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Milford Physiotherapy

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The Milford Physiotherapy Difference

Why put yourself in our hands?

You may have pain or a functional impairment, such as weakness or loss of movement that is affecting your life in some way.

Maybe you can’t play or train for your sport, or get injured every time you try; perhaps staying at work is difficult.

Contact NameAshley Lake
Address2 Dodson Avenue
North Island 0620
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Why choose Milford Physiotherapy?

  • Our physiotherapists are experts in assessment and diagnosis
  • We have many years of clinical experience and keep up with and apply the latest research developments
  • We have post graduate qualifications and continually up skill to ensure you have the best possible outcomes
  • We are completely committed to returning you to your best and maximising your performance in sport, at home, at work or in leisure pursuits

We treat the cause not just the symptoms

  • Just treating symptoms often gives a temporary solution
  • We find the root cause of your pain or problem
  • Working on the cause makes for a more complete recovery
  • There is less chance of recurrence
  • And more effective and quicker results

We use the latest innovative technology

  • Using technology enhances client experience while improving assessment and education
  • 3D Graphic apps for anatomy and pathology education
  • Video slow motion capture of movement or gait
  • Video analysis of running and biomechanics, to perfect your running technique
  • On line patient exercises with graphics and instructions, so you know what to do and how to do it
  • Computerised postural analysis

We make individualised plans

  • We understand you are an individual with a unique set of circumstances
  • We tailor our treatment to suit your needs and goals
  • Using the latest evidence and our years of clinical experience
  • We have a variety of treatment options cture, dry needling, manipulation, massage, exercise therapy, rehab and gym equipment

Our Services


We are a musculoskeletal physiotherapy practice that specialises in adults with pain or other problems, such as weakness, poor balance, coordination, or poor flexibility, that may be affecting the individuals’ physical performance and that are primarily caused by some form of dysfunction, injury or deterioration of the structure or the movement of the physical body.

Western Medical Acupuncture

Although it is thought the practice of acupuncture originated in Mainland China, it is now widely practiced by amongst others suitably qualified doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths in the West. For a physiotherapist to practice Western medical acupuncture it is a requirement for registration to complete a one year postgraduate certificate after graduation as a physiotherapist. The Western medical view of how acupuncture works is based in modern neuroscience rather than the Yin Yang and five element theory of Chinese traditional medicine. A significant amount of research has and continues to take place studying the neuroscience of pain and the neurophysiology associated with the benefits of acupuncture.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is a special interest group under the umbrella of Physiotherapy that despite its name is not solely concerned with athletes or running onto the rugby paddock with magic water. Sports Physiotherapy has at its heart the promotion of exercise for general health, wellbeing, management of painful musculoskeletal conditions and the reduction of the risks of developing illness associated with inactivity, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Physiotherapists h an interest in sports medicine and sports physiotherapy are often athletes or ex-athletes and continue to lead a healthy active lifestyle. Although no special qualifications are required to be a sports physiotherapist, many of us do commit to continuing further education and postgraduate study in the field.

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage

For injury prevention and treatment or just for relaxation, call us and ask for details…

BSc (Hons) BHSc

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