from will give specific information for different body functions including gut function, hormone interactions, toxicity, neurotransmitter levels, and nutritional status. There are also wonderful tests that will give you insight into the world of your microbiome. Understanding your microbiome is quite possibly the key to sustainable health.

When chronic, persistent symptoms are getting you down or hindering your life, functional testing can put a spot light on the underlying causes, and give you a strategic way forward.

Consultations online or in person at Mount Maunganui or Tauranga.

Any Functional Health Testing, Treatments and Supplementation incur separate costs.


Habits are the repetitive things you do daily, hourly, or by the minute that form your life. Habits are the actions you take that make your life the experience you are having. They may be little or mundane, but habits can change your world!

For all enquiries contact us today!

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