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Colour Therapy B.O.P

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Electromagnetic Colour Healing

Contact NameStephanie Thomas
Address4 The Green
Mount Maunganui
North Island 3116
Phone07 575 4401
Mobile027 472 6030
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First, we know that without light and colour, flowers won’t bloom, vegetables won’t grow and we, ourselves, will wither and die. Secondly, it is now a well-known, scientifically and medically proven fact that all things vibrate at certain frequencies, no matter what they are. Disease-causing organisms that get into your system are included, be they viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal. They all give off their own unique vibrational frequencies. It is this discovery which has led to the development of Electromagnetic Colour Therapy we now use to heal and change the lives of many who suffer with ill health. Colour Therapy is totally harmless and simple to use. The colours are specific, not broad spectrum and unlike conventional medicine, we treat to cause, not the symptoms.
Stephanie Thomas Stephanie is a wife and mother of two grown daughters. Her interest in health and well-being has been strong since her own early married life, when it became obvious that the health of her own family depended very much on their attitude as to how they care for themselves. Stephanie is a qualified Electromagnetic Colour Healer. Her practice, Colour Therapy BOP, has been running in Tauranga for the past four years.

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