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Registered Natural Health Practitioner specialising in Kinesiology, BodyTalk, Soul Power Colour Therapy and Real Food Glyconutrition. Teacher of holistic therapies. Putting the Sparkle Back into your Life by helping busy people under stress feel great in everything they do.

Restore and renew your body and mind and feel tension and stress ease away so you can move through life's challenges with greater confidence and clarity.

All situations can be improved upon and Colleen loves to help people enjoy positive change.

What area of your life would you like to see a better outcome? Relationships, Sport, Business or Career Changes, Parenting, Personal Growth and Awareness, Emotional Wellbeing, Clarity in Life, Lifestyle Success. Are you going through stages or challenges of life?.

When Health is Improved or Restored, mind and body shift over to what the Chinese call - the 'right side' - embracing harmony, healing and 'gong'. Ask me how a treatment can help you.

Contact NameColleen Ryan
AddressDuke Street Medical Centre
Duke Street
North Island 3434
Phone07 8235054
Mobile+64 21 160 3725
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Live For Real

Clinic, Workshops and Services
  • Enjoy a Treatment to restore and renew your body and mind.
  • Discover deeper insight into your current life situations and experiences and learn how your unique, often hidden talents, can assist you overcome stress and support more of what's important to you.
  • Nourish your body and mind with REAL FOOD nutrition - the way your body wants it.
  • Learn self-help skills to release stress, strengthen your body and mind and bring clarity and focus to help you achieve more in your life
  • Ask Colleen about upcoming workshops such as 'Health at Your Fingertips' 'Touch for Health Kinesiology" Soul Power and Colour for Life.
  • ASK about 2017 Workshops.
Suitable for professional and layperson

Welcome to Priority Wellness - Putting the Sparkle Back into Life

I provide caring, practical and affordable solutions to people so they can have the energy for everyday life.

My mission statement is 'to provide an absolute safe, effective wellness service so that clients can be enthusiastic and positive about their life'.

Improvements that last come with the revolutionary systems of healthcare such as BodyTalk, Kinesiology, Soul Power Colour Therapy & Life Path Consultations, supported with Aotea Rose, Shell Essences and Emotional Freedom Release methods.

Take the guess work out of what your body needs and bridge the nutritional gap with our unique plant sourced NutriVERUS - the world's only real food formula - cost effective to support you daily.

Choose a proactive approach to your wellness strategy and feel the benefits gain momentum day by day.

Benefits of a session

An immediate release of tension within your body....tension that perhaps you have been holding onto in your shoulders, neck, back, arms and face and mind.

Experience a greater range of motion within your joints and improved flexibility and strength of body.

As your body/mind remembers how comfortable is feels to be more relaxed and balanced you will feel better about everything in your life; such as yourself, your work, your relationships, your career and family and future.

Clarity of mind means that your goals, dreams and desires appear more tangible and obtainable. This is a great asset for creating the life you really want and deserve.

Understand more about yourself - who you are, where you are going - and why. For these are the questions we all seek answers to and every session will bring more awareness around your life.

Have you a GOAL in mind? Bring this to your session so you can gain more personal bests and success in business, sport performance, career, relationships, exams and projects.

What does it mean to be well?

Wellness is not merely the absence of disease or symptoms but also to experience a life of deep joy and a sense of purpose and meaning. Our symptoms are only the 'tip of the iceberg' so by releasing restrictions that hold us back we can then naturally start to appreciate and live a more complete and happier lifestyle. This shows up in our personality, relationships, career choices, ability to make money and be secure, sports performance, homelife and everything we participate in.

Book a Session and Pricing Plan

  • Body & Mind Rest and Rejuvenate = $80.00
  • Pick me up Sessions 45 minutes = $65
  • Package Deal $275 for first visit with 3 follow-ups over 8 months!
  • Please note that Most sessions include a relaxing foot reflex massage with a colour oil specific to your needs.
  • Personal Insight Consultation (includes your personal remedy) $99.00
    Identify four key areas of your life and bring greater clarity about what is happening here and now and the kind of help you can expect to receive to assist you move towards a more desirable outcome. Using awareness through Colour - a most insightful and powerful Consultation.
  • During a treatment you will be giving yourself the opportunity for your body to synchronise and align at a very deep level. Physical, mental, emotional stress and tension dissolve safely and gently so you feel rejuvenated and ready to enjoy better days.
Book your appointment with Colleen on 07 823 5054 or mobile 021-160 3725.

  • Are you interested in self-help skills?
  • Looking for a career in Natural Health?
  • Are you a parent, caregiver, coach and want more skills?
  • Discover your own ability to facilitate healing?
As a qualified Touch for Health Kinesiology Instructor, Soul Power Colour Therapy Tutor you have the opportunity to learn valuable skills for life. These workshops are designed for both the professional and layperson alike.

SOUL POWER COLOUR KINESIOLOGY - Brings everything together in this holistic healing modality - using Colour and Kinesiology - Progressively learn and experience healing techniques - SEE BELOW

Touch for Health - Kinesiology the art of muscle testing - Acupressure, Emotional Stress Release, Meridians and Goal Setting -
2017 Dates:
Level 1 March 4/5
Level 2 March 25/26
Level 3 May 6/7
Level 4 May 27/28

Investment $395 per level or PREPAY ALL 4 LEVELS @ $1380.00

Soul Power Colour Kinesiology - We are Colour and resonate at every level of our being - a system that harmonies our sacred geometry and subtle energies bringing us closer to our true self.

Basic Levels:
Level 1 June 14/15
Level 2 July 12/13
Level 3 August 16/17

Advanced Level:
Level 4 September 6/7
Level 5 October 4/5
Level 6 November 8/9

Investment $395 per level or PREPPAY 3 LEVELS @ $995.00

For further information please contact Colleen on 07 8235054 or 021 60 3725 or click here.

