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The Healers Cottage

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I am a clairaudient and intuitive energy healer of mind body and spirit, working deeply with subtle energies, bringing the aura, chakras, meridians, back into balance, and clearing subtle energy field influences which lie behind our physical and emotional problems.

Contact NameKathryn Hudson
Address205 Oraha Road
North Island 0892
Phone09 412 6372
Mobile021 316 009
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Welcome to The Healers Cottage

Through this work there is solution for despondency, confusion, trauma. illness, digestion problems, low energy and motivation, physical restriction and pain....

We can release reaction to childhood experiences, modern day stress and past life trauma.

We can release old negative patterns and external spiritual influence.

Depending on need, a session may include-
  • a reading about your current issues
  • focus on what lies beneath your repeating patterns
  • clearing of past life events which continue to influence you negatively
  • clearing of external negative forces
  • a cleansing and revitalising of your aura…meridians, chakras…
  • interactive guidance and new awareness
  • reconnection with your own soul voice / heart messages
  • practical strategies for attracting the future you seek
  • essences, crystals, nutrition

Energy work

In the aura, we find a record of everything which has ever happened in our lives.

Though some experiences may have seemed subtle at the time, many continue to have negative and debilitating influences in the present. Our surface desire for peace and health, can be totally undermined

Sometimes we need help to unravel the reasons why our system seems to be working against us. We need release and self awareness.

Each of us is like a seed which has come into the world to flower in a very unique way. When something in our life is not in keeping with this flowering, our deeper soul self sends us a message of unrest.

Through this work we can develop strategies for dealing with our life challenges. As we welcome the new and release the old, our loving nature comes naturally to the fore and we are in a better position to manifest what we need and want.

It is very easy for us to ignore the fact that we are exquisitely sensitive and multi layered beings… until we find that we have illness, low ebb, and emotions and thinking which we do not understand. Then it is time to listen to the body and it’s other levels of messaging.

Happiness and self assurance can be reclaimed.

“Kathryn has been a wonderfully calming, truthful, inspiring healer who has helped me through many emotional and physical ills over the past ten or more years. I would thoroughly recommend her as a passionate healer and special helper”. Darell

“When I first met Kathryn nearly 10 years ago I had never heard of 'spiritual healing' and was your number one sceptic - but not anymore! Over the years I have turned to Kathryn for help/healing through some difficult periods, in particular a bout of Post natal depression after the birth of my first baby. Kathryn's help during these periods has been invaluable. She really helped me to work through some difficult and painful issues and always seems to have a sixth sense to just 'know' what I needed. She is a fantastic listener, totally confidential and professional and the most caring and genuine person I know. I would recommend Kathryn wholeheartedly to anyone considering healing and cannot thank her enough for her support over the years”. Sandy

"I had a back injury at work. Kathryn helped me heal the energetic cause which allowed my body to heal much faster. I know without her help I would have been out of work for weeks. As it was I was back to normal in just over a week." Molly.

“In one of our first sessions I remember saying to Kathryn 'there has to be more to life than this'. I was so convinced that there was something more but I didn't know what I was looking for I had no idea where to start.
Through my healing time with Kathryn I have transformed limiting beliefs, eliminated sabotaging behaviours and discovered so much about myself. It has been a remarkable journey and I am thankful for this lighting of the path and showing me that there is indeed so much more to life than I was experiencing. My life is heading in a new direction career and location wise.“


Sessions are by appointment ...
205 Oraha Road, Kumeu, (25 mins from Auckland centre)

You wear comfortable clothes and lie on a massage table. The session usually takes 90 mins. Price $140

For those not living in Auckland , I can work with you at distance, using skype. I am only too happy to chat on the phone if you have questions.

  • 20 years of experience as a healer
  • Diploma of Education

205 Oraha Rd, Kumeu, Auckland

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Energy Healing, Spiritual Healing

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