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Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Massage therapies

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Cathy is a caring and experienced practitioner of Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy and Massage Therapies, including therapeutic massage and lymphatic drainage massage.

Cathy is passionate about the effect of diet and nutrition on people's health and believes strongly in encouraging people to have more knowledge and control over their own health. She regularly runs community education classes to help people to learn more about natural therapies and how we can use these in our everyday lives. The following courses are run regularly as evening courses in West Auckland and at Selwyn College: 'Introduction to Natural Therapies', 'Natural Menopause', 'Gluten & Dairy-free cooking', 'Healthy Vegetarian Cooking' and 'Make your own medicine, herbal manufacturing'

As those of you who have had experience with acupuncture will already know acupuncture can be used to treat much more than just musculoskeletal problems.  Last year I saw people for conditions ranging from stiff neck, headache, backache, constipation, period pain, heavy menstrual bleeding, insomnia, low energy, weight management, & anxiety to name some - acupuncture works on helping the whole person to become more balanced so is a fantastic holistic practice that takes into account as many aspects of each person as possible. If you are interested in making an appointment or would like to know more about how acupuncture can help you - or if you have any other questions please let me know. Regards, Cathy

Contact NameCathy Gaul Acupuncture & Holistic Natural Health Clinic
Address304 Great North Road
North Island 0781
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I AM ALSO NOW AVAILABLE AT Harvest Natural Health Centre in Grey Lynn, The Centre for Chinese medicine, Grey Lynn and at BEAUTIFUL BETHELLS BEACH.
Cathy Gaul. Acupuncture & Holistic Natural Health Clinic. Acupuncturist, Medical Herbalist & Naturopath
  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Naturopathy
  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Lifestyle Advice
  • Hair testing for food intolerances.
  • Hair tissue mineral analysis
    Do you suffer from any of the following conditions? Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, behavioural problems, weight problems, allergies, headaches, colds, flu, tonsillitis, ear infections, recurring infections, sinusitis, skin conditions, digestive complaints, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, fertility difficulties, muscular aches & pains, joint pain, fatigue, lymphoedema, chronic fatigue syndrome. Would you like help with pregnancy and preconception care? or would you like to gain & maintain optimum health? If you answered yes to any of the above I may be able to help. CALL NOW.
    Call - 09 810 7218 / 027 212 7840
    Most health problems can benefit from Acupuncture, herbal medicine & Naturopathic treatment, whether it be a common cold, or a more serious condition. Herbal medicine can be taken alone or alongside drugs or other treatments prescribed by a G.P. Acupuncture has been used for over 3000 years and is a holistic therapy based on the concepts of balancing Yin & Yang (complimentary but opposing entities that are contained in everything in nature) in each person's body and life. Qi (which can loosely be translated as energy) is also important, and most illness or disease is thought to be due to obstructed or disorder flow of Qi throughout the body. Acupuncture (the insertion of very small needles - about the width of a hair) into specific points on the body can unblock stuck Qi and allow the body to return to a state of balance. Acupuncture can be used to treat most health concerns and modern research is confirming its efficacy for many complaints including back and neck pain, period pain, depression and anxiety, and more. Acupuncture is now routinely used in IVF clinics alongside IVF treatment as it has been found to increase the chances of successful implantation and a successful pregnancy. CALL NOW TO FIND OUT HOW ACUPUNCTURE CAN HELP YOU!!!! SPECIAL OFFER: MENTION NATURAL THERAPY PAGES AND SAVE $10 OFF YOUR FIRST AND SECOND ACUPUNCTURE SESSIONS..... CALL NOW AS THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL JULY 31ST 2015. DON'T MISS OUT.... What is Naturopathy? Naturopathy is a holistic approach to healing with the aim of restoring health by employing the aid of natural remedies. As a Naturopath, my focus is to identify the underlying causative factors of disease and to remedy these, thereby allowing the body to return to balance. Treatment is tailored specifically for each person’s individual circumstances and the goal of the treatment is to achieve optimum health and to maintain this on a long term basis. As part of my Naturopathic training I studied conventional Anatomy & Physiology, Pathology & Differential Diagnosis so I am familiar with medical conditions & treatments. What are the benefits of a Naturopathic consultation? Many people purchase supplements or herbal remedies from Health food suppliers without investigating or understanding the underlying causes of their health problems & without