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Rapid results with Stress, Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression

Contact NameHeather Todd
AddressLower Hutt, Wellington
North Island 5010
Mobile0274 370 785
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The Emotional Freedom Techniques, also referred to as EFT Tapping, is a revolutionary technique that is clinically proven and has an incredibly broad application. When compared to traditional therapy, results are fast and usually permanent. Tapping Therapy can change your life for the better! EFT is a branch of Energy Psychology. A number of Energy Psychology studies have been conducted and found to be useful for a wide range of conditions including but not limited to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Depression, Public Speaking anxiety, Test anxiety, Dental anxiety, Weight control, Emotional distress, Athletic performance, Stress reduction, and Pain. So if you wish to;

  • Move from depression to enjoying freedom and optimism
  • Move from stress and anxiety to a state of calm and peacefulness
  • Safely and gently let go of childhood wounds, painful memories and traumas
  • Replace public speaking nerves with feeling cool, calm, and collected on stage
  • Effectively remove fears and phobias of any sort
  • Improve your self esteem and confidence
  • Heal relationship pain
  • Change unhealthy beliefs into new empowering beliefs to propel you forward
  • Melt away hurt, sadness, resentment, frustration, and anger
  • Stop cravings and address addictions
  • Stop procrastinating and take action
  • and naturally come to a place of forgiveness

Then you’ve come to the right place! Heather’s holds a safe space for her clients in a caring atmosphere in comfortable surroundings. During a Tapping Therapy session we’ll talk about the issues of concern to you and tap on specific acupressure points. I walk alongside you on this journey so you can live a life of ultimate freedom and reach your full potential. Contact me today!

EFT releases people from the chains that keep them bound to a mediocre life! Cheryl Richardson, Coach

About Heather Todd

I have lived most of my life in the Wellington region of New Zealand, predominantly the Hutt Valley. I have been an EFT Therapist since 2006 after completing level 1-3 and the Advanced Certificate of completion. I also hold a Diploma in Health and Human Behaviour. Reiki level 1 and 2. I am a caring, sensitive, and intuitive, professional EFT therapist. My main area of work is with depression, anxiety, overwhelm, painful memories and trauma, low self esteem, fears and phobias, cravings, and relationship pain. If you’re seeking change in your life and to release past “emotional baggage” I’m here to help you release it and move towards freedom and peace. I am author of the EFT Tapping book ‘Tapping Away My Worries’ available at book stores online or by using the Contact page. This two part book was written for children, parents, & teachers. I’ve had a particular interest in health since the mid 1980s. I have trained in a range of health modalities such as Reiki, Body Talk, The Reconnection, Diet and Nutrition, and Past Life Regression. I have a keen interest in personal development and have studied many books and programmes, the most significant was being a past student in Bob Proctor’s coaching programme.

For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give Heather a call!


Diploma Health & Human Behaviour Diploma Holistic Counselling EFT Levels 1-3 (Gary Craig approved) Advanced Certification of Completion in EFT (Dr Pat Carrington) Reiki I and II Certificate in Nutrition and Diet

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BodyTalk, Children’s Health, Counselling, EFT, Energy Healing, Hypnotherapist, Life Coaching, NLP, Psychotherapy, Reiki, Time Line Therapy, Weight Loss, Womens Health

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