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AddressCnr Tristram Street (Redicare Complex)
130C Rostrevor Street
Hamilton Central
North Island 3204
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Nutritionist, Weight loss, Naturopathic and general health specialists
Welcome to as well as Wellness Centre, Hamilton's centre of Nutrition, Weight Loss and Naturopathic Health Specialists. We hope you enjoy your time on our website and find something that assists you to stay as well as possible. Please contact us for further information or if you have any questions, phone 07 83 83 83 2 Sports nutrition, general health checks, wellness programmes, cooking classes, lymphatic drainage massage, body treatments, mobile yoga teachers and much more....
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Sometimes you just want to assure yourself that what you are doing, what you are eating is nutritionally OK for your long-term wellbeing. The Naturopaths at as well as help you find solutions to alleviate your health concerns:
as well as what you are doing, the naturopathic team at as well as Wellness Centre in Hamilton will help you to get your health back on track. There is a growing awareness of the need for each of us to take better care of ourselves, before a health crisis hits us personally. Find out how best to maintain your well-being. We can help. Health Warrant of Fitness Checks (Health WoF)
A Health Warrant of Fitness check gives you an opportunity to see if your habits are life-sustaining or setting you up for a health crisis. With all clients it's important to start with the Health WoF Check which includes 3 consultations as its a comprehensive understanding of your state your health at this point in your life. Tailored Wellness Prescriptions are designed from the Health WoF to embrace your lifestyle so that you can live in a way that is most likely to create the ideal environment for you, inside and out! Naturopathy
Naturopathic philosophy favours a holistic approach. A consultation with one of our Naturopaths focuses on lifestyle, health history, mental and emotional health stresses, and physical assessments. This allows us to gain sufficient information to then tailor a wellness programme to address your health concerns, or maintain wellness. Our naturopaths focus on lifestyle changes and approaches that support the body's natural healing potential. It is this appreciation and knowledge that differentiates naturopathy from orthodox medicine and is based on the following six principles of healing:
  • First do no harm
  • The healing power of nature
  • Prevention is the best cure
  • Identify and treat the cause
  • Heal the whole person
  • The naturopath as educator
Naturopaths are primary health care providers, who interpret pathological and other screening tests and use various natural approaches including prescribing key nutrients, herbal supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes and body treatments to assist you in attaining optimal well-being. Wellness Programmes
Simple and effective Wellness Programmes are designed to provide health solutions that are tailored to cater to your different lifestyle requirements to improve your health naturally and manage your long-term well-being. Neuromuscular Body Treatments
Structural/postural assessment/treatments - the body structure has a large part to play in your health. If the connective tissue that holds all your organs bones and muscles together is restricted then that causes the blood supply and nerve supply (housed in the connective tissue) to be restricted and decreases function through out the body. Subtle yet powerful neuromuscular techniques that release restrictions throughout your body to break up scar tissue, re-establish and re-balance your body’s nerve and blood supply to help your body function better. Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Lymphatic drainage gently moves fluids along pathways under your skin, to be excreted. These fluids are the waste products from your cells, hormones, medication, stress, and surgery that all get held within the tissues and cause ill-health. Lymphatic drainage is a soft massage-like technique, done while lying in a relaxing massage-like setting. How many times should I have Lymphatic Drainage done? Because the Lymphatic system does not have a pump like the cardiovascular system, it’s advised that you receive a lymphatic drainage regularly to prevent stagnation of the lymph, especially if you are sedentary or have been unwell. Therapeutic Massage
Offers rejuvenating massage that dissolves tension and fatigue and restores your energy in a pleasant and relaxing environment that stimulates your sense of well-being. Seasonal / themed good health seminars & Workshops Join with others to become more informed about practical ways in which you can support your body – and your mind – to be in the best possible condition to live life to the fullest. Hemaview Live Blood Test
Hemaview is a form of Live Blood test that the naturopath at asWellas can take to helps you gain distinctions on ways to improve your health and energy more effectively. Do you want to know that what you are doing is good for your health? Now you can see for yourself, with a Hemaview Live Blood Test. See in a single drop, what impact your diet and lifestyle are having on your health and body. Hemaview Live Blood test allows you to see results, not just feel them; you can actually see, on our television monitor the impact your lifestyle is having on the cells of your body. What you can see in Hemaview Live Blood Testing: The blood is a major carrier for many chemicals that are moved around the body. Each of these create a picture within your blood that helps us interpret what is happening in your body. Liver function, nutrient status, digestive function, inflammation, immune function (whether an infection is bacterial, viral, parasitic or fungal may be present), hydration/ dehydration, cardiovascular risk, cellular quality and much more. Nutritional cooking classes
Easy, practical and nutritious cuisine using health promoting ingredients & recipes to ensure that you are getting all that your body needs. Nutrients are a key ingredient to our health – providing the raw materials for our body to form and function well. Find out how to create meals that are tasty and nutritious, quick and easy to prepare for families, singles, young mums who are pregnant or weaning their babies, teenangels setting up house for the first time, pack-a-picnic lunch box ideas and more. Meditation and Stress Release
Allow time for you to reflect on your experiences and how you feel within your body and your mind. Reduce underlying feelings of stress. Find inner peace and deal with life's challenges with more ease. Develop more positive relationship with yourself and others. Manage pain & stress i.e. reduce anger, anxiety and depression. Establish a regular, sustainable and enjoyable meditation practice for you to learn ways to release stress and tensions that contribute to chronic health conditions.

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