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Stephanie Wright

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I specialize in Tibetan Medicine, Acupuncture, Dry needling, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Tibetan massage and Tibetan Dur Bon Kum Nye.

Contact NameStephanie Wright
AddressRuby Bay
South Island
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Stephanie Wright
(B. App. Sci. Chiropractic)

Stephanie Wright graduated from Phillip Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Australia (now affiliated with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in 1987. After 5 years of working in Australia Stephanie moved to the UK and began practising in London.

Following her interest in acupuncture Stephanie started studying Tibetan Medicine in 1992. She has also undertaken various dry needling and western acupuncture courses.

Stephanie uses a range of techniques including diversified, extremity adjustments and soft tissue techniques.

Stephanie is currently a member of the United Chiropractic Association ( UCA) and registered with the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) in the UK. She is also a member of Cosmetic Acupuncture UK.

Facial Acupuncture

Facial Enhance Cosmetic Acupuncture derives from Oriental Acupuncture systems that have been in use for centuries. Once the domain of the Courts and Elite of Asia to promote longevity and rejuvenation, Cosmetic Acupuncture is now finding a niche in modern times.

Kum Nye

Kum Nye is a morning exercise designed for strength, endurance and focus. Clear focus opens your awareness and allows you to overcome your obstacles. Strength improves inner health and vitality while endurance increases your energy levels. Taking as little as 20 minutes, Kum Nye gives you a complete workout, increasing your fitness, flexibility and vitality. In this form of Kum Nye, a series of 8 positions are held while using specific breathing patterns. Whether you are inactive or athletic you can perform the positions within your own ability and experience positive results.

Tibetan massage

Tibetan massage is used as an integral part of Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine to treat an array of chronic or acute conditions, physical ailments and stress related conditions.

The powerful healing abilities are beneficial to all ages; from birth to the most advanced years. All can benefit from the specific techniques used in Tibetan Dur Bon massage.

Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine

Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine is an ancient traditional medical system with its roots in central Asia and Siberia before it became established across Prebuddhist Tibet.

Medicine can be described as a science, art and craft of understanding suffering, its causes and remedies. Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine is a natural, holistic approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit in an integrated way. Restoring health and balance through understanding the underlying cause and effect is key to the Tibetan Dur Bon Medicine approach. Prevention of illness, learning to live well and maintaining wellbeing are just as important. Rest, diet and corrective exercises are part of the healing module. Other modalities used include acupuncture, moxa, cupping, Tibetan massage and exercise.

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