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Dorn Therapy


Dorn therapy, also known as Dorn Spinal Therapy, is a therapy that is excellent for problems with the back, joints, organs, and headaches, which have been caused by vertebrae that are in the wrong place or legs that are different lengths.  The therapy was founded in Germany over 30 years ago.

Dorn therapy is a non-manipulative treatment.  The joints and vertebrae slip back into their natural positions thanks to the self-determined movements of the patients.  It is classified as a low-repetitive therapy and involves gentle re-alignment techniques that work on balancing leg length, the spine and all of the joints in the body.  It can be used with other therapies or used on its own.

The Dorn Therapy Method

This is a safe, simple, effective, and rapid therapy.  It works by teaching the patient simple exercises that can be taught at home in order to reinforce and continue the treatment that is done in a session with a practitioner.  Overall, this means that fewer sessions are required. 

First of all, the length of the legs is checked.  After that, the practitioner will check the location of every vertebra.  Once this is checked, the emphasis is placed on correcting the partial displacement of the hips, as it is easy for the hips to slip out of their correct positions.  If the hip is not properly aligned, uneven leg lengths will occur and this causes the pelvis to be disrupted, leading to problems in the spinal column.  Dorn therapy uses gentle finger pressure while swinging arms or legs in order to treat the spine.

Conditions that can be Treated

Conditions that can be treated using Dorn therapy include:

  • sciatic problems
  • hip pain
  • lumbago
  • protruding or prolapsed discs
  • pelvic pain
  • arthritis of any joint
  • differences in leg length
  • any kind of pain in the spinal column
  • pain in the neck or shoulders
  • tennis elbow
  • migraine
  • headache
  • chronic inner conditions such as asthma or angina
  • emotional conflicts
  • blockages in the flow of Chi
  • general wellbeing

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