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Taranaki Professional Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Mind Motivation Services

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Roy Bridger is a qualified and registered 'Medical Auxilliary' specialising in 'clinical medical hypnosis'.

Contact NameRoy Bridger
Address6 Parris Street
Moturoa, New Plymouth
North Island 4310
Phone06 751 3192
Mobile027 3463829
Fax(06) 751 3192
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Welcome to Taranaki Professional Hypnotherapy, Counselling & Mind Motivation Services

Would you like to become more confident, be completely motivated, or discover a creative side that you did not know existed?

Do you want to quit smoking, have more energy and stamina or lose weight?

How about being able to kick back, relax and enjoy life or just get a good night's sleep?

Self help hypnosis has been proven time and time again to help those who need help. Hypnosis has assisted hundreds of people to quit smoking, lose weight, feel better, sleep better and become that person that they have always dreamed of being.

Conditions that can be improve thanks to our services

  • STRESS & ANXIETY (release and control the symptoms)

  • CONFIDENCE (build up your inner confidence to be confident)

  • SELF-ESTEEM (strengthen your ego to support your future life)

  • SELF-DEVELOPMENT (develop a more successful life-style)

  • INSOMNIA (eliminate the causes preventing effective quality sleeps)

  • ADDICTIONS (addressing all the pathways that is causing the addiction)

  • PHOBIA'S (flying-heights-water-spiders-failure-birds-rats-exams etc)

  • SPORT MIND COACHING (motivate the mind to perform at 100%)

    (mind/body connection to be motivated to succeed)


  • STOP SMOKING (the only program that addresses the 6 pathways)
    Running at 93% success-rate. After the program is has been
    completed any further sessions required will be at no cost.

  • PAIN (control your threshold to your satisfaction)

  • LOSS / GRIEF (a better way to accept and live again)

  • ANGER (control your outbursts and remain calm and satisfied)

  • SKIN PROBLEMS (excema-psorosis-itching etc)

  • BUSINESS SKILLS (use your mind to succeed to your satisfaction)

  • HEALTH (compliment your healing with your medical treatment)

  • MEMORY - LEARNING - STUDY (enhance your concentration,
    memory recall, motivation and personal satisfaction)

  • RELATIONSHIPS (develop a mutual understanding for your
    satisfaction and analysing your behaviour and it's effect on your

  • HYPNO-BIRTHING (mind relaxation to enhance your pregnancyand
    being in total control of your labour)

  • CANCER-MANAGEMENT (manage the symptoms & stimulate your
    ammune system to complment the healing)


  • LIFE COACHING (utilising your own mind control to succeed)




All the above will be achieved in four, two hour sessions, over a period of four weeks with a fifth follow up session to confirm that the program is complete. Any further sessions needed will be performed at no cost until you are satisfied.

Price and details
  • Costing $50 per hour.
  • A FREE introductory session is available.
  • The number of sessions is determined by the condition being treated.
  • After the completion of the proram any further sessions required will be at no further cost.

About Us

Roy's services cover thinking and behavioural Problems', Addiction Therapy, Habits & Compulsions, Eating Disorders, Success Aachievment, Sto[p Smoking, Weight-Loss, Virtual Gastric Banding, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Cancer Management Therapy, Irritable Bowel, Relationship Problems, Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, Fears etc..

It’s time that everyone gave some thought about giving their brain a reconditioning just like they give their car an overhaul when it’s not performing at it’s best, even though the car is getting a service every year.

We at ‘Bridger Health Services’ recommend that the human brain requires an overhaul every seven years seeing as every cell in the body regenerates into a new cell over a seven year period. This means that if these cells are not reprogrammed for the future then the new cells carry on as they did in the last seven years (if you do what you have always done then you will be what you have always been).

A brain reconditioning program consists of :
  • Strengthening the Self-Esteem (to support your new life)
  • Building up the Inner-Confidence (to succeed in your new accomplishments)
  • Developing your Assertiveness Skills (enabling you to know when, where and how to perform up to 100% your best)

Plus a few other added conditioning responses such as :
  • Accepting Yourself (enabling you to know where you are now and to move in the direction you want and need to be moving in to)
  • Self Belief (preventing negatives from entering into your life)
  • Reinventing Yourself (preparing yourself for what you want to achieve)

Conceive - Believe - Achieve

What I love about hypnotherapy and why I am so passionate about it is how it treats every person as an individual. We all experience illnesses in an individual way, for example I might have 5 clients with the same condition and they might each get a completely different treatment as they experience their individual conditions very differently.

We all experience personal problems at various times in our life that need to be treated at an individual level, some may require strengthening the self-esteem, building up our confidence, improving our assertiveness skills or just improving the way we accept the situation living today as the next step towards achieving a positive tomorrow.

Also what may be required is a general reconditioning of the personality enabling the person to accept the past, live for their tomorrows and treat today as the next step towards achieving their dreams (goals).

Hypnotherapy enables me to connect with my clients on a personal level, empathising with their condition which then enables me to deliver the most satisfactory treatment that is available.

For further information contact Roy Bridger (medical registration # 21727)
on 06 7513192 / 027 346 3829 or email : [email protected]
Or book a free introductory appointment to discuss the matter in greater detail.

  • Registered Medical Auxcilliary (British Medical Association)
  • Diploma of Clinical and Applied Hypnotherapy
  • NZ Society of Clinical and Applied Hypnotherapy
  • NZ Society of Anaesthetic Technicians
  • London City of Guilds as Operating Department Practioner

Service Categories
Counselling, Hypnotherapist, Life Coaching, Personal Trainers, Psychotherapy, Spiritual Healing, Weight Loss

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