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Maharishi Ayurveda

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Feel better, eliminate stress and become stronger and healthier

Contact NameDavid Lovell-Smith
South Island 8025
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In your Maharishi Ayurveda consultation with Dr Lovell-Smith you will learn:

  • Simple steps you can take now to safeguard your future health and happiness
  • How to effortlessly improve your digestion through the DigestionReady™ programme
  • How to help reduce inflammatory conditions 
  • How to help prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes
  • How to organise your daily and seasonal routines, what to eat and how to eat it, when to exercise, when to get to bed and when it’s best to work or study tailored to your body type
  • How to create peace of mind and inner happiness

I specialise in providing Ayurveda to people with: 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and other inflammatory conditions

Prevention and reversal of Type 2 Diabetes

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By health, I mean the power to live a full, adult, living, breathing life in close contact with what I love -the earth and the wonders thereof -the sea -the sun... I want to be all that I am capable of becoming, so that I may be... there's only one phrase that will do - a child of the sun. Katherine Mansfield.

I still feel as though I am swimming in champagne - or how swimming in champagne might feel. People are remarking how different I am, and how different I look! Yesterday, at a check-out with a problem, I was thanked for my patience - not, hitherto, a virtue for which I have been known. What a wonderful gift you have given me - I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Denise is a retired Credit Manager and almost as eloquent as Katherine Mansfield.

Maharishi Ayurveda is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s restoration of the 5000 year classical tradition of health care from India. Maharishi Ayurveda helps you not only to alleviate disease, but to uncover your full potential, release hidden energy and live a more creative and fulfilling life.

Maharishi Ayurveda Physician
Teacher of Transcendental Meditation

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