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Back Pain and Alexander Technique


Back pain is a prevalent condition or ailment affecting the majority of us at some stage of our lives.  Muscular pain is the most common type of back pain, and though it is usually only experienced for a short period, it can be painful and debilitating.  Back pain can result from a number of factors, including poor posture or gait, injury, lifting, over exertion or being overweight. Some degenerative conditions may also lead to back pain, including osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis, where the joints are affected to the extent that movement becomes difficult or impossible.

What is the Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is a discipline or therapy aimed at analysing and then altering the way we move.  This analysis is focused on our whole movement pattern, including the way we sit, stand or walk – including our posture and gait.  The Alexander Technique aims to reconfigure the natural relationship between the head, the neck and the spinal column – which supports the entire range of body functions, including movement and breathing.  It works on the principle that as we age people become less aware of our body and posture – which often leads to poor habits becoming entrenched. The four main components of the discipline are: for the neck to be free, the head to be up and away from the spine, for the torso to be uncompressed and for the shoulders to be open and away from the ribcage. The Alexander Technique - with its focus on the structure and posture of our bodies – can therefore help us to become more physically aware and eliminate potentially negative and harmful habits adopted over time.  

How can Alexander Technique Help with Back Pain?

An Alexander Technique practitioner can help you eliminate back pain via a variety of techniques.  These will focus on attaining a better posture, reducing pain and increasing your mobility with the goal of providing long term relief.  Many back problems are caused by the tensing of muscles, an often unconscious result of a muscular imbalance.  Here a practitioner will analyse your posture and movement, and suggest a fee simple alternative techniques and movements.  Over time one will become more attuned to the sensation of a well proportioned spinal column and be more conscious of relapsing into bad habits. The long term benefits include improved:

  • Posture
  • Gait
  • Balance; and
  • Increased confidence  

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