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IQ Pilates

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"The key is to develop efficient movement switching on the appropriate muscles at the right time to perform a movement with as little effort as possible"

Contact NameRaewyn Hing
Address25 Apollo Drive
Mairangi Bay
North Island
Phone09 478 9090
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Welcome to IQ Pilates

"Pilates is a method of muscle conditioning which emphasises controlled movement and the integration of mind and body to develop strong, flexible muscles.

The technique develops torso strength, limb and spinal flexibility, body awareness, postural control and breathing.

It has become a form of strength and flexibility training that is increasingly popular due to its' holistic approach and developing a well conditioned, elongated physique.

By promoting the connection between mind and body to enhance the quality of movement, it has been a successful training technique for a widerange of populations: general fitness, sports specific training, injury prehabilitation and injury post-rehabilitation.

Pilates' exercises may be performed on the mat or on special apparatus. Apparatus are the reformer, trapeze table (Cadillac), chair and barrel.

The Pilates apparatus is designed to make a movement easier or harder with assistance or resistance with springs.

The intensity of the exercise can be altered by changing the centre of gravity, positioning the length of levers, or the size of the base of support. Over the years Pilates has evolved as an exercise technique. It draws from a vast number of disciplines and philosophies i.e. Alexander technique, yoga, Feldenkrais, gyrotronics, and dance therapy.

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