a real knowledge of the effects of the supplement or herbal remedy. This can mean that the product may be unsuitable and may even cause inappropriate or adverse effects. Seeking professional advice ensures that the correct problem can be identified and treated with the correct remedies for each individual. Naturopathy is useful for most health concerns including: Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, behavioural problems Weight problems, allergies, headaches, colds, flu, tonsillitis, ear infections, recurring infections, sinusitis, skin conditions, digestive complaints, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, preconception & pregnancy care, fertility difficulties, muscular aches & pains, joint pain fatigue, lymphoedema, chronic fatigue syndrome, To gain & maintain optimum health...................................... What to expect The first Naturopathic consultation is 1-1 1/2 hours in duration. During the consultation I take a detailed case history to enable me to assess where problems &/or imbalances may be occurring. To assist the diagnosis diagnostic methods such as iridology, facial diagnosis, blood pressure measurement & pulse reading may be used. Blood tests or hair analysis may be requested if necessary. Acute situations may be assessed and treatment provided within a shorter initial consultation of between 30-40 minutes. In most cases follow-up appointments will be necessary to note progress & to ensure that problems are properly treated & prevented from reoccurring.
    Treatment may include: Nutritional & dietary modification Because everything that we put into our bodies has an influence on how we feel, it is very important to ensure good quality, nutritious foods are eaten. Diet will be tailored to suit individual requirements with an emphasis on fresh whole foods. Lifestyle modification Lifestyle factors can also influence wellbeing, therefore lifestyle recommendations may be given as part of the Naturopathic treatment. Herbal medicine Herbal medicine is the oldest form of medicine known to humans, many of the herbs that have been used safely & effectively for thousands of years are now being backed up by scientific research. I use practitioner only fluid extracts which I combine to make an individualized formula for each client. I keep up to date with the latest research so I am aware of possible herb/drug interactions. Bach flower remedies Bach flower remedies are gentle flower essences that effect the emotional state. Dr Bach believed that ill-health originates in a disturbed emotional state & by correcting this state the physical symptoms of illness will also subside. Therapeutic massage Massage promotes the nourishment, repair & renewal of body cells, increases circulation, aids excretion of waste products from the body, decreases muscle tension, can help to strengthen muscles, soothes the nerves, encourages good energy flow in the body & is physically & emotionally relaxing. Regular massage can help to normalize body structure & function. Pregnancy massage is available and is a wonderful way to ease the aches and pains of pregnancy. Lymphatic drainage massage Lymphatic drainage is a gentle technique that encourages the movement of lymphatic fluids throughout the body. When lymph becomes congested an excess of fluid builds up in the tissues (oedema) with congestion & swelling. Lymphatic drainage activates the immune system, speeds up a slow metabolism, relaxes the nervous system, alleviates & improves oedema, helps skin regeneration & elasticity, promotes detoxification, may aid weight loss & is useful for the following conditions: oedema following surgery, migraines, cellulite, recurring infections & more. Hair analysis This is a diagnostic tool that is used to identify masked food intolerances/allergies that may be causing ongoing health problems, discomfort & distress.
    Initial consultation - Acupuncture or Naturopathic: (1-1 1/2 hours) $90 Follow-up Acupuncture consultation: (1 hour) $80 ACC surcharge - Acupuncture: $25 Follow-up Naturopathic consultation: 1/2 hour $50 Therapeutic massage or lymphatic drainage: (1 hour) $80 Massage (45 minutes): $70 Massage (1/2 hour): $50 Hair analysis - for food intolerance: $90-00 Hair tissue mineral analyis - for toxins/mineral imbalances: $230 - $265 Herbal tonic (200ml); $42.50 Herbal tonic (100ml): $23-00 Bach flower remedy: $ 11-00 Consultations are also available for acute conditions such as colds & flu, urinary infections, tonsillitis, ear infections etc. Acute consultation:(1/2 hour) $50 Gift vouchers are available. Cathy Gaul. N.D, Dip Med Herb, BHSc (Comp med), MNZAMH, MNHC.
    304 Great North Road Henderson Phone: 09 810 7218 Mobile: 027 212 7840 Email: [email protected] or [email protected] Also available at Harvest Natural Health Centre, 407A Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, AND Centre for Chinese Medicine, 22 Warnock Street, Grey Lynn AND Bethells Beach, West Auckland. Email: [email protected]


  • Acupuncturist, Medical Herbalist, Naturopath.
  • BHSc (Acupuncture & Comp med),
  • Diploma of Medical Herbalism,
  • Diploma of Natural Therapies (N.D),
  • Member of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists.
  • ACC registered.

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