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Welcome to Soulcheck Holistic Therapy Healing the mind within Do you wish to break free from feelings of overwhelm and anxiety and any challenges you may be experiencing? Are you seeking a space where you're truly listened to and understood? Are you tired of feeling stuck with the same patterns repeating themselves? Do you desire strategies and tools to aid you on your journey? Then you have found the right place. I help you take control of the challenges you face giving you tools and strategies to overcome your obstacles. I am dedicated to providing exceptional services that are accessible to EVERYONE. I embrace diversity and inclusion, offering both online and in-person services to meet your needs. Hi, my name is Tersia. I am a registered Holistic Counsellor, Certified Meditation Practitioner, Educator, and Empowerment Coach. My life's mission is to touch as many lives as possible, inspiring change and fostering healing. Why am I so passionate about this? Because I've been there. 'm no stranger to the pain and struggle that comes with losing oneself. I've battled low self-esteem, lost my sense of identity, grappled with personal trauma, and felt silenced by my own fears. My journey wasn't easy, but it led me to a path of healing, self-discovery, and a profound understanding of what so many others are facing. Through my challenges, I discovered my strength and power. Now, my goal is to help you discover yours.

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Here are some of the areas I have helped my clients through:

Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, trauma, intergenerational trauma, relationships, loss of identity, negative thought patterns, personal development, life transitions, sexuality, confidence, motivation, self-esteem, conflict, family dynamics, teenage counselling, emotional regulation, body image issues, grief and loss, spirituality, isolation, couples counselling, navigating divorce, career. Book a session me.

SOULCHECK HOLISTIC THERAPY | Counselling | Counsellor

I'm a registered Holistic Counsellor who is currently on my final stage of Masters in Holistic Counselling. I am also a qualified meditation practitioner, a trainer, educator, and have my Masters in empowerment coaching. Additionally, I am certified in Brain and Body Medicine, understanding the Autonomic Nervous System, Advanced Holistic Counselling practices, Trauma and Abuse, PTSD, Grief and Loss, Marriage and Relationships and Inner Child Work

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