Please see details below for 2017 Courses and Registration.

Glyconutrition - The Missing Link in Human Nutrition

What are the most important nutrients you can put into your body? The ones that are missing! A newly discovered class of nutrients, called GLYCONUTRIENTS are required for every cell in our body for the process of cellular communication. Today our diets are deficient in many nutrients compromising proper function of our body systems. Provide your body with this specialised nutrition and your body can do amazing things. Validated, proven,safe and effective - Everyone can benefit from Improved Nutrition.

As your cells become more healthy do YOU!

Healthy Cells = Healthy Tissue = Healthy Organs = Healthy Systems = Healthy body.

We live in a toxic world and no-one is immune to our 21 century environment - the Good News is, however, the body has an amazing ability to look after itself ....if we give it what it needs.

Click here to see WHY glyconutrients are fundamental to human health and the building blocks of healthy cells.

Why Switch to Real Food Nutrition?

Are you taking a supplement that is made from rock or chemicals? Did you know that 90% of supplements on the market today contain synthetic, chemical or ground up rock? Our bodies are designed to perform on Real Food - Make the Switch to Real Food and take your health to another level. Address the no.1 challenge your body faces - adequate nutrition and bridge the nutritional gap for you and your family.

NutriVERUS can make everything you eat the BEST thing you can eat...the worlds ONLY Plant Sourced Vitamin and Mineral, Glyconutrient formula rolled into one! Affordable and Convenient for the whole family.


What's the future going to be like for our children? Will they have adequate nutrition to build an effective immune system? and a strong body to carry them through life? - Facts we need to be aware of concerning the food industry and why Real Food Nutrition is a necessity in everyone's life. The solution to solving the greatest problem the world faces today.

Click here The Food Revolution has begun...


Fat Loss vs Weight Loss

Burn the Fat and Spare Lean Muscle - Drop a Size - Burn Fat Tissue Fact - 8 week human clinical study - participants reduced their waist size by an average of 5.5cm and reduced Body Mass Index by almost 1 point. On Average after taking OsoLEAN they lost 6.1% of their body fat.

Click here to see results for OsoLEAN...

About Colleen

Colleen believes that respecting and allowing the body and mind to rest and rejuvenate gives us a clarity and peace that accelerates improvements in all situations. Once stress and old patterns are released our lives become more free and we receive more of what we want. That results in greater happiness and contentment and less pain.

Colleen believes to be well is not merely the absence of symptoms, but rather the freedom to live the life you desire. Placing yourself as the Priority in your life is vital- because if we don't - who will? Take proactive steps to better health and have more ease, mobility, peace, energy and vitality.

Are You Getting the Results You Want in Your Life?
If Not - then it would be an honor to work together and assist change.

  • Chartered Kinesiology Practitioner NHPNZ
  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
  • Touch For Health Kinesiology Instructor
  • Colour Harmony Therapist & Tutor
  • TMJ Reset Instructor
  • BodyTalk Access Technician
  • Member of KANZ (Kinesiology Association of NZ)
  • Past President of Touch for Health Association of NZ
  • Executive Director Mannatech - World Leader in Glyconutrient/Real FoodTechnology
  • Colour your Life Consultant
  • Reiki
  • Dip Hom (GER)
  • Cert Natural Therapies Waikato

Workshops with Colleen - Discover healing modalities that harmonise with your body and mind to bring about great peace, wisdom, happiness and fulfilment. Learn skills, expand your knowledge, personal development and time for you.

Stay Well with Kinesiology - Philosophy, Art, Science of natural health care.

Designed for you to experience the core principles behind the mind-body connection.

Learn to use a range of powerful and yet gentle skills that can help you understand, improve and enjoy your life every day.

Did you know that 85% of ailments are stress or emotion induced and maintained?

Benefits of workshops
  • You will learn how to raise your energy and vitality
  • discover exactly how your emotions affect your health
  • Understand how to manage and ease physical and emotional stress
  • Release negative emotions holding you back
  • Improve communication within family or professional relationships
  • Achieve better performance in business, sport and learning activities
  • Create meaningful and lasting change in the privacy of your own mind and heart - the very place where underlying disharmony resides.

Workshop Investments have special prepay discounts - see 2017 dates

Touch For Health = 2017 9am to 4pm

  • LEVEL 1 : March 4/5

  • LEVEL 2 : March 25/26

  • LEVEL 3 : May 6/7

  • LEVEL 4 : May 27/28

    Investment $395 per level or Register for all 4 levels only $1380 (normally $1580.00)
    Re-Monitor? $100 per level

  • All courses gain credits towards Chartering requirements in NZ. Learn the Touch for Health 14 muscle balance system. Suitable for the layperson and professional alike.

Soul Power Colour Kinesiology held over two days, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9.30 am to 4.00 pm Basic Levels 1-3 Advanced Levels Levels 4 - 6

  • Level 1 : June 14/15
  • Level 2 : July 12/13
  • Level 3 : August 16/17
  • Level 4 : September 6/7
  • Level 5: October 4/5
  • Level 6: November 8/9

    Investment $395 er level or Prepay for 3 levels $995 (normally $1185.00).
    Remonitor? only $100 per level
    Please Contact Colleen to register via email or website link at top of page or 07 823 5054

    Click here for more information...

    Priority Wellness - Because YOU are first in your life - Colleen Ryan - Cambridge -

    Registered Natural Health Practitioner NHPNZ, Energy Kinesiology, Touch for Health Instructor, Soul Power and Colour for Life Consultant and Tutor.

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    BodyTalk, Colour Therapy, Energy Healing, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Spiritual Healing, Touch for Health, Weight Loss, Womens Health

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