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Body Mind Care Hypnotherapy & Bodywork

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Hypnotherapy and hypno-coaching programs Online, in Person and in group Services Raynor massage Therapist (emotion release work)

Contact NameLilly @BodyMindCare
1 Don Place
South Island 9320
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Ignite your passion for life in less than 6 weeks!

From feeling stuck in your life, with low energy, lack of clarity in your goals, regain your confidence and self-trust in only a few weeks!


Imagine what you could do if you had your energy back, you could sleep well at night and maybe even start the business you always wanted to create?

How much would that change your life?

Hypnotherapy with Simpson Protocol is one of the fastest way to have durable changes. You have inside of you an incredible power that has the ability to change your belief systems, your bad habits, your fears and create a better version of yourself.

It is an honor to see in only a few weeks people transforming and becoming happier.


Book a free 30min discovery call if you feel the butterflies in your belly!

Book only if:

- You are serious about transforming your life to gain your energy back.

- You are ready to VALUE yourself first and invest in your self-growth

- You want a change in your life NOW because you want to get out of the mindset and situation that is making your life miserable.

My role is to be a support, only you can HEAL. You are the one in power. It is very important for you to be ready.

Do NOT book if:

- You are not committed to change. If you are still hesitant, it may not be the right time for you yet.

- You think it won't work. You may not be ready yet. To change, we need to believe we can.


Check out my last EVENTS (some are free!).


I've helped hundreds of clients to transform their life. They had all sorts of different issues: anxiety, panic attacks, depression, physical pains, self-confidence, self-esteem issues, business boost and confidence. At the end of the hypno-coaching programs, they all felt their energy back, their mind clearer, an improvement in their relationship, an increase in their confidence and self-esteem.

Your mind and body are resilient. It is only a matter of trusting that you can change this mindset.

Are you ready to say yes to a new, super powerful life?

- Hypno-coaching program-to reset your mind (online and in person)

- Raynor massage- to work from your body to clear your mind (in person only).


Simpson Protocol Hypnofit Introspective Hypnosis Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis CST 1 Raynor Massage

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