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Waikato Chiropractic Clinic

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"You feel fine when your spine is in line!" 


Address25 Empire Street
North Island 3434
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Our Mission

We are dedicated to:

Providing the highest quality chiropractic care in a professional and friendly environment.

Honouring our patients with respect and love through outstanding service.

Promoting lifetime chiropractic care as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.

About Us

We have been assisting people of all ages from new born babies to elderly in the greater Waikato to better health naturally with chiropractic care since 1987.


Our rooms are modern and spacious with a welcoming reception and full disabled access and facilities. Onsite digital x-ray equipment allows us to take and process x-rays on the spot if required. We 'care for kids', with a children's play area 'Chiro Land' and special equipment to make the chiropractic experience enjoyable for babies and children of all ages. Specialised chiropractic tables allow us to care for you if you have disabilities or are in acute pain. 

Meet your chiropractor

Dr Lloyd Buscomb

My parents took me to the chiropractor when I was a few months old in desperation as I didn't sleep and was constantly unwell. The chiropractor located a spinal problem in my upper neck and corrected this. Within a very short time my health had improved and I was thriving again. Over the years. I saw many other people benefit from chiropractic care and decided to make it my career.

I graduated in 1983 from RMIT University in Melbourne and together with my wife Cheryl, a registered nurse, commenced practice in Cambridge in 1987.

I have been fortunate to assist many people to improved health and function with chiropractic care.

I have also served on the Chiropractors Association executive including currently the Vice President and also served 7 years on the Registration Board with special interest in education and examinations.

I was a member of the original Board that founded the Chiropractic College in Auckland.

But my passion is people and private practice. In addition to general chiropactic practice, I have an interest in elite athletes and am approved to provide care for carded athletes. I look forward to meeting you.

What to Expect

Chiropractic Care

Today Chiropractic care is much more than a way of seeking relief from back pain.

Chiropractic is a main-stream health care profession. We are registered chiropractors and have served the needs of thousands of Waikato people. ACC, health insurers and the medical profession all recognise the contribution of Chiropractic to health care.

The principle of Chiropractic is based primarily upon the relationship between the spine and the nervous system and the many and varied problems that may result from their dysfunction.

Your First Visit

Your first appointment with us usually takes 45 minutes. You are asked to complete details of your current concerns and past health issues. Your history is then discussed with you in depth and a comprehensive examination is performed. You are kept fully informed all the way through.

The initial examination may include x-rays when clinically indicated. Sometimes you will receive care on your first visit. If your history and examination are more complex,we will ask you to make a second appointment for a "Report of Findings". At this visit your chiropractor will outline his findings and make management recommendations for you to consider. If appropriate then your chiropractic care will commence.

Chiro for Kids

Extensive clinical experience supported by an ever increasing amount of scientific research has shown that a wide range of childhood symptoms may respond favourably to chiropractic care.

While a child's spine is incredibly flexible and mobile, stresses and injuries can impact the function of their spine creating tensions and dysfunction.

Please feel welcome to call the clinic if you would like a check up for your baby or child. Early detection of spinal issues can help prevent future problems. An initial examination can highlight any areas of potential concern.

If you choose chiropractic care we use gentle and effective techniques that are adapted specifically for children and babies.

Service Categories
Chiropractic, Mens Health, Sports Injury Therapy